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The Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below are a partial compilation of many favorites found elsewhere on the net and in books. They are generic in nature and not affilliated with any one type or brand of device and may not necessarily be completely accurate for your device. We do not encourage the use of, or endorse any one type of device over the other ... but we DO EMPHATICALLY ENCOURAGE user participation, experimentation and sharing of info. There appear to be many different devices out there .... and we hope our entry level device or information will provide the .stimulus to initiate you into the remarkable world of Rife Technology. We will continue to try to provide links to as many of the other viable devices as possible . (JWLabs ... a manufacturer of quality devices ... maintains one of the best FAQ lists available.)

Do all Rife machines work?

Actually, not all machines intended as Rife devices, actually employ any of Rife's ideas or requirements. Some of these do seem to work. Why they work, is not completely known, and there are many other variables that influence what might be defined as effective.

Until Roy Rife came along in the 1930's, it was not known why these machines worked when they did, or why they did not give the desired result when they failed. So although Rife did not invent electro-medicine, and in fact, was NOT the inventor of the first instrument to use frequency for therapy, or magnetism, he is correctly credited with discovering the principals upon which reliable modern Rife machines are based.

Note: An instrument that is ideal for a given condition, will sometimes effect a complete cure in only a single session of only a few minutes in duration. This has been observed empirically, but not necessarily proven under laboratory conditions. Enough instances of this have occurred, apparently, that it is sometimes worth taking a trip to see one in use, and try it if possible.

Before you spend any money on a machine, it is probably best to try it out first. If there is a change in your condition, your doctor is the best person to confirm it for you.

There are conditions which are known to be worsened by frequency therapy.

So be prepared for this, know what your condition really is. Research what possible harmful side effects could occur. Personal experimentation is a risky business, and if it goes wrong, there is no one to blame but yourself.

Is a Rife machine nothing more than a function generator?

No, a function generator is a piece of common electronic test equipment. A Rife Machine is something else. It is also referred to as a Frequency Instrument.

Rife had constructed some of his experimental devices using kits which were intended as function generators. There are some important differences there. The main one has to do with the fundamental physical principal upon which the frequency instrument operates. Even with all the parts and a complete (and correct) design, it is often impossible to achieve the desired effect without an understanding of these phenomena, and it requires considerable experience to finally arrive at the optimum balance of forces.

We do not posses all of the valuable information in this field. There are many highly successful applications of this and similar technologies currently used in industry. A lot has been discovered in 60 odd years.

Good quality contemporary devices of this type are far superior to anything that was available in Rife's day, as well as being much more reliable.

How dangerous is Frequency Therapy?

Like anything, it can kill you.

Your car is far more lethal, however, most people with any reasonable amount of caution seem to get by pretty well. Used properly and carefully, it is probably no more dangerous and far less than most home appliances.

Probably the most prevalent danger is not the device itself but the user who tries to avoid surgery where only surgery is appropriate or effective, causing the problem to go untreated, resulting in death.

Are Rife machines illegal?

Without offering "legal advice", it is our pinion that owning and using a Rife device is not illegal. There may exist local ordinances that might infringe upon your rights to privacy in this area. We believe you may legally buy and use your device in most ordinary private situations, and you may experiment on yourself at your own risk. It would be better and safer if you did not experiment on anyone or anything else.

There are ways in which the use of these devices IS considered illegal in many areas. For instance, you may not advertise or charge for therapy. You may not make medical claims. You may not use the device in any way that is illegal or designed to perpetrate a fraud of any kind.

Is the Rife machine patented?

Some of Rife's original designs were patentable. Today the technology is like the flashlight, if you want one that you can control on the open market with any useful amount of patent rights, you are going to have to do some very serious and innovative development to come up with something better, or do the same thing cheaper.

Johnson&Johnson's bone growth stimulator is clearly among the Rife discoveries, and it has several good patent claims and was approved by the FDA. That product was allegedly sold to another company, who still makes and markets it worldwide.

Others devices such as the TENS of the 1970's, to the latest, Ionic Toothbrush, use principals developed either directly from, or in parallel to, Rife's original work. Rife probably never even conceived of an implantable bone stimulator/healer, or a polarity bio-active electronic dental tool or many of the other uses that have obviously derived from his initial work..

How can I buy a Rife Machine?

Strictly speaking, many products mentioned are Rife devices, only because they are based upon Rife's fundamental discoveries. Other than the few available manufacturers, you have to make it yourself, or have it made.

How do you avoid the FDA?

We don't, and neither should you. If what you do is not a danger to the health of others, and you are not engaging in any activity that is the exclusive domain of doctors or pharmacists, you as a private experimenter, should have nothing to fear of the FDA.

Researchers and doctors are doing new cancer studies in the U.S. and overseas. Some devices have already been approved internationally, or for experimentation for veterinary and reportedly, even for some specific applications. There is hope that FDA approval, or exemption, for more common illness is a reasonable expectation in the near future.

Eventually it seems this technology will be established, and personal experimentation in this area will be unnecessary as improvements and standardized practices will undoubtedly result.

How does it work?

In short, however, a full-function frequency instrument has several modes of operation. The most common are as follows:

Polarity Modalities

The application of energy to induce changes in the polarity of the electrical charge of certain tissues of the body, or of the body in general, was discovered by Rife to have the effect of preventing most viruses and bacteria from reproducing. This technique does not effect as rapid results as frequency therapy, but is a valuable alternative, and means of maintenance, as follow up to frequency therapy sessions.

Polarity applications are traditionally employed in brain wave manipulation experiments, and have been reported upon favorably in most cases of nerve inflammation.

The use of polarity techniques is completely different from frequency applications and utilizes it's own unique set of frequencies and output adjustments. Among these are protocols that have been reported effective as alternatives to frequency therapy, so they are the preferred method for pregnant mothers, children and for persons with other reasons for extreme caution, such as old age.

Polarity applications are used commonly in some modern acupuncture studios, to enhance the overall effect.

Frequency Modalities

Although the most effective ways to apply frequency to systemic problems with a transductance type instrument, is via an immersion of some type, using pans, or a tub, many applications call for electrode pads for targeting specific or infected tissues while limiting effects to surrounding areas of the body.

Simply put, a virus or any other microbe is susceptible to a specific frequency that causes it's immediate demise, almost upon contact. This is known as the Mortal Oscillatory Rate, or the M.O.R. of that particular critter.

MOR effects are far easier to achieve using these techniques, but require more experience to accomplish than do Polarity techniques. Besides actual microbial destruction, there are several ways to use frequency to apply therapy to specific tissues of the body, and this opens up another entire chapter on the traditional use of the device. These include, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, stones, cataract, cuts and sores, and a host of others. Such applications do not attempt to destroy parasites, but instead, attempt to stimulate tissues and encourage healing, by direct stimulation, and by strengthening the immune system. Frequency application protocols require more in-depth knowledge of a given disorder, and far more technical skill than is required for polarity applications.

Why doesn't the medical establishment give up drug sales for frequency devices?

There's nothing in it for them.

If it is ever accepted as an alternative to some prescription drugs it will be based on it's own merit. The principals will have to be shown clearly and reliably over a long time.

It appears this has already occurred. Recently, mainstream medicine has indeed begun to experiment in earnest in this area. We hope this does not lead to something to prevent the American public from having open access to a technique that for the most part, does not require medical supervision.

Experimenters have used this technique successfully, in their homes, without undue risk or personal injury for more than 50 years. If we allow the drug companies to take complete control of it, we will be facing a new problem. Big corporations will probably embrace it when the time is right for them.

What is the frequency for the AIDS virus?

The MORs for the different AIDS viruses, and treatment protocols for HTLV I through HTLV IV, employ 448, 465, 2489, and 2490 hertz ranges, as reported. But the existing protocols for AIDS treatment call for full power spectral output.

This means that all therapeutic frequencies (the entire range) are used in timed duration, polarity switching sessions, which include modulated amplitude, and other techniques.

It is important to realize that these may not have much effect on patients who are already on AZT, or any other of the powerful AIDS drugs on the market, and may have detrimental side effects. Very little is known about using frequency therapy in conjunction with drug use, except that it tends to reduce the effects of both.

Obviously, AIDS sufferers normally do not die from the AIDS virus directly, but from opportunistic infections which are present due to the reduced immune response. It may therefore be necessary to complete regimens which are specific to existing symptoms, before effective treatment for the AIDS disease its' self can begin.

Frequency and polarity applications are made-to-order for this disease, but effective treatment is not straight forward, and requires very diligent and consistent sessions for the first few weeks or months.

The regimen can be very hazardous for cases of full blown AIDS, and can even cause death.

Conclusive results have not yet come in but it is the general consensus of opinion that AIDS cannot be cured in this way, although complete cessation of symptoms is reported. Even three and four years out, many users do not have the same vulnerability to other disease. But most transductance designs of Rife instrument cannot directly harm human cells, if used properly. There is reason to believe that host cells will continue to produce and to release new retro viruses into the body. If this turns out to be the case, then the AIDS virus will eventually do enough harm to kill the patient, in spite of frequency therapy. But this is only a theory so far.



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"Never must the physician say, the disease is incurable. By that admission he denies God,
our Creator; he doubts Nature with her profuseness of hidden powers and mysteries."

Quoted from the last page of the book "THE MEDICAL FOLLIES" printed
in 1925 and written by Morris Fishbein, M.D.
Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

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