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The Rife Device

Royal R. Rife was born in Elkhorn Nebraska. At the age of 25 in 1913 he arrived in San Diego. For 7 years, he traveled to Europe to investigate foreign laboratories for the USA government. Zeiss, a major German optical company, were among them, where Rife learned the art to make microscopes (He had been personally trained by Carl Zeiss). It was this period he learned his mechanical skills necessary to build instruments. He was fascinated by bacteriology and microscopes. He was never really in to electronic engineering. Rife's microscopes are well known and became a thrill for their assumed magnification. Not very much is known however, about the Rifes radio frequency machines. In 1920 he had built his first microscope and had managed to get his first frequency machine which was actually a Thompson-Plaster Electrotherapeutic device of the D'Arsonval type, equipped with the Oudin vacuum glass tubes (information communicated privately to the author by his assistant J. Crane and later confirmed by J. Flores, also one of the assistants). The results which are listed for Rife getting were: curing cancer, extinguishing organism, viruses, etc.

In 1912, the great inventor Lee De Forest discovered the celebrated triode vacuum tube capable to amplify, and produce continuous wave oscillations( CW). Damping waves are inappropriate for transmitting the human voice, music, sound or information which we now know that is possible with the continuous waves,(CW). Damping waves by their very nature carry noise sound which interferes adversely with any other sound or information that may be attempted to be transmitted with. In 1920, eight years later, the first continuous waves CW were broadcasted, initiating a new technology for telecommunications and radio, producing new Hertzian waves - the Continuous Waves - CW. Sound, music and picture were eventually broadcasted by a CW. However, fortunate had been the CW for radio and television, nevertheless, they had been the disaster of the Electrotherapeutic Devices.

Eventually, the new technology of CW, unfortunately entered also into the structure of the early Electrotherapeutic devices which replaced the Leyden Jars and the spark gaps with triode and tetrode vacuum tubes oscillators which produced continuous or non-interrupted oscillations. Nobody seemed to want DW. DW were considered primitive, inappropriate to carry sound, music and picture. Damped oscillations and waves (DW) were past history. Everybody was fascinated with the telecommunication potentials of the new waves and nobody (other than Rife) seem to had been aware of the biological significance of the old DW waves. The new technology bringing in the new reality of the undamped waves, or the continuous waves CW, initiated the era for the radio-telecommunications, radio and television; and eventually terminated the era of the Electrotherapeutic Devices.

Telecommunications today are based exclusively on CW carriers which most of the electronic engineers seem to know very well. Rife apparently followed the trend and was soon sympathetic towards the new technology of radio tubes. He managed to get a radio tube technology CW generator. He also builded a new Oudin vacuum tube which he called the Rife Rey Tube to connect with. However, the new technology of CW Electrotherapeutic devices with uninterrupted function produced obviously heat and no exciting medical results. A new name Diathermies (Dia-thermies) characteristic of the new effect "deep heating" was replacing the old name characteristic of therapy by electricity -Electrotherapeutic, which was a name obviously no longer valid.

Apparently, Rife was not detecting with his ahead of his time microscope, the same results with the CW Generators as with the old Electrotherapeutic DW devices. Rife quickly understood the cause for not having results was the non-interrupted CW waves. He decided to chop the CW and simulate them with the old Electrotherapeutic devices damping waves, DW. Rife was ahead of his time for a second time, first to realize the significance of DW for biology and medicine. The later Rife Generators were CW Radio frequency generators using modern radio tube technology modulated or chopped by another amplifier at an audio frequency to simulate a DW. It was this audio frequencies and not the CW Radio frequencies that Rife was investigating and claimed to be responsible for the many results he was seeing (see The Cancer Cure that worked by Barry Lynes, Marcus Books, Ontario, 1989).

What happened with the new technology CW Electrotherapeutic devices or the CW Diathermies (using their new names) replacing the old DW Electrotherapeutic devices. Obviously, they had no results Professor Eberhard was teaching at the Department of Electrotherapy of the Chicago Medicine of College. Hospitals start not using the modern CW Diathermies any more to the same extend and purposes they were using the old DW Electrotherapeutic Devices.
The Rife modulated RF generators were the first modern devices to simulate the function of the old Electrotherapeutic Devices.


The Crane Device

John Crane, assistant of Rife went one step ahead, perhaps too far. He assumed that the audio frequency produced all the biological and medical results. He thought the presence of the CW carrier was not necessary. He produced an audio frequency generator the "Model CFR-1000" (out of his Crane Foundation for Rife Technologies) which was a solid stage programmable amplifier of the type Rife used to modulate his CW generator. Crane recorded in video exploding bacteria by his audio frequencies.

At one stage the Crane generators were identified as the Rife generators and became very popular. They were modified audio generators which one could buy ready made from Radio Shack (adding an amplification stage to it). Author's close examination of the Crane device, assumed to be a Rife generator, revealed that this device was a modern electroporator capable bursting microorganisms in vitro, i.e., at very small distances of the order of a fraction of a mm (millimeter) on a piece of glass under the microscope. The Crane output less than 60 volts (maximum voltage that can be afforded when brought in contact to the human body) may only burst microorganism at distances no bigger than a fraction of mm. The Crane device may be theorized that does not perform in vivo, i.e. on a human body or animal. The arrangement of Crane (shown by Crane to the author) was identical to an electroporator arrangement given in page 12, "Guide to Electroporation and Electrofusion" Academic Press, 1992.

Crane, the man who spent three years imprisonment for his activities, should be considered as the first man to perform in vitro Electroporation at a time that science ignored one of the most promising coming branches of biology and medicine. The story of Crane is a drama of an old Greek tragedy played by modern science.