(In the mexican interview with Rife, he states that his microbe killing frequencies were given to Crane in 1950.)
The 3rd and 4th columns are the carrier frequencies Rife used with two different first generation Rife frequency machines. . The 5th column is the 4th columns carrier frequencies wavelengths in meters.
(note: the frequency listed here is the base frequency that undergoes modification by the audio frequency that isn't listed here which is believed to be 2127 or 2008.)

Two Types of Rife Devices
Rifes original device utilized a rare gas tube (sort of like a neon tube) that emitted light on and off at a rate sent to it he called the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (M.O.R.). The device emitted light, v and electromagnetics,. This was a very effective way to oscillate cells and microbes in every part of the body. Later in life he helped develop what is known now as pad type devices which basically utilize only electrical current oscillating at the slected M.O.R.. They were found to also be effective although not as thorough in their ability to equally affect all parts of the body. But it was the only way to simplify the device so that normal non-technical persons could use it.

Royal Rife's Laboratory Research on Bacillus "X" cancer virus (click on text)

The BX was isolated from ten different cases of breast carcinoma by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife at the Rife Research Laboratory in SanDiego (Point Loma), California. It was carried through forty-four transplants on "K" media in all ten instances.

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Doctors William Lyman and Steven Kaali made an astonishing announcement on March 14th of 1991 at the First International Symposium on Combination AIDS Therapies. Lyman and Kaali, researchers from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, reported that a small amount of electric current, flowing through a dish of fluid containing the HIV virus, reduced its ability to infect cells by up to 95%! The electric current used was very small, (only 50-100 microamperes) which is safe for blood cells but harmful to viruses and other pathogens.

In 1992 Dr. Kaali & Peter Schwolsky created patent #5139684, which describes two blood electrification methods as being able to: "provide electric current flow through the blood sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids." Their electromedicine patent described blood treatment which involved extracting the blood, treating it with electricity, and reinjecting it back into the body. Also another method was described which required implanting an electrical blood treatment device into an artery. Both of these electromedicine procedures would be lengthy, painful, and available only at considerable expense from hospitals or clinics.

To create a simpler and less invasive electromedicine treatment, a health researcher by the name of Bob Beck came up with the idea of electrifying the blood by placing two electrodes on the skin directly over arteries in the ankles or wrist, and wired to an electronic device capable of painlessly injecting current into the bloodstream through the skin.
A controlled amount of electrical current thus passes through the circulatory system while the patient rests or undertakes a quiet activity. Even though the electric current apparently does not kill the viruses, research has shown that it deactivates all of them, so that they lose the ability to infect cells. Viruses that can't penetrate (infect) cells are fair game for removal by the immune system. Therefore, during the period of treatment, the immune system can successfully remove these deactivated viruses from the body. Bacteria, fungus, and parasites in the blood are also neutralized or killed by the electric current.

However, he also observed that some of his test subjects would experience a reinfection by the same virus, after a year or more of apparent freedom from it. He then realized that some viruses also remain in the lymph fluid and would eventually make their way back into the bloodstream, where they could infect cells, multiply, and once again bring back all the old disease symptoms. So, being the genius inventor that he is, he then created another electromedicine device which he called the Magnetic Pulser.
Using a magnetic pulse, it creates a momentary electrical current which causes a contraction of the lymph vessels and a consequent forced movement of the lymph fluid, pushing microbes into the bloodstream where they can be zapped. He then proceeded to use the Pulser on test subjects along with the blood electrifier.
This combination usually proved to be completely effective at eliminating 100% of viruses from test subjects! For instance, in one study with 8 AIDS patients using his devices, all of them were returned to health! Once he was satisfied with the results of his research, he was faced with the question of how to bring this electromedicine technology to humanity for the benefit of all. He has chosen not to sell these devices, nor to associate himself financially with the manufacturing of these devices. Instead, he has dedicated himself with humanitarian fervor to lecturing and writing about the benefits of this type of electromedicine. His goal in creating the devices and disseminating the information has been to give the people an alternative to the dangerous, costly, and mostly ineffective drug therapies of the medical-pharmaceutical cartel.


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Questions & Answers

A Simple Thought

"The inexorable working of destiny, imposed on man by the turning of the Zodiac, subjects all human beings to the pain of birth and death. Man's problem is that in his ignorance he believes himself to be just a body, one that will grow old, suffer and eventually die. His sense of injustice at the inevitability of this fate leads him to hurt himself and others, either through lust for more life or fear of approaching death. These crimes serve further to bind the soul to the body and so increase man's suffering."
The Hermetica:

ZAPPER.ZAPPERS AND ANTI-PARASITIC HERBALS: The thesis behind this theory is that all diseases are caused by parasites (including flukes) and that all one has to do to eliminate the disease state is to eliminate the parasites. The two methods normally advocated are (1) passing a low-amperage electrical current through the body via a small, battery-powered device called a "zapper" and/or (2) consuming a combination of anti-parasitic herbals. There is strong evidence to support this theory. It is possible that the disease state is caused by a low electrical charge at the sub-cellular level which leads to an acidic environment. It is this environment that, not only causes the cells to malfunction (thus, the diseases), but which also reduces the cell's defenses against parasites. Anything which raises the electrical potential of the cells (the zapper?) or which moves the body toward an alkaline state (the herbs?) will produce the desired healing effect. It is possible that the herbs also have a genuine anti-parasitic effect in their own right by being selectively toxic to the parasites. However, if the electrical concept is valid, then the long-term healing effect is attributable, not to the herbal therapy, but the electrical therapy.

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MWO Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator
"Another plant was treated in the same way, except that it was exposed 11 times, for three hours each time, to the radiations of the oscillator.
Sixteen days after the first exposure the tumors, which were rather large as shown in one of the photographs, began to shrink and dry up and were easily detached from the limb exactly as in the first case.
Again in this a case, the healthy parts of the plant were not affected in the least.
A third plant exposed to the radiations for nine hours, that is, three treatments of three hours each, was cured in the same manner as the two others.
Sixteen plants also innoculated with cancer, were left without treatment. They have tumors in full activity, several of which are very large.
These experiments show conclusively that plants innoculated with cancer an be treated and cured by means of the ultra radio frequency vibrations, whereas surgical treatment fails.
"In conclusion I wish to call the attention of the reader to the fact that I have obtained very conclusive results not only with a wavelength of two meters, but with longer and shorter wave-lengths. The main thing is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible."
Such are the results of my researches with plants. At the present time, similar experiments are being carried out with animals and it seems that the effect on cancerous animals is the same as on cancerous plants.
I am highly pleased to present my theory and the results of my work in a scientific review of the United States, this great country, which has always been in the lead in the fight against this terrible sickness, cancer, and whose sympathy and help I would greatly appreciate.

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