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Reasonable, Just, and Fair Medical Treatment

by Gary Wade
Nov. 14, 2000

There is a compelling need for intelligent modification of laws governing California Medical Licensing Board regulations. Medical practitioners are suffering under state licensing boards which can, at their discretion or whim, prosecute a medical practitioner for not following normal Standards of Practice, even though there are, in general, no such written Standards of Practice. No matter that the treatment is safe and effective, if a complaint is made to the board and they judge the treatment not to follow normal Standards of Practice, they can remove the practitioner's license.

Currently there is a glaring example of this unjust and irrational state of affairs being perpetuated by the California State Medical Licensing Board. After a seven year legal battle, Dr. Robert Sinaiko, M.D. who is board certified in allergy, has been ordered to turn in his license by the California State Medical Board. His legal expenses were one hundred and fifty thousand dollars plus. He was ordered to pay ninety eight thousand dollars to cover the cost of his prosecution. His “crimes” were 1) successfully treating a young boy with Attention Deficit Disorder / Hyperactivity (ADDH) with diet control (Feingold diet), allergy treatment and treatment of intestinal parasites, 2) treating patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue and Candidacies. According to the attorneys for the Attorney General’s Office, the Administrative Judge and Medical Board, ADDH Is only treated with Ritalin (prescription amphetamine) and counseling. Also, according to these authorities, the other conditions do not exist and therefore are also not within the unwritten Standards of Practice for any licensed health care practitioner.

Is it not amazing what can happen to an honest, competent, caring doctor when someone makes a complaint to the California State Medical Licensing Board? Is the California State Medical Licensing Board looking out for the best interests of the children or the psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical Company who are raking in the Ritalin cash? As of this date, after much public pressure the California State Medical Licensing Board has reversed itself on appeal and put Dr. Sinaiko on probation. Dr. Sinaiko no longer works full time in his practice. He now does paper work for an insurance company.

In my opinion, there is a lack of honesty, a lack of integrity, a lack of honor, and a lack of decency in some attorneys in the Attorney General’s Office, in the Administrative Judge and plus apparent medical incompetence in the California Medical Board. It is clear that We the People need to have our health practitioners free from these agents of greed, darkness, and unenlightenment. To that end, our legislature needs to add a simple single paragraph to our law books. Our legislature needs to do what the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Canada did in May 1996 when they got fed up with the same agents. Here is the sentence / paragraph they added to their law books.

“A registered practitioner shall not be found guilty of unbecoming conduct or be found to be incapable or unfit to practice medicine or osteopathy solely on the basis that the registered practitioner employs a therapy that is non-traditional or departs from the prevailing medical practices, unless it can be demonstrated that the therapy has a safety risk for that patient unreasonably greater than the prevailing treatment.”

Is this not a common sense, honest and intelligent way to practice medicine and give We the People safe, effective medical treatment options? Are your state legislative representatives capable of writing a bill that would put this paragraph on our law books and give We the People the medical treatment options we need but are currently denied to us by vested, monopoly like interests? We need a bill that covers all licensed health care professions. In my opinion we also need a change in some of the personnel in the Attorney General’s Office, the Administrative Judge Office, and the California State Medical Licensing Board.

If we are to have significant and inexpensive medical treatment advancement we must not continue to turn ourselves blindly over to the current medical establishment. This current establishment is run by monopoly like vested interests. The allopathic medical schools are controlled by the AMA and are heavily lobbied by large research grants from pharmaceutical companies, which have very close ties to the AMA. Your average M.D. is trained to think generally only in terms of drug treatments and therefore becomes a licensed drug pusher for the pharmaceutical companies. And currently their medical decisions for patient care are becoming more and more under the control of insurance companies masquerading as health care providers (HMOs). The AMA is not an organization looking to bring inexpensive and effective innovative medical treatments into general public use. The AMA is a monopoly like trade association whose interests lay in maintaining the status quo, where the allopathic medical profession has effectively a monopoly like control over your “health care”. You are their chase cow. Can you say moo? To see how monopoly like and corrupt this current AMA / pharmaceutical company / FDA controlled medical system is, just consider AB 1707.1.

In California, by law (AB 1707.1): “The sale, offering for sale, holding for sale, delivering, giving away, prescribing or administering of any drug, medicine, compound or device to be used in the diagnosis, treatment, alleviation or cure of cancer is unlawful unless (1) an application with respect thereto has been approved under Section 505 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act or”… . The FDA is the gatekeeper to stop all safe, cheap, and effective cancer treatments. They can not let anyone take away the two hundred billion plus dollars a year U.S. cancer industry golden goose. They have even made it illegal for me to tell you (make medical claims) about all the so-called alternative health cancer treatments, which are far more successful then, theirs are.

In California, you are only allowed to treat cancer with 1) whole body poisoning which generally weakens and damages the immune system, 2) massive carcinogenic in nature radiation damage, which also generally weakens and damages the immune system and 3) disfiguring and debilitating surgery. And all of this can only be done by or under the supervision of the allopathic medical monopoly in the form of their representative your (?) M.D.. In the guise of concern for public health safety from quacks the law makers have passed a law that takes away your right to choose your own medical treatment and forces you into the bloody hands of our current monopoly like corrupt medical system. Take back your right of choice from this despicable medical system.

In my opinion, the average medical doctor is also feed up with the current monopoly like medical system. This may be why the AMA membership is dwindling. I believe the average doctor would love to be free to use or experiment with all of the safe so called alternative medical practices when they see a need for another approach which will help their patient. However, the average medical doctor is keenly aware how easily they can lose their license to practice (their livelihood) by treating just one patient with a protocol that is not considered the usual standard of practice. And what the California Medical Licensing Board did to Dr. Robert Sinaiko, M.D. is a clear reminder of that fact, which serves to keep every M.D. in line. In my opinion, it is time for the removal of all current members of the California Medical Licensing Board. It is time for new legislation, which will give We the People back, our right of freedom of choice and will dismantle such evil monopoly laws as AB 1707.1.

So, what can you do about getting back your right of choice in health / illness care? Well, first photo copy this article and mail / fax it to your state legislative representatives at both their local and state offices. Their addresses / phone #’s are at the front of your phone book under state government. Be sure to tell them your own personal feelings on this matter. Secondly, you can write / fax this information to local newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, and feel free to call into your local radio talk shows and tell them you want to talk about this important issue for all of us. Thirdly, share and talk about this issue with your love ones, friends, and business associates.

Currently the projections are that somewhere between 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 of us will get cancer. If you get cancer and you have done nothing to get back your right of freedom of choice in health / illness care, then please, do not complain when they go to poison you, radiation burn you, and carve you up. Please, just say moo, moo, moo like a good little chase cow.

Copyright 2000, 2001 Gary Wade & Educate-Yourself.org All Rights Reserved.


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"Never must the physician say, the disease is incurable. By that admission he denies God, our Creator; he doubts Nature with her profuseness of hidden powers and mysteries."

Quoted from the last page of the book "THE MEDICAL FOLLIES" printed
in 1925 and written by Morris Fishbein, M.D.
Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

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