FAQ For the Rife/crane CES units

Desk top system

Portable System







0.5 Hz insomnia "(flexible time 1-60 mins)
1.50hz pain (flexible time 1-60 mins)
7.82hz Earth grounding meditation (flexible time 1-60 mins)
100hz depression ,sleep (flexible time 1-60 mins)
Zapper fully Automatic Zapper function 7 mins on 20 minds off, 7 mins on 20 minds off 7 mins on (set time)
BT9 Endorphin enhancer,stop drugs nicotine alcohol,lifts depression (set time)

Pain 20 Plus well tried pain frequencies in one program (set time)

Fully programmable
Easy to use

Plug the alpha-theta stim into your computer down load your
favorite frequencies for relaxation, pain,anxiety,or headaches then take your alpha-theta stim anywhere and the frequencies are there for you to use,

There is a full list of frequencies here

Arthritis Amazing program for arthritis, one can place the copper plates on either side of the affected joint (set time)
Sound Healing Use with you head phones these frequencies have been used world wide to help with learning disabilities see the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis (set time)
Rife/Crane Cancer frequencies 240 of the most used cancer frequencies and harmonics of rifes higher frequencies...(set time)
Tune Up / Wellness used for years in our clinic with startling results (set time)
1 - 10.000 Ramp this program takes aprox 1 hour and scan all the rife crane frequencies and their harmonics, used with the wrist straps can easily be run overnight whilst sleeping or watching TV (set time)


Rife Frequency Ailments List
PDF file
Beck MagneticPulser
PDF file

How To Give Yourself
A Zapper Session

PDF file
Frequency-List -
PDF file
Blood Electrification
The Cure For All diseases
PDF file
Colloidal Silver Questions
PDF file


Rife/Crane CES Mark V


Built in Programs

Its a Rife Crane system
Its a Bob Beck Zapper (more info--> here)
Its a Hulda Clarke Zapper (more info--> here)
Its a BT9 (more info--> here)
Its a TENS unit
Its a CES (cranial electro stimulation) system (more info--> here)
It can be used as a Bob Beck pulsar (options 2-4) (more info here)
It has 28 functions and treatments (see the list above)
And to top it off its very easy to use

Hulda Clarke Zapper RAMP PROGRAM MS

How to program the Rife V from your computer.

Built in Modalities

Rife/Crane CES Mark V

How to Select a Function


• To select a function - press and release the small right hand button for less than a second - each press steps the right hand function green L.E.D up from A - G.

• Holding the button down causes the green L.E.D to step down from G - A.

• Press the ‘Bank’ button (a little to the left under the L.E.D) to choose range. The L.E.D will change to colour black (off), red, green, orange, black, etc.

• Select function required from table on back of unit.

• Note colour and letter A...G. Set letter and colour as above.

• For functions Black A...F the red time L.E.D show 5 Min. (increase time as desired)

• Pressing the time button allows selection of required function time 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 Min.

• For all the other functions (red, green or orange bank) the time is set automatically, and can not be changed manually

• The L.E.D indicates the time remaining and steps down appropriately. When the function is complete the unit turns off automatically.

• To stop the unit before a function is completed, select a function Black A...F then press and hold the time button until the time L.E.D steps down beyond 5min.

• If a new function is selected before the current function is completed - the current function is terminated and the newly selected function will start from its beginning after a few seconds.

• Holding the function select button down for several seconds causes the unit to go into programming mode, (see below) indicated by L.E.D. on function G and the red time L.E.D’s stepping down continuously.

• To stop programming mode press function button again.


Silver Electrodes
• For use with Bob Beck Zapper ( black/F)
• Plug electrodes into plate output
• Before using this function it is very important to eliminate ALL herbs (including garlic), dietary supplements, alcohol, recreational drugs and medications. Stop taking these at least 24 hours prior to use the Zapper (preferably 4-7 days). You may take medicine or vitamins immediately AFTER zapping. This is because zapping can allow medicines, drugs and herbs to enter the body’s cells and it can actually magnify their effect 20-30 times. While you are zapping with these in your body the effects are amplified dramatically.
• Zapping times can vary between 15 minutes to 2 hours a day. It is important to drink at LEAST 3-4 glasses of filtered /purified or distilled water during this process. This will help flush your system and allow “detoxification” to occur. YOU MUST DRINK PLENTY OF WATER WHILE ZAPPING to help the body detoxify. If you feel unwell after zapping, reduce the time and you can gradually increase it in subsequent sessions. The “unwell” feeling is the body detoxifying. This is a good sign but it is not necessary to feel unwell every time you use the unit.
• It is important to place the electrodes correctly otherwise the process will not be effective.
• Insert the silver electrodes into the cotton sleeves. Mix up a small amount of water with salt and wet the cotton sleeves with this solution. This is a saline solution which will aid with conductivity between the electrodes and your skin.
Do not place the electrodes on the bare skin as this may irritate or give an uncomfortable feeling to the skin

Blood Electrification-PDF file

• These are only to be used for C.E.S programmes (black/choice of a-b-c-d)
• Open earclip as shown. (see Figure 3)
• Place over earlobe (one on each ear) and gently close.
• Plug into clips output (. Please ensure blue dial (next to clips output) is turned fully counter clockwise. Then turn the dial clockwise to adjust to your comfort level.

• This is for use with the BT9 function (black/E)
• Prepare a salty solution by dissolving a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. (Sea salt or table salt may be used)
• Dip each yellow pad in the salty water, or pour a small amount of the salty water (saline) onto the face of the pad which is placed against the skin (see Figure 2).
• Place the yellow headset pads below the ears, and behind the jaw (in the hollow underneath the skull) with the metal part of the headset and wires under the chin.
• An additional use is with red/C. Place headset on affected area e.g. over shoulder or joint

Polarity Adaptor:-
• This is used with the Magnacoil
• Plug the cable from the polarity adaptor into the ‘plates’ output of the Mark 5 unit
• Plug the Magnacoil into the socket on the other end of the Polarity adaptor
• Connect the 12 volt AC power transformer into the Polarity Adaptor.
• Select bipolar (down – north/south) or mono polar (up – AC pulsed) output with the switch. The colour of the output L.E.D gives polarity indication.
• The red L.E.D by the power adaptor indicates power on.
• If using an electric blanket as a magnetic field, plug the lead with the jack plug into the polarity adaptor as you would the Magnacoil.

• The CanPulsar may be used alone or in conjunction with the Mark 5 unit.
• To use alone select either frequency with the centre off switch as indicated by panel.
• To modulate CanPulsar with Rife frequencies,
a) Plug the stereo cable into the plates output and the CanPulsar input.
b) Select the desired Rife frequencies. This now will run the Can Pulsar (carrier) and Rife frequencies together.
c) You may use the CanPulsar output to connect extra probes.
Rife machines and Multiwave oscillators are claimed to complement each other based on the principle that life forms absorb energy. A multiwave Oscillator uses this principle to strengthen cells within the body to resist disease while a Rife machine uses this principle to destroy microorganisms with an overdose of frequency energy.
Some Amazing Files for You
Knowledge is power
Diseases Affected by 727Hz PDF file

Bob Beck Paper pd. file

Clark Report PDF file

Clark Testimonials PDF file

Colloidal Silver Closer Look PDF file

Crane Report PDF file

Difference Rife Clark Beck PDF file

European Bioelectromagnetics Association Budapest Hungary PDF file
Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells PDF file

Electromedicine PDF file

How Bio Frequencies Can Help You PDF file

Silver Colloids Do They Work PDF file

Silver Kills Viruses PDF file

Skin effect and bio Electrical Impedance Analysis PDF file

Smith Sonian PDF file

Super Antibiotic Recovery PDF file

The Handbook Of Rife Frequency Healing PDF file

What is Electro medicine PDF file

What Is A Hulda Clark Zapper PDF file

Links with interesting info Extraordinary healings
Dread disease germs destroyed by Lynda's Experience
Eds Experience The cure for cancer was covered up
An Interview with Royal Raymond Rife! Can Rife Help? Enter in a problem/illness see if there is a known frequency.
Rife/Crane Frequencies
Adapt your Rife Machine to run Hulda Clarks frequencies
Rife/Crane Original Frequencies



Plugged into plates slot

How do I use the copper plates. I assume I attach them to the alligator clips.
Yes you attach them to the copper plates via the alligator clips

when to use the copper plates and when the bracelets ?
the wrist straps are an option for the plates often people use them for running long programs overnight
the copper plates have the same effect but can be used under ones feet or on other side of the affected
organ or limb etc

Plugged into plates slot

What is the Canpulsar and how does it differ from the portable Rife/Crane.
The can pulsar is an add on unit for the rife crane systems it allows one to access the 11.78 million hzs that rife reported also helpful with cancer ,It can be used separately as it has its own internal
Magnetic coil

Example: the answers you gave to my questions: once the Canpulsar is plugged in which frequencies do I use?
people Often run the can pulsar with the RIFE CRANE FREQUENCY program this has been included in the rife unit program green "D" IT HAS 240 of Rife and Cranes best reported cancer frequencies,

What is the difference between 11.78 and 11.43, I do not get it even after reading the website.
if you have a look here
you will find rife used the frequency 11.78 for cancer-sarcoma, in later data 11.43 is suggested for sarcoma.

Can I connect the Canpulsar to the plates or wristband and use it the same way than the CES?

Yes the ideal way is to connect it to the plates out let then the 11.78 becomes the carrier frequency Running both frequencies one from the can pulsar and the set from the rife unit at the same time is very useful

Plugged into plates slot


Do not turn the Intensity to high whilst using the wrist straps,,
if a burning sensation is felt stop using the wrist straps immediately

How do i use the wristband,why,and when?

How...firstly put the wristbands on your wrist,,,
Why...the wrist bands can be used instead of the foot plates
or for longer programs like the rife crane or the 1-10.000 scan
When...when ever its more convenient e.g. longer programs or any program

Plugged into HSET slot

When do I use the ear clips instead of the headphones.
Soak in a saline solution What Concentration?1/2teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water
the Head set is normally used for the Bt9 function,,,this is often placed
in the hollow just behind the lower ear lobes
for more info on the BT9 LOOK HERE



and could damage something

The Ear clips for the CES functions plugs into the clips plug and clip on the ear lobe
the BT9 headpiece can also be used for the CES functions

Plugged into CLIPS slot

With power pack

Power Adapter for the electric blanket adapter

AC TO AC POWER ADAPTER. 273-1631 $US22.99 FROM Radio Shack
120VAC input, 9-10.2-12-13VAC output. Tip polarity: AC. Plug type: M.

Showing it plugs into plates slot

9-13VAC/800mA AC-to-AC Adapter
$15.99 Brand: RadioShack
Catalog #: 273-1631 Model: 273-1631

with US plug adapter

This Blanket connector has now been superceded by the polarity adapter





Showing new multi polarity Adapter

Some doctors prefer only North Pole, whereas others prefer South Pole for treatment. Dr Albert Roy Davis, U.S.A. is an ardent supporter of single pole use in his treatment. His book ‘the Anatomy of Bio-magnetism’ states:

North Pole (N.P)
Arthritis – calcium of the joints is slowly dissolved by North Pole

Bleeding or hemorrhage – After birth or due to female weak organs.

Bleeding of wounds, cuts, bruises due to weak tissues.

Boils and cancers.

Broken bones, broken joints, fractures – South Pole on the upper and North Pole on the lower portion ensures best healing.

Burns – North Pole on the burnt portion – When the pain is less, South Pole to give strength to the tissue and to form flesh over the burnt part.

H. B. Pressure – N.P. under the right ear down the artery.

Infection, pus, discharge due to any infection – (N.P. arrests it and nature heals).

Kidney infection or stone (even partially lost kidneys may start functioning in some cases).

Sprains in ankles, back, hip, legs and feet, etc.

Teeth and gums – Decaying teeth, infection of gums, swellings, and pus deposits.

Toothache with bad smell, bleeding and wounds.

South Pole (S.P)
All kinds of pains, stiffness and weakness in fore limbs, arms, legs, shoulders hips, etc, S.P. encourages and provides strength and life to the limbs.

Encourage life in all its forms but makes infection worse.

Digestion poor, as formation due to more acidity in stomach.

Production of insulin less.

Prostrate enlargement (fluid discharge is increased M.W. every 2hours or earlier a must).

Hair coloring-S.P. improves hair coloring in limited cases of those persons only whose health is good. South Pole for 1/2hour on the seat of the person after he/she has gone to bed gives good results.

Heart – we should ascertain the actual heart disease, as there may be several types of complaints. For weak pulse rate, and heartbeats, apply South Pole.

Neuralgia (Headache – the causes should be investigated and treated. S.P. works to remove it if applied also below the left side of the stomach, M.W, and diet should be advised.

Weak muscles – South Pole for 10-minute morning and 10 minutes in the evening again.

Weakness to walk, South Pole for a week or 10 days provides energy and strength.

However, combinations of both North and South Pole magnets give good results as well. For local applications, a single pole magnet is sufficient. In general applications it is better to use both North and South Pole magnets.


The polarity is not indicated on the box,

The- green switch is for north or south polarity one needs a small compass
as one turns the coil over for north or south, the +red switch gives AC pulsed magnetic fields

Although these days we do mark the coils N or S with a white marker

Magnetic Therapy in its natural state is the dominant North Pole field of the Earth dominating over the life processes of the body. With a full magnetic field from the Earth the body goes through many actions to promote good growth, strengthen tissue and fight disease and damage from accidents or injury. However most of the Earth does not have a full magnetic field. Scientists tell us that as a normal process the Earth's poles reverse approximately every 5,000 years. This could explain the loss of a lot of dinosaur. As we move to this polarity switch, in about 2,000 years, the Earth's magnetic field is lessening. With a decreased field the body is not always able to make all the changes it should and it makes it unable to successfully protect itself. An interesting note is that there are only four places left on Earth with full magnetic fields. Two habitable and two are not. The not are the North Pole and the South Pole. The habitable are Sedona, Arizona and Lourdes, France - both known for healthy living and healing. They can be thought of as East and West Poles.

Magnetic Therapy works by affecting our blood. Normally the blood operates in a North Pole orientation, or under a North Pole effect. In this polarity the blood is oxygenated and its process of distributing nutrients and pulling wastes and toxins from injured tissue is made most efficient. When the body is ill or injured the polarity of the site is switched by the body to a South Pole orientation. This creates faster, excited movement meant to draw blood cells to the area for healing. The blood does not work well in a South Pole orientation. Its movement does not allow normal function and an acid state is developed, which micro-organisms, viruses and malignance thrive in. *The chart below shows the affect of North and South Pole applications on the body.* Once the blood has been drawn to the area, the body, with the help of the Earth's magnetic field is supposed to change the polarity of the blood back to a North Pole orientation so positive activity by the blood may take place.

The problem is that with a reduced magnetic field the body can not always make this necessary conversion and the injury/illness area is left in a South Pole orientation thwarting good cell growth with its acid effect and slowing the healing process. Without blood removing wastes and toxins from injury/illness sites they are left there to fester and become unwanted bursas or arthritic tissue or bad calcification. The increase in conditions like Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD and a multitude of cancers and other Auto-Immune system diseases have increased with the decrease of the magnetic field. Other problems are slow healing in fracture sets and longer recovery periods of disability after accidents. Another sign of this is the great increase in repetitive motion injuries in every form of business and sport. The answer in many cases is Proper Polarity Magnetic Therapy.

By applying a structured North Pole magnetic field, using high strength Neodymium magnets or a patterned North Pole pad, we can convert the polarity of the blood in the injury/illness area allowing the blood to work as it should, pulling wastes and toxins away to the kidneys and other cleansing organs, clearing a path for good cell growth aided by the nutrients the blood can now deliver. Simple and totally natural. Use a Natural field to act as a catalyst to normal blood functions. The body can now heal itself naturally. Of course if there are broken bones or vertebrae out of place the magnets will not do it alone, this is time for a good chiropractor. Magnetic Therapy is only a piece of the health pie allowing us to avoid in many cases unnatural medicines and sometimes making surgical procedures unnecessary. Magnetic Therapy works great on many conditions and studies are coming up with more uses every day. Like the positive effects of drinking North Pole magnetized water for those with conditions like the Arthritis's, Fibromyalgia, Gout and ADHD to name a few. People are having great success but that's not a reason to avoid health professionals. After all without good diagnosis what do we treat? Magnetic Therapy works as well on Horses, Dogs and Cats as it does for people.

Apply a natural North Pole magnetic field. Convert the polarity of the blood to the North Pole orientated working polarity. Let the body heal itself. What is more natural than that?

The Magnetic Effect
A magnet or electromagnet produces an energy field
Each pole of a magnet produces a different effect;
Has a counter-clockwise rotation
Inhibits Relieves pain
Reduces inflammation
Produces an alkaline effect
Reduces symptoms
Fights infections
Supports healing
Reduces fluid retention
Increases cellular oxygen
Encourages deep restorative sleep
Produces a bright mental effect
Reduces fatty deposits
Establishes healing polarity
Stimulates meletonin production
Normalizes natural alkaline PH

Has a clockwise rotation
Excites Increases pain
Increases inflammation
Produces an acid effect
Intensifies symptoms
Promotes microorganisms
Inhibits healing
Increases fluid retention
Decreases tissue oxygen
Stimulates wakefulness
Has an over productive effect
Encourages fatty deposits
Polarity of an injury site
Stimulates body function
In theory if you are using an alternating (bi-polar) field, a combination of North and South poles applied at the same time, with prolonged use you will get an over stimulation of the condition being treated. Eventually the South Pole energy you are adding to the South Pole field of the injury Illness site will overcome the small amount of North Pole energy applied. At that time your body will be affected by the symptoms of the South-Positive field.

Raymond Elliott C.A.M.

Certified in Applied Magnetics
International School of Magnetic Therapy

Also search for The Magnetic /Oxygen Answer” by William Philpot. M.D

"WHEN do I use the ear clips instead of the headphones?"
personally i use the ear clips on 0.5 its is wonderfully calming effect and when used over a period of time is well know to help with anxiety and sleep disorders,,i also use the other frequency 5.00 when learning,there is a very good book put out called in the palaces of memory in which the two scientist for new information tracked itself through the brain at this frequency 5.00 which is as you would know in the Theta range,i sometimes use the head pads instead of the ear clips on the CES,ITS A COMFORT THING and i sometimes find the grove behind my ears a more powerful place to pick up the signals,same as when using the BT9 UNIT

its like all these units purely experimental,if you do a google search for Dr Tomatis you will find the interesting work he is doing,this program has all his frequencies
his might help also




Can also be used with an USB port adapter plug...
Plugged into plates slot with the blue knob pointing to "P"

What are recommended application times for the pre programs?
The pre programmed times are set on all programs above number
5 and all the ABCDE and F
We are not able to advise you on the time to meditate ,relax, sleep etc
just to say that one normally starts with 15 mins/day an works up to possible 60mins /day

the Audio system is for one to experiment with the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis
you may find more info here


Screen shot of Rife Software.

How do I download frequencies to my portable rife machine?
Robbie (05:32:32 pm) : Hi
Customer (05:32:48 pm) : Hi Robbie
Robbie (05:33:01 pm) : Have you installed the Rife program on your computer
Customer (05:33:17 pm) : I think so
Robbie (05:34:10 pm) : have you connected the cord from your serial port on the computer to the Plates input on the Rife Machine?
Customer (05:34:40 pm) : no which serial port does it go into?
Robbie (05:35:15 pm) : any free one on the back of your computer
Customer (05:35:32 pm) : OK will do now
Robbie (05:35:37 pm) : k
Customer (05:35:52 pm) : is it ok to do it while going??
Robbie (05:36:02 pm) : yes, it is
Customer (05:37:48 pm) : K it's in
Robbie (05:38:09 pm) : ok, leave the rife machine turned off
Customer (05:38:19 pm) : K
Robbie (05:38:27 pm) : Start the rife program on the computer
Customer (05:39:46 pm) : I have a box that says rife gen frequencies
Robbie (05:40:57 pm) : ok, click on the button that says Add Frequency
Customer (05:41:11 pm) : done
Robbie (05:41:52 pm) : type the first frequency u want to use into the box that comes up
Robbie (05:43:02 pm) : then enter the length of time u want that particular freq to run for
Robbie (05:43:13 pm) : in seconds
Customer (05:43:48 pm) :
Customer (05:44:06 pm) : done
Robbie (05:44:51 pm) : repeat thes steps until you have all the freqs entered that you want to use
Customer (05:47:09 pm) : done I have separated with- is that right?
Robbie (05:48:54 pm) : You need to type the freq in the top box and then the time in seconds in the box underneath
Customer (05:50:21 pm) : that's what I have done there are 4 frequencies in this programme so have put all 4 in separated with - then put the times in the bottom box separated with -
Robbie (05:51:07 pm) : No, sorry that won't work
Robbie (05:51:45 pm) : then press enter
Robbie (05:52:22 pm) : sorry ignore last line
Robbie (05:53:13 pm) : type the first freq in the top box
Robbie (05:53:26 pm) : then press enter
Robbie (05:53:50 pm) : so the curser jumps down to the time box
Robbie (05:54:06 pm) : enter the time in seconds
Robbie (05:54:16 pm) : then press enter again
Robbie (05:54:39 pm) : click on add frequency again
Robbie (05:54:58 pm) : type the next freq into the freq box
Robbie (05:55:21 pm) : then press enter...etc...
Robbie (05:55:43 pm) : until you have them all entered
Robbie (05:56:18 pm) : you will notice they appear as a list in the main window
Customer (05:57:51 pm) : I must be doing something wrong
Customer (05:59:08 pm) : had to put Ok at the end of every one done that now
Robbie (05:59:52 pm) : ok, now click on the save program button
Robbie (06:01:03 pm) : this allows you to save this list on your computer so next time you want to program your rife machine with the same frequencies, you wont have to type them in again
Customer (06:01:26 pm) : K
Customer (06:02:04 pm) : Do I save as a text file?
Robbie (06:02:43 pm) : yes, but it will do this automatically
Customer (06:03:30 pm) : NOw how do I put it into the rife machine?
Robbie (06:03:55 pm) : ok, you have a portable rife or a desktop model?
Customer (06:04:11 pm) : Portable
Robbie (06:05:40 pm) : click the little check box on the bottom of the main window that says next to it I am using a Portable Rife Machine
Customer (06:06:00 pm) : done
Robbie (06:06:40 pm) : you will notice a button that says Upload data
Customer (06:06:59 pm) : yep
Robbie (06:07:03 pm) : click on it
Robbie (06:08:06 pm) : at the bottom of this new window that appears you need to select the com port that the rife machine is connected to
Customer (06:08:36 pm) : wouldn't have aclue!!!
Robbie (06:08:45 pm) : by clicking on the little arrow
Robbie (06:09:19 pm) : how many com ports does it show when u click on the arrow?
Customer (06:09:36 pm) : 1 or 3
Robbie (06:09:59 pm) : Leave it on one for now
Customer (06:10:22 pm) : ok click start?
Robbie (06:10:55 pm) : Now on the rife machine check that the plates knob is set to the P position
Customer (06:11:32 pm) : done
Robbie (06:12:10 pm) : ok... switch on the rife machine by pressing the right switch once
Robbie (06:12:22 pm) : the bottom light should come on
Customer (06:12:53 pm) : both red lights have come on
Robbie (06:13:02 pm) : that is right
Robbie (06:13:55 pm) : now hold down the right switch for approx 5 seconds and the LEDs on the left side will start moving down rapidly
Robbie (06:14:23 pm) : let the switch go at this point
Customer (06:14:41 pm) : done
Robbie (06:14:51 pm) : ok
Robbie (06:15:17 pm) : now click the start button on the computer program
Robbie (06:15:45 pm) : some of the lights on the left side should flicker
Robbie (06:16:03 pm) : and then the rife machine automatically turns off
Customer (06:16:28 pm) : Says done and the lights have gone off on the rife machine
Robbie (06:16:38 pm) : ok, all done
Customer (06:17:15 pm) : Now for my last question where is this on the rife machine??
Robbie (06:18:42 pm) : now to use that program, turn the rife machine on and press the right button multiple times until the green LED at the top comes on
Robbie (06:19:13 pm) : the program will now start in approx 15 secs
Robbie (06:20:38 pm) : That program will stay in the rife machine until you program it with something new.
Customer (06:22:23 pm) : so if I wanted to put multiple programmes in I would have to do them one at a time and only run them one at a time is that right?
Customer (06:23:01 pm) : Do I leave the plates button turned to p or can I turn up the intensity?
Robbie (06:23:25 pm) : yes, when you program it , it overwrites the program already in there
Robbie (06:23:52 pm) : that is why you can save each list on your computer
Robbie (06:24:16 pm) : makes it a lot easier to reprogram it each time
Robbie (06:24:53 pm) : You only need to have the plates knob in the P position when programming it
Customer (06:25:31 pm) : Thanks Robbie, are all the other programmes still in there?
Robbie (06:26:10 pm) : Yes, they are, you can only change the program at the green light position
Customer (06:26:34 pm) : Can I leave the plug into the port of my PC?
Robbie (06:27:03 pm) : you can, just unplug from the rife machine




RIFE/CRANE CES INSTUCTIONS desk top and portable mark 1

Computerized System The Rife Crane CES unit plugs into the serial port on the back of your computer… Load the computer program… the computerized system will only work in position one.... on the computer disk their is a help file called "kenneth"...

Stand Alone Positions..... In the stand alone mode position position 1/ this is for the computer/ ces function but if the unit is not used with the computer but with plates or ear clips (do not plug ear clips into the plates socket) the .5 Hz is produced this frequency is amazing for deep fast relaxation..
position 2/ this position puts out 5hz in the stand alone mode this frequency is very good for learning use the plates or the ear clips, while reading or listening to learning tapes... when using the plates a good ides is to use single pieces of salt dampened tissue over each copper plate (do not allow the plats or the damp tissue to touch each other)
WHEN USING THE EAR CLIPS DO NOT USE FOR MORE THAN 20 mins to HALF AN HOUR AT A TIME, (do not use with rife frequencies)after a few weeks some people find that one hour max is okay...

Position 3/stand alone, 7.83 Hz is the Schumann resonance frequency this is an amazing frequency for meditation..

position 4/ Stand alone, 9hz Awareness of causes of body imbalance and means for balance×

Position 5/stand alone, 10.2 enhanced release of serotonin and mood elevator, universally beneficial, use to try effects of other mixes MG. Acts as an analgesic, safest frequency, especially for hangover and jet lag. EQ

position 6/ The brain tuner (THE BT9 TUNER) head set (headset with the yellow pads on the end) please be sure to make sure the yellow pads are dampened with a saline(salt/water) solution THE BT9 TUNER - or Neural Electric Transmitter This Electro-Magnetic device puts out a very weak, pulsing signal. When turned on the signal radiates in all directions. Held close the body's EM nerve system picks up the signal and responds or resonates to it very weakly. Body response is 708 stronger if the contacts or electrodes are touching the body anywhere. The whole system responds to the signal. However, it is reasonable or logical to apply the contacts to the local area of the body causing pain or trouble -- though thousands of years of use of Acupuncture in the Orient has proven that this is not necessarily true. Because of the interconnecting nerve system -- or Meridians as they are called -- treatment in one part of the body can affect other parts. In modern times the weak, pulsed eletro-magnetic signal has replaced the twirling or vibrating of the gold and silver needles of Acupuncture. Effectiveness of the NET or Brain Tuner device was established by a Chinese Acupuncturist, Dr. Wen, in Hong Kong in the 1970s by testing hundreds of patients at a clinic, most of whom were on drugs of one kind or another, alcohol, nicotine, heroin, etc, consciously or unconsciously trying to relieve stress, largely a mental condition? It seems that the body -- or Brain -- gives up making its own pain-killers, Endorphins, when a person turns to drugs; but putting a weak EM signal into the; body, especially the head area, stimulates the brain into producing Endorphins again. Amazingly, the craving for the drug disappears in three of ten days and without withdrawal symptoms! Dr. Wen found through experimentation that the most favorable place for the electrodes or contacts was the hollows under the ears. The EM signal does not have to be felt by the subject or patient, though in some devices with power controls the current can be turned up to where a slight tingle is felt. A stronger connection can be made if the contacts are moistened. They can be placed on other parts of the body if local treatment is desired there. The clinical approach is 15 or 20 minutes per treatment, once a day. Those office visits are important to a doctor. But a person with his or her own NET or Tuner can treat themselves as often as needed -- though a person should keep in mind that body cells react immediately to minute pulses of electric current and one can have too much of a good thing. Probably the most important part of treatment is the intention of the user. Do you really want to change yourself for the better? there are some great frequency combinations you can use on the computer side... turn up volume

Q. Will I need an RS-232 card? If not, how does it get connected with my computer?
A. The Rife Crane CES unit plugs into the serial port on the back of your computer…

WARNING and DISCLAIMER Just because we researched these frequencies, do not assume that we advocate treatment using them. They are intended as a guide to further research. Providing adequate nutrition as well as removing and avoiding toxins can be as important as bioelectronic regimens. The origin of the MORs (Mortal Oscillatory Rates or " Mortality Oscillator Rates" of bacteria and viruses), originally discovered by Royal Rife during the first half of the twentieth century, has perplexed many people since that time. While it is generally acknowledged that some type of resonance phenomenon destroyed or debilitated the organisms, it has been difficult at best to pinpoint any association of specific frequency with what is physically affecting these life forms during the time of their debilitation or demise. This is a compilation of frequencies from many sources. Many are based on anecdotes and are not well tested or widely used. Some are based on John Garvy (founder of SonRidge Health Centers) frequencies many of which are above audio range and converted by dividing by 64 and rounding, which may significantly affect response. Ditto for Hulda Clark frequencies a few of which are included and divided by 512. See their works to view more, and unconverted, frequencies, especially if a specific pathogen is known. This list is also annotated but, of course, not completely. Research will still be necessary to ascertain causative pathogens for certain conditions. Many of the comments and annotations are from other frequency lists and many are from my own research. This list is a compendium of frequencies that have been reported by users of the device to have actual physiologic effects. Some of these are well know frequencies, used in a unique sequence, others are completely new heretofore unknown frequencies. This list will be updated as results are reported to me, all information should be considered as anecdotal, and not scientifically proven. These frequencies should not be considered as anything but experimental. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, NO CLAIMS ARE MADE FOR EFFECTIVENESS.


Type in frequencies and time in seconds then do WHAT to start treatment?
After you load in each set of frequencies and time push okay
When you have loaded in all the times and frequencies you require you can do one of two things
Save the list :click on save program
Run the list :click on Begin Cycle

Whats auto? Auto is the position the switch needs to be in to operate your rife unit with your computer
Does stand alone mean not used through computer?

Whats plasma switch for? This is for experimenting with plasma tubes as there are so many different protocols for tubes we don’t offer advice on hook up its purely for those that wish to experiment
Why are clips red and black? No specific reason

Q - Assuming that is what the function knob is for , then the other knobs (ces , ear clip , plates ) is their number dial for intensity ? and how do you choose how high to go ?
A- One just needs to be able to feel the very slight pulse or tingle It is not necessary to have the sensation any stronger

Q - what output do you use when in computer mode , using special frequencies for treatment of disease ? plates ? earclips ? headphones ? or are the headphones only for brain tuner ?

A-when using computer mode plug the plates into the plates socket.. A- The BRAINTUNER electrodes are not actually headphones but electrodes, Dampen them with a salt water solution before using, and place them on the top of the bone behind the ear..do not use for longer than 10 minutes at a time…

Q - What is the off switch & plasma jack for ? some accessory you have available ?
A- this jack is for those that wish to experiment with rife technology using CB radio rife tuners and amplifiers… We hope to have an updated add on unit soon that will allow you to use original Rife Carcinoma and Sarcoma frequencies of 11.78 million and 11.43 million hertz.

Q - for an example , can you tell me the steps to set up the frequency & for how long & use what output etc - for example - treatment of headache ?

A- Set the system knob to no 1, plug in your plates/ or ear clips If using the plates dampen two pieces of tissue with salty water Place on plates removes shoes and socks etc , place feet on plates, "Do not let the plates touch" Set the computer program frequency and times to the following Suggestions only Freq 12.00 time 1 minutes. Freq 10.00 time 2 minutes Freq 7.83 time 2 minutes Freq 5.00 time 3 minutes Freq 0.5 time 5 minutes Freq 7.83 time 3 minutes Freq 12.00 time 3 minutes Turn up the intensity until you can just feel the tingle on you feet (re plates) Or ears (re CES earclips)

Q- the treatment sheet with "frequencies" doesn't make sense ? sometimes it has a # wp - what is the wp ? are the numbers a range , and I pick a frequency in the range ?
A- The "WP" etc are the initials of the practitioners who have submitted these frequencies…

Q - the internal dry cell batteries - how long do they last , and how do I replace when needed ?
A - As long as the unit is turned of after use The Batteries should last 30-60 days Possible more it just depends on the usage… To replace the batteries undo the screws on the back of the unit, carefully lift the casing up and you will see the battery compartment We would like to thank you for all your great questions, that have helped us build this FAQ.

Are there any FDA approved studies on these type of devices?
No, this isn't part of the medical mainstream in the USA, but is classified as 'experimental' which it truly is although it has been around since the 1940's. Royal Rife proved that certain microbes can be destroyed with certain frequencies but he only validated a few before he left the Earth.

What basically is this rife/crane all about?
It's about selectively killing and/or disabling the microbes that cause disease. Rife discovered many frequencies for many different viruses and bacteria that could kill them. Since Rifes time many other experimenters have discovered different useful frequencies also.

2)what port do the wrist straps go in?

the wrist straps go in the plates Socket,,,
and yes the plates are for the feet and cant be used at the same time

3)which port does the blanket fit in?
the blanket adapter fits into the plates out let
4)what's plasma port for?
the plasma port is for people who wish to experiment with plasma tubes
we offer no advice on the use of this port as there are so many different
configurations and types of tubes ...

5)which port does the Canpulsar fit in?
the can pulsar fits into the plates port as well
6)Where is the silver maker?
the lead that fit on the plates can also be used for your colloidal silver rods
you plug those into the ear clips slot

7)did not find Kenneth.
The Kenneth file is for folks with the older units
your system is more automatic,,

What are the main advantages to Rife technology?
Certain frequencies selectively kill specific microbes without affecting anything else. Also this electro-medicine therapy stimulates immune cell activity which is necessary to help rid the body of whatever is attacking it inside. Even though a specific frequency for a specific microbe may not be known, still, by using the device a person can experience enhanced immunity and possible relief from what ails them.

Are there any frequencies that you would recommend everyone use?
Yes, since Rife said that viruses exit from bacteria, then I would recommend treatment with all the original bacteria frequencies of Rife. These are 712, 800, 803, 728, 776, 880. Also, a treatment clinic in the 80's reported much success on many different diseases by using the frequencies of 660, 690, 740, 1840, and 1998 for 5 minutes each.

Do Rife frequencies from pad type units penetrate all body tissues equally?

The paper "Bioelectric Impedance Analysis in Body Composition Measurement" states that "Body fat and bone show high resistance (to electric current flow); muscle tissues show lower resistance, and body resistance is approximately that of lean muscle tissue. Impedance measures vary with the frequency of the current used (typically 50,000 Hz when a single frequency is used). At low frequencies, current flows primarily through extracellular fluids, while at high frequencies it penetrates all body tissues." But notice the reference to "current" (electrical). Although electrical current has limitations, there is an secondary energy wave created by it that does penetrate everything.

Is it important to feel an electrical 'tingle' when Rifing or doing blood electrification?
Absolutely not. Whether or not you feel anything is dependent on your nervous systems response to the electricity. But the target is not the nervous system, but rather microbes. With continued usage, people often feel the electricity less and less although the amount and effect is the same.

Why doesn't the medical establishment in the USA advocate this technology?
Well, for one, they have their medical blinders on and most don't even know about it or they discard it after hearing of it. Doctors have been schooled to be followers, not individuals that think for themselves. And the upper level in this tower of power has decided that they would stick with advocating drugs and surgery instead of exploring alternatives. Electro-medicine has been black-balled in the USA since the 1930's and it will have a hard time making a comeback. European doctors often use electro-medicine though since they are given more freedom to think for themselves.

Why do some of the frequencies on different Rife frequency lists vary by 1 Hz?
1 Hz difference is really nothing when you know that anywhere within .4% of any Rife frequency is an effective range. So in reality its not just one exact specific frequency only that can do the job. There is no real difference between 464 and 465 Hz, or between 2127 and 2128 Hz. but if you are concerned or other studies prove this wrong
you can program the unit to do say 463hz,464hz,465hz,466hz,467hz etc...

Why did you chose the list you did to put on your web site?
Because it included 465 Hz for candida (some lists don't) and the two classic Rife frequencies of 2008 and 2127 Hz for cancer. And because it was very extensive.

Where can I get detailed information about specific treatment protocols that have been used successfully for various disorders? (that includes pad placement, sequences, durations, follow-ups etc.) They don't exist since treatment depends on the individual and each case is different.

You have to experiment with treatment times and pad location to find what works best for you.

Is this biotechnology a cure for cancer?
I don't believe any one thing is a 'cure'. A multi-faceted approach tuned to the needs of the patient is needed. We aren't machines you know. We are very complex organic/spiritual/mental human systems.

What are the major usage precautions for your pad type units?

Keep the power knob fully CCW when zapping the intestines if you have leaky gut syndrome (which many people unknowingly have because of candida), otherwise you could cause absorption of waste into the lymph system which can make you feel very sick 1-2 days later when the lymph empties into the bloodstream.
Don't place the electrodes so that the heart is in the direct path between the electrodes. I did this once overnight and my heart muscles felt 'sore' for a week afterwards. Using the electrodes wrist-to-wrist doesn't cause this problem though, just going from left-to-right upper rib-cage does. Don't place electrodes on the spine. To treat spinal problems just put the electrodes alongside the spine.

When the list has a number of frequencies listed for one disease, is it important to use them all and in the order they are listed?
Using all the frequencies is sometime better. The order of frequency usage doesn't seem to matter, but i may stand corrected

What is the average treatment time per frequency?
3-10 minutes. Rife used 3 mins daily for three days,
others have found using the system longer is beneficial

How often do people do treatments?
Every day if they aren't having heavy die-off symptoms. Otherwise they wait till the symptoms subside before Rifing again.

I have two questions:

The electric blanket unit has sloped plugs but the power cord to my electric blank has 2 straight (US) prongs. Do I need to go to an hardware store and get a power converter plug? My electric blanket is for a queen size bed and has two separate heat controllers for each side of the bed. Do I simply plug the power cord in the rife-unit (with the power adapter) then make sure the remote controllers are in the full on position?
re the blankets you will need to get an adapter for the plugs, and a power pack 9volt positive tip to plug
into the little blanket adapter,usually its best to turn the blanket controllers to 3 or full...

Re Can Pulsar: There was no cord supplied to connect it to the plasma output of the Rife/Crane CES generator. Can I make my own (RCA plug to mono sub-minature jack) and connect the Plasma-On connector on the Rife/Crane CES generator to the input of the CanPulsar, then connect the output of the Can Pulsar to either the copper foot plates, or the electric blanket and use? Since the CanPulsar runs standalone I'm unclear how to use it with the Rife/Crane CES Generator, unless, I use the Rife/Crane CES generator's computer control to select the time in seconds, putting in any frequency, knowing that the frequency output is from the CanPulsar and the generator is simply switching it on and off. Is this the correct way to do this?

Re the Canpulsar while getting your plug adapter pick up a stereo patch cord this plugs into
the plates jack you can run the blanket amp from the Canpulsar out put, perhaps the out put would be to weak by itself to run the plates...

the Canpulsar can be used as a standalone unit at 11.78million Hz or you can plug it into the plates jack
and modulate with your rife crane system e.g.
carrier wave11.78 million Hz modulated by 2027 2127 etc
place the can pulsar on the area to be treated

1. Are the new headphone type of contacts equivalent to "ear clips"? If so can I use them in the CES Ear clips output?
2. For Electric blanket use is the correct hookup then:
a. Rife 'plates' output jack to blanket-amp connector jack then b. connect electric blanket power plug to blanket-amp top plug?


3. Where should I set the 'plates' intensity (current) knob when using the electric blanket-amp setup (assuming my hookup is correct)? Full

4. If Canpulsar receives its frequency modulation input from the plates output is there any special number to set the 'plates' intensity knob?
Usually on high

5. Does the plasma output serve any function with the Canpulsar?
an adapted plasma ball can be plugged into the plasma out put $nz275.00 plus shipping
this will put out a magnetic field of about 3 meters approx

Do I use the headset only for the CES function? Are the ear clips for the Rife frequencies? I know you need to wet the plates but do you need to wet the ear clips?
The Headset is for the bt9 function and can be used instead of the ear clips for the CES functions
..plates , electric blanket or Canpulsar options are for use with the rife frequencies....

As for the Cancer add on, where do you plug it into the unit if you were using it through the computer?
The Canpulsar option on plugs into the plates slot, one just places the Canpulsar above or on the area to be treated...instead of the plates

How about the electric blanket device - where do you plug that?
The Electric blanket option plugs into the plates plug on the rife/CES unit
you will need to purchase a plug adapter for your blanket and a power pack
12volt AC 500ma ,any radio shack store will be able to supple these inexpensive items...

Q I have received Rife/Crane system and the CANPULSER.

How do I plug CANPULSER into Rife/Crane system?
The Canpulsar plugs into the plates output on the rife unit one just needs to purchase a patch cord from your local electrical store.....

1 Do I run them into the Canpulsar with a patch cord.

2 Will the freqs be permanently programed into the unit.

You can save the frequencies on your hard drive and re run them any time
the memory in the Canpulsar is not effected

3. If I will to run another disease set into the Canpulsar, will it
overwrite the original set?

the sets are not stored in the Canpulsar ,but on your computer hard drive

4. Plasma tube availability? I didn't see it advertised anywhere!
we don't supply info for the plasma tube outlet as so many systems have different configurations, we can supply a plasma ball type unit that works fairly well
with the rife/ CES system but have no guarantees as to its effectiveness,
personally i think the electric blanket option is a better option....

Does your unit include a phanatron tube?
our unit does not include any tubes, because we have found the electric blanket wrap around magnetic system to be equally as effective without some of the reported X-rays etc you will find the option info here....

we have left an optional output for the tube, but,as there are so many
different tubes and amplifiers its not possible to offer any instructions for hookup...

Is this correct: your device will only go to 10kHz?
Yes ,, we do have the Canpulsar option that plugs into
the rife unit 11.78 million Hz you can see it here

But you can use all the higher rife and Hulda Clarke frequencies instructions are here

So I enter 10 frequencies and one time of 180 seconds and save it as arthritis then open another box to enter another ailment. When I go to use it does it run through all the frequencies (say arthritis) and the person is treated for 30 Min or do you just choose one of them at a time turning the device off in between frequencies. I'm not even sure how you actually run the machine once you have the frequencies in, I am hoping it will show me the way but I doubt it.

I haven't entered any of them yet as it is so confusing and if I want to list a lot of ailments that may be required at some time to treat the family it could take forever, hence the reluctance to email you with the list for times. I may do this yet unless its OK to just treat everything for 180 seconds.

Can I build a file which consists of a string of frequencies & then have the device run them automatically, turning off automatically?

Each ailment has a list of frequencies
some ailments have 5 different frequencies some have 10-15 different frequencies
so arthritis may have 7 different frequencies
just load each frequency and say 180 seconds into the little box that comes up
then save those as the arthritis frequency group, when you run the arthritis group it will all run through automatically

Yes plus the time to run each frequency

Can I dial in the frequencies manually?
Only if the unit is hooked up to a laptop or desktop PC
there are 5 stand alone frequencies
there is also a bt9 tuner for addictions and depression etc built in

1) Is the portable Rife/Crane as good as the regular Rife/Crane. What is the difference?
The operational difference is that the portable unit can be programmed and then used
at any location, the desk top system has to stay connected to your computer

2) What is the Canpulsar and how does it differ from the portable Rife/Crane.
The can pulsar is an add on unit for the rife crane systems it allows one to access the 11.78 million
hzs that rife reported helpful with cancer


3) If I buy the Rife packet with blanket and Colloidal silver rods etc, how do I make my own colloidal silver? Do you attach the rods to the Rife machine? If so is this as good as if I buy a Colloidal silver generator?
Yes except for the heavy duty unit on our web site, that is a much more versatile CS system
if you look on our web site you will see what i mean


Do you provide the software?
Yes all windows soft ware is included

Do you have a website that I can send my friends to, to look at your device?
go here

PLUG ADAPTER http://www.lik-sang.com//info.php?products_id=649&AID=10273941&PID=613288

Power Adapter for the electric blanket adapter


tell me, how can my Ces unit work if it only goes to 10.2 Hz and all the other freq. are in the 100's and 1000's? also, when it is plugged into my computer, where do i put the power switch-on or auto or in the middle? also, i downloaded all the freq. from your newsletter. beautiful idea. but how do i get downloaded freq. from where they are saved to the page or program on the screen so i can run them? also, when i do run them, do i just type in the name? ex. insomnia or do i still have to type in freq.

your CES unit works through your computer just like the rife/crane
that's the beauty of it
just be care full what frequencies you use above 100hz
when using your computer plug the unit in before you turn your computer on
when you turn it on, turn it to "Auto" for computer usage

when you downloaded them you would have stored them in a file, just go to your rife program,
click on load program then access the file on folder where you stored them
(if you have unzipped the files) they should all be in that folder and the name will all be there as well
just click on the name and it will automatically download the frequencies and the times
then just hit run on your rife/crane program

yes the PORTABLE unit will work with a good serial port to USB adapter
we only supply a serial connector you can get from you local
computer store an adapter for USB ports

the Alligator clips you are referring to are for the copper plates ....

you can use the bt9 head set just remember to dampen it in warm salty
water and put them just behind the ear lobes or just below the jaw bone joint....

) After successful downloading of all (or some of) the frequencies, how can I select them on the device? For example, frequencies below 0.5 etc?
you can, using the computer program type in any frequency and time and run it from your unit at any time, do you see on the program where is asks you to enter the frequency and the time?

3) Finally, (it's not urgent now, but I'd still like to know) how can I replace the green cloth cover on the headphones after it's worn and torn? Or buy new headphones? I expect to use them a lot.
Those Are not headphones they are contact pads for the bt9 and the CES
New sets are only $US39.95 EACH the usually last for quite some time


(1) I plug in the headset to the Headset socket but can only hear sound from the left side but nothing at the right side, Is this normal?
Hi the head set that plugs into the headset slot is not the head phones its the head piece with the yellow or green pads which you dampen with warm salty water first,,,

The ear phones plug into the plates when using the sound healing

(2) Sometimes the two LEDs on the RCgen lights up with no apparent reason. where is the off switch, do I need to remove the battery connection to avoid draining the battery? Would the unit just turn itself off?\
the off switch is utilized by holding down the function key for a few seconds

3) I tried both Rife/Crane and 1-1000 zapping, each terminating in about 30 minutes. How many times do users repeat these per day? Does the frequency depends on individual detoxification reaction due to die-off? If so, should I recommend 1 zap per day and gradually build-up to x zaps per day? What is the upper value of x based on past users' experience?
We use the rife crane cancer program once per day for three days on the forth day we use the 1-10.000
on the fifth day we use the wellness program,,,we have found its best to use these only once daily
but the pain or meditation/relaxation frequencies can be used at will

4) Following Rife/Crane zapping, do I use the Canpulsar together with the Rife/Crane generator for another round of zapping? or do I use the Canpulsar alone and place it near the head to treat deep brain tumor for couple of hours ?
We often use the Canpulsar with the rife frequencies just plug the Canpulsar into the plates out let
Many people have found using the Canpulsar very useful next to tumors,,

5) Do I use 1-1000 zapping once a day or once a week?
You could try once a week, or if the client is not to ill then three days on three days off is Rife's way

6) After the Rife/Crane zapping and Canpulsar zapping, do I follow with Magnetic pulsing with RCgen? Canpulsar? Everyday?

7) For deep brain tumor, where do I place the magnet coil? on the head? around the neck? or other part of body?

You could try around the head as close to the area as possible

8) When do I use the polarity switch of the multipolarity adapter?
This switch is for experimentation many claim north polarity is the best

9) Do I use the Rife/Crane generator with the electric blanket for couple of hours a day? Can I connect Canpulsar to the electric blanket for whole night?
Personally we find the magna coils far more potent than the blanket

10) Can I use the Rife/Crane generator or the Canpulsar with your plasma ball?
You may be able to but we don't offer any advice on how to do this as we find there
are so many different balls and tubes we are not able to allow for each individual system,,we find the magna coils more powerful

12) I run the Altered State Frequency Generator software on computer. It appears to me that there is no list of frequencies stored as a file. All frequencies need to be keyed in with duration. Is this correct?
yes but your unit has very powerful sets built in,,,the program slot is for your

13) You sent me a list of frequencies in hard copy. Do you have a soft copy available?

You mentioned that you can send me a tabulation for a typical treatment, detailing when to use each piece of the equipment. This tabulation will help to answer many of my above questions. Would it be possible to provide the tabulation with the understanding that it is only for my reference with no guarantee of efficacy, etc?
If you have a look above

I recently purchased the Alpha Theta Stim. Can you clarify and advise the following;

your answers are in blue

1. Is the Tune/Up Wellness program used with the BT9 headset or the plates/wrist strap?

The Tune up program is used with the plates or wrist straps or magnacoils..not the BT9 HEADSET

Is the Zapper program used with the plates or the wrist strap or can it also be used with the ear clips and headset?
The ZAPPER program is used with the plates or wrist straps not the BT9 HEADSET or ear clips

Can clips and headset be used simultaneously, i.e. same program applied in unison to different points.
there is no point in using them both together

What is the warranty on your device?

the unit carries a 6 month warrantee on faulty workmanship
you will also find our FAQ and some frequency lists BELOW


Download program or /download/rgen.exe

Pre programed frequencies for your Desk top or Portable Rife

Home Page


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