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Rife Technology


On Sun, 16 Feb. 1997, Bruce Meland etimes@teleport.com wrote:

Subject: Rife Technology

The following article appeared in Inside Edition of Electrifying Times, Vol. 3 No. 3 Winter 95-96. Due to the fact that the Gulf War genetically engineered virus's were used against Allied troops in the Gulf War by Iraq and about 15,000 troops have died and it is spreading to the civilian populations world wide and the US Military has yet to admit the fact, even though Senator Donald W. Riegle, Jr, then Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee on Feb. 9,1994 presented irrefutable evidence to the US Senate, of specific kinds of biological agents, including Anthrax and Botulism and dates of shipments by various laboratories world wide to the Iraq atomic Energy Agency (detailed info on this can be obtained by calling 913-478-1112) in 1986-1989; thus we as citizens will have to use methods to protect ourselves-family and loved ones, including telling them to treat with doxycycline or other methods, including some new extremely small sub micron types of colloidal gold and silver, and Rife Generators such as the one described here below: (Royal Rife invented the Rife Generator back in the late 1930's but the technology has been suppressed, as well as the Bob Beck low voltage device that also effectively kills most pathogens). The following article will give you some idea of the details of how to build such a device, although this particular description of the rife generator has been updated the past year and updated version will be posted on our web site http://www.teleport.com/~etimes/ or in our published edition of Electrifying Times sometime in the not too distant future, as well as other effective methods of treatment. Stay tuned.


by Benz Hacker

This paper details my experience with the RIFE generator program called BLASTERS.EXE. This program is available from KEELYNET BBS. The KEELYNET BBS can be accessed: SYSOP Jerry Decker Internet Email. KEELYNET@IX.NETCOM.COM

This paper will document and explain my exploration into the effects of the RIFE frequencies. Some events may have been influenced by forces that I was not aware of at the time.

About June, some information was transmitted by me to the KEELYNET and was also sent by my contacts to friends and associates. This information documented my generation 1 RIFE transducer. The device consisted of a set of bucking coils and magnets wrapped around a xenon flash tube. This was connected to the 70V line outlet of a 20W Radio Shack audio amplifier. An IBM 286 PC was modified to drive the aux. input on the audio amplifier to drive the coil. This device cured 13 years of chronic lower back pain and chronic bronchitis that had plagued me for 2 years. Visitors came to my lab to see my latest project. They had some interesting side effects from stopping by. They reported feeling excellent after viewing this device in operation. Some had chronic health problems. Many of them noted some temporary relief from aches and pains.

Having experienced great relief from my own back pain, I was included to take note of these comments.

Several generations of improvements ensued with the eventual integration of lasers, radio transmitters, geometric shapes, crystals, special coils, and piezo transducers. Equipment was acquired at some expense and difficulty to produce prototypes 2,3,4,5,6,7 and finally 8.

Generations 7 and 8 were then copied by several other persons to research new and interesting effects from the devices. The total time frame for all this was 6 months. The end results are so interesting I could not have gleaned what was to happen next. This involved reports from others of some fantastic effects on some sick people who visited the labs they were working in. This also involved international travel so I could witness this for myself. It also involved a meeting with an excellent nuclear physicist. In my travels, I learned that a system like my device was discovered in a star wars lab. While modulating a laser with sound waves, one of the researchers was suddenly cured of terminal liver cancer. The research proceeded to clinical trials that were currently in process on the west coast.

I will now detail my generation 8 device for those who wish to experiment with this interesting configuration of surplus parts.

First get a helium neon laser in the 1 MW range. Make sure you can remove the side shields from the tube to expose 4 inches of glass exposed to the inside of the core of the tube. A good source of these is Jerry at Midwest Laser Products in Burnville, Illinois, 708-460-9595 voice line. He can help you find an inexpensive laser tube and is very knowledgeable about lasers.

The next stop is your auto parts store or local junk yard. Look for an ignition coil, the old round type with the high voltage wire on top and a + and - terminal on top. Make sure it is the external resistor type.

After you have this, go to an electronics repair shop or buy an old CB radio; the transmit has to work, but the receive does not.

You will also have to purchase a 35-watt Radio Shack P.A. audio amplifier. So far, you have invested about $40 for the laser, $10 for the radio, and $150 for the amplifier and $30 for a CB 12VDC power pack. While you are at Radio Shack, pick up some parts you will be needing: 1 roll of 24 GA speaker wire, solid core; some COAX RG-59U, 10 feet; some RCA male and female RCA cable connectors; 1 audio transformer with a 10K to 1000 OHMS with 1 primary and 2 secondary windings; a PL259 connector for the coax. These parts can be salvaged from your local electronic junk collector. Also, get some RCA patch cords to connect the amp and radio to the computer.

So now for the hard to find items...

You need an old IBM PC XT or 286 compatible, 1 floppy will do. You now have all the basic parts to build this device, except software. Get on the KEELYNET BBS and download the BLASTER5.ZIP file. Now we can start building the device.

A GIF file of the wiring diagram has been attached to this file to assist you in this process.

The only thing that's hard to get right is the 3 spiral wound coils and interfacing to the computer. You will need to get inside the case and splice into the speaker wires or better yet, wire in a DPDT switch to tie the output to an RCA jack on a card slot on the back. Take the wire from the speaker output to the primary of the transformer. Mount the transformer in a box and put 1 input and 2 output RCA jacks on the box. Connect the wires to the jacks so you can use patch cords to set up the device and take it apart quickly. This device takes some space and you may want to move it around. You will have to modify the CB radio to use it in the system. Take apart the microphone and push to talk switch. Tie an RCA jack to the microphone wires and tape these up. Next, find the wires that turn on the transmit mode. Short them together so the unit transmits all the time. Tie an RCA cable to the radio mike jack and tie it into one of the secondaries of the transformer box.

Use another RCA cable to tie the aux. input on the audio amp to your secondary RCA jack on the transformer box.

Then, connect the primary to the computer.

If you direct tie without the transformer, you have to check the ground polarity from the computer ground to the amp ground, or you may zap your speaker port on the computer.

Connect the amp com. speaker terminal to the ignition coil-post, tie the 16 OHM output to the + post on the coil. Take a 12-inch wire core ignition cable and wire it to one side of the side of the laser tube. Yes, we are hooking the HV out on the coil to the large metal end of the laser. This is normally the tube ground. Insulate high voltage connections with hot melt glue and several layer of heat shrink tubing.

The other side of the tube is tied to the post on the coil. A connection is then made from the coil to the coil case clamp. Now take some foil and make a reflector out of cardboard in an arc. Remove the foil shield from the laser tube, if one exists. The tube firing system is done. You can now fire the laser up to 8500 time per second.

Well, we are ready. The next step, making the null coil radio antenna and cable. Take the 24 GA double conductor, solid copper wire and make 3 coils. Coil #1, #2 and #3 are all made the same way. Put about 4 inches of wire in your hand at a 90 degree bend. Start winding from the center out very tightly, a pancake snail coil with a CCW rotation. After you have a coil 2 inches in diameter, clamp it in a vise lightly and coat it with hot melt glue. Make coils 2 and 3 about 1.8 inches in diameter. When you have these done, tie all the wires with the white stripe together and then the 3 clear ones together. Tie the coils white wires to the coax core wire and clear to shield. Put the PL 259 connector on the other end of the cable. Stack the coils CCW then CW then CCW. You should wind them so the white conductor is center core coax at both ends and the CW core coil has white facing to the front. Mark the front of the coils and tape the stack. Tie the antenna to the radio and check the SWR ratio. Trim the center coil by unwinding and clipping small parts off until you have a 1:1.5 SWR ratio to the antenna. Now we are set up to start testing the device.

Turn on the computer and start the Blaster 5 program. Turn on the audio amp and radio. Make sure you have grounded the foil reflector and to the coil mounting clamp and the tube is on the foil. High voltages will fire the tube in pulse mode, emitting a very strong illumination from the laser tube in a darkened room. As you adjust the audio amplifier, you will find a point where a bright laser pulse is followed by a group of donut toroids in the gas of the tube. This is the setting we want. Now put a lighter flame by the tube and see what happens to the flame as the laser fires. Next start up the radio and see if the meter moves as the audio pulses the laser.

If everything works, we are ready to go fix up old Fido or the family cat.

Do not look into the red beam coming out of the tube. It can permanently blind you. Block this end off with a piece of hot glue or tape to prevent loss of vision. This is the greatest danger, next to shock, from a poor high voltage connection.

Treatment suggestions:

Use 3 cycles.

#1 Cycle - .3 seconds of bank 14

#2 Cycle - .2 seconds of bank 14

#3 Cycle - .1 seconds of bank 14

This will fix Fido's runny nose and perpetual hack in one or 2 shots 3 days apart. Don't over treat. If the kidney's are weak, you can kill a bad pathogen in 2 seconds with this device. The body then has to dump them all out of your system.

Now, why does this work? That's the real question. Well I have worked on this device and I have some ideas as to what may be going on.

First, we need a new term for the device. I will call it a "quantum deck modulator null" device. It pulses the local quanta of tachyon fields in a pumping action, causing a flow to occur. The effect is caused by several actions or myriads and by striking the plasma rapidly with high voltage and then letting the plasma form superconductive modulating donuts as the atomic nuclei try to resume steady state in the tachyon flow.

Action and reaction, photons out, tachyons in, to rebalance the atomic system of the plasma. Sound resonance modulation of the gases forms a modulation of this tachyon quantum deck with the Blaster5 Rife frequencies.

The radio coils create an offset null zone in the area of the subject, causing beam in the tachyon flow that can be controlled for projected effects in specific areas. The net effect is that all matter in the local time space of 6 feet or so is effected on an atomic electron spin resonance level. This allows the rife frequencies and their harmonics to permeate every level of base matter.

I have found references in the book, "The Keys of Enoch" to this process. The book also states that DNA-RNA helix pairs can be corrected and perfected by this field. The body could eventually evolve into a 5th dimensional light existence. All this is very interesting and only time and research can answer many more questions about this discovery. I would recommend you get the book, "The Keys of Enoch," also known as

"The Book of Knowledge" and read it cover to cover. "The Book of Knowledge" "The Keys of Enoch" J.J. Hurtak, Library of Congress Catalog No. 76-55939 Disclaimer: Electrifying Times cannot assume any responsibility for physical health improvements or damages arising from use or disuse of information presented here or in issues of Electrifying Times, past present or future.


Portable Rife

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"Never must the physician say, the disease is incurable. By that admission he denies God,
our Creator; he doubts Nature with her profuseness of hidden powers and mysteries."

Quoted from the last page of the book "THE MEDICAL FOLLIES" printed
in 1925 and written by Morris Fishbein, M.D.
Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

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