Tesla, Cayce and the Violet Ray


Tesla, a brilliant inventor and visionary, is considered the father of scalar, zero-point technology, and the Tesla Coil, the technology used in The Violet Ray, a high frequency, low amperage source of static electricity.. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) a contemporary of Nikolas Tesla, advocated the use of the violet ray in almost 900 of his readings. Original violet ray devices were indicated and recommended in many Cayce readings .

Tesla had a hunch that, since his high-potential, high-frequency currents could be passed into the body harmlessly, "these currents might lend themselves to electrotherapeutic uses." He experimented upon himself. When Tesla was struck down in the streets by a New York taxi, he didn’t deliver himself over to the medicals but dragged himself up to his hotel room where, in seclusion and with the help of his own electrotherapy, he recovered from his fractures and contusions. He never patented in electrotherapy but in 1891 began publishing his observations in technical journals, and seven years later we find Tesla giving a speech to the American Electro-Therapeutic Association in which he details with drawings the high-frequency apparatus he has invented for this purpose, which included a Tesla coil.

The vital force is not enclosed in man, but radiates within and around him like a luminous sphere. It is a radiating essence, and in these semi-material rays, the imagination of man produces healthy or unhealthy effects. But of these invisible causes of disease popular medicine knows next to nothing. Men who are devoid of the power of spiritual perception are unable to recognize the existence of anything that cannot be seen externally. There are some who have learned so much that their learning has driven out all their common sense. Medical science may be acquired by learning, but medical wisdom is the gift of God.”
Paracelsus (1493–1541)

The violet ray in healing would have been almost totally forgotten, except for one man. Around 1900, Edgar Cayce lost his voice for months and doctors were unable to help him. After he learned how to do self-hypnosis and diagnosed his own medical condition, he quickly regained his voice. Then he went into hypnosis and began to help a few friends with their health problems.Floods of desperate people flocked through his door seeking help for difficult medical conditions. In his lifetime as a “psychic diagnostician,” he gave 14,000 readings in which he mentioned using the violet ray in more than 900 readings.

Robert Becker was the leading scientist engaged in regeneration work with electricity. He discovered the ideal currents for regenerating broken bones. As his research became more interesting and promising, he found that the National Institutes of Health denied him monetary grants to continue. He was so discouraged that he wrote: “The pigeons of Zeus cover new ideas with their droppings and conduct rigged experiments to disprove them.”

In geopolitics there is a saying: “the winners write the history books.” The winners wrote the history books and textbooks of medicine. They made certain that everyone knew about the glories of surgery and wonder drugs. They made sure that electric medicine was placed in the category dominated by cranks and frauds.
Gary J. Lockhart

A little Medical ScientificPropaganda

The virtues of the violet ray were touted as electrotherapy. However, the usefulness of electrotherapy treatments is inconclusive at best, with reports of effectiveness being purely anecdotal. One of the main tip-offs that a treatment is quackery is the breadth of the claims made about it- and the violet ray was (and occasionally still is!) proclaimed to treat just about every illness known to man. A libel suit was finally filed in 1951 against Master Electrical Company, the last company left to manufacture the violet rays within the U.S.
3D Electrical Services

Note the Date of the Ban,and the date of the article below

Popular faith in medicine was exploited by a series of industry-sponsored “research” and “surveys.” In this era, before the coming of the atomic bomb, little of today’s cynicism concerning the abilities of science to overcome societal problems existed. To exploit this popular sentiment, the industry sponsored “research institutes” & scientific symposia, many of which amounted to little more than propaganda based upon dubious methodology. Health claims were then made on the basis of these supposed studies, as when Chesterfields were advertised (in 1952) with the assertion that “Nose, throat, and accessory organs [were] not adversely affected” after a six-month period of medical observation (including X-rays) by ear, nose, and throat specialists.’

‘A real scientist might be concerned about getting ashes on the microscope slide’

Is that the same Science that gave us this -this or this

Are these members of the Same Group that banned the Violet Ray???

20,679 Physicians say Lucky Stike are less irritating More

More Doctors smoke Camels than than any other Cigarette

Violet Rays vs. the FDA.

Each human body is unique. Born with a unique combination of cells and each cell with its own energy, no two human beings are the same. This is our blueprint, our electromagnetic signature, or electromagnetic field
Our electromagnetic signature is our body's method of control - a control from within that affects the mind, the body, and our well-being. Cells in the body have a natural polarity, a polarity that when balanced, places our blueprint in a restored state of health and optimal well-being.

For all of the Violet Rays Enthusiasts:

Health is your most priceless asset."The Violet Rays High Frequency generator has been clinically tested and approved by Dr.Noble M.Eberhart m M.D,Ph D,D.C.L,formerly head of Department of Physiologic Therapeutics,Medical Department of Loyola University.....formerly head of Electrotherapy,Chicago of Medicine and Surgery...author of Eberhart's High Frequency Manual.

The Violet Ray High Frequency Unit
ONE of the most remarkable developments of the wonderful science of electricity is that of the Violet Ray machine or high frequency generator. The Violet Ray may be said to be a diffusion of an electrical current of tremendous power and resistance, into millions of tiny harmless units which can be applied to the tenderest and most delicate parts of the body without the slightest harm. As applied to the human body, its results have been found to be of enormous benefit in innumerable instances.

According to the Super High Frequency Maunual dated 1930, "it stimulates and regulates the circulation of the blood,forcing it to carry away the waste and poisons from the body. It vitalizes or brings back to normal the many thousands of tissues throughout the body.It quites the nerves equalizes the circulation and restores normal rest, followed by pleasant and refreshing sleep.It also increases intake of oxygen through the pores, causing them to throw out impurities and breathe,or take in oxygen.And most important of all,IT GIVES A GENERAL REJUVENATION OR "TUNE-UP OF THE ENTIRE BODY."

Renulife Violet Ray (1930 Manual)

Nikola Tesla, who discovered a way to diffuse high-frequency current into a discharge of mist, enabled creation of the “violet ray,” which gained great popularity in the 1920s.32 A variety of devices using these rays and glass elec-trodes promoted the idea of “cellular massage” to build up tissue resistance.

For those who need a simple definition of Violet rays, this is it.

"You have no doubt often seen a fountain and watched with pleasure the fine,soft mist which fell gently about it.This idea has been applied to electricity. Taking a strong, powerful electric current it is transformed into a soothing,invigorating spray which is not only absolutely harmless but exceedingly pleasant and beneficial to use". (Shelton Violet Rays)


Nikola Tesla was the great genius who observed that high-frequency electricity had important effects on health. In 1892 he met with Paul Oudin in Paris where hey discussed ways of building therapeutic high-frequency oscillators. Months later Oudin produced the first device that became known as the “violet ray.” Paul Oudin began to experiment with skin disorders and found that acne, eczema and psoriasis were easily treated with the new device. After a few treatments the skin patches would begin to break up and disappear completely in two to three months. When the devices were used to spark warts or skin cancer, the anomalies often were removed within weeks. The violet ray often took away pain, and many times it was almost considered a miracle.

I experienced this after months of enduring a shooting pain in the foot. I used the violet ray around the area for a minute each night, and the pain did not return. A friend had such pain in his shoulder that he was considering quitting work. The violet ray relieved much of the pain. His girlfriend had severe pain in her knees, which resulted from gymnastics when she was younger. The device relieved most of her knee pain. The device was valuable in dealing with arthritis and was often considered a miracle in rheumatoid arthritis. I lent my violet ray to a friend to help with his arthritis. In a few weeks his enlarged joints shrank to normal size. Gary J. Lockhart

When they became popular with the public, doctors and the FDA started to despise them. At first the Journal of the American Medical Association published promising therapeutic results in articles.

The violet ray is a grandfathered device, meaning that it was produced before 1976 and is generally presumed to be safe and not subject to federal regulation. In spite of this, the FDA threatened leagal action against the companies that produce them and the people who use them. The climate of official intimidation has been so strong that only one journal (Chinese Medical Journal) has published studies in the last 70 years.

Gladys Davis suffered from dull headaches while transcribing the first readings. She finally asked for a Cayce reading, and it attributed the headaches to eye strain resulting from bad posture. It told her to do neck stretching exercises, discard the glasses and use the violet ray three times a week. She did so, resulting in no more headaches. She didn’t need glasses until the age of 50 when her eyes began to change.

For glandular problems Edgar Cayce remarked: “This is a high-voltage [device] stimulating all centers that are as the crossroads, the connections between the various portions of the physical body functioning, the mental attitudes and attainments, as well as the sources of supply, which arose by the choice of the entity in entering this particular temple, this individual temple.”

"I have found the violet ray good for something other than the cataract protocol. I am 78 and have joined other seniors in having trouble with bruises on my hands and forearms…resulting from very slight knocks. The doctors seem to feel nothing can be done about it. They say I should have used more sun lotion in the past. The Violet Ray will break up these bruises and they will start diminishing in a day or two. It used to take a week to 10 days for them to diminish. I assume the Violet Ray stimulates the circulation and that is what begins reducing the bruise." J.C., Dallas, TX

A woman with menopausal problems was told:by Edgar Cayce“After at least four or five of the complete adjustments osteopathically are made, we could use the violet ray in the evening before retiring to soothe the nerve forces of the body. Begin at the base of the brain, a circular motion along either side of the cerebrospinal system, extending all the way to the lower portion of the spine; then down the sciatic nerve to the bottoms of the feet. Do this for periods of a week to two weeks, rest from the same a few days, and then begin again.”

Dr. Lawrence Webster Fox found only one failure in treating 100 cases of eye inflammation. There was relief in iritis but not a cure; however, the treatment’s effect on pain was magical. He treated three cases of toxic amblyopia resulting from alcohol and tobacco use. The degeneration may result in blindness. He found that about 20 treatments restored the patients’ sight.

William Snow was noted for his use of electricity in therapy. He remarked: “The use of the vacuum eye electrodes with the static current is of great value in the treatment of epiphora, when the tear duct is closed but not stenosed. If a vacuum electrode is held against the canal and a short spark gap employed, it will remove the infiltration and open the canal.”Source

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Edgar Cayce mentions the use of the violet ray in eye conditions. He advised treating the third, fourth, and fifth cervicals and the first and second dorsals on the back first. He recommended treating the eyes no longer than one minute. He suggested the eye applicator to clear cataracts.Source

Blood electrificatioin and colloidal silver

A Chinese peasant was buried in earth by a shell explosion and was unconscious when dug out. Emergency treatment restored him to life, but he lost his sight. Both eyes had no light perception, but light reflexes were present. He suffered from headaches and blindness for 18 years. After his first violet ray treatment, his headache was less severe. After the second treatment his headache disappeared, and his perception of light returned. By the fifth treatment, he was able to recognize people. After nine treatments, he was able to read numbers and words.Source

The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum,,,High Resolution Violet Rays

Chinese Violet Ray (Translation)
Scientific Method Of Healing Pain

A woman was treated in a hospital for optical nerve atrophy. She completely lost her color vision and could only count fingers at six inches away. Doctors couldn’t help her, so she used the violet ray. After four months of treatment, she was able to read and write. Source

Glaucoma is one of the most trying disorders to treat. People fear eye operations, and if they wait too long their sight may be gone. A study on the violet ray for glaucoma was done in 1911. A woman had no vision in the right eye and very little in the left. She said that she was able to read and thread a needle two weeks before. Before telling her that her condition was hopeless, Dr. Samuel Risley decided to try the violet ray. She was given 10-minute applications over her closed eyelids. She then had a steady improvement in vision in her left eye.Source

A man had cataracts removed from his eyes. The pressure rose to 90 in both eyes, with a diagnosis of glaucoma. An operation gave him some relief for weeks, but he had pain and an inability to see. Eye drugs didn’t help him. After nothing else worked, he was given violet ray treatments. The ocular tension dropped to 50 after a month’s treatments. Most of his vision was destroyed, but he could see a little.Source

A 78-year-old woman complained of excruciating pain in her left eye. The tension was 90. She was given myotics and violet ray treatments. In three weeks, the tension dropped to 50, and she felt comfortable. Then the eye tension dropped to normal and stayed there.Source

A man had an eye injury and became blind in that eye. Two specialists condemned the eye, and a surgeon wanted to remove it, but the man refused. He put the vacuum electrodes over the eye and alternated the treatment with a negative current. Vision returned to the eye, and the pain disappeared. When the violet ray is used to treat cataracts, there is a “mackerel sky” appearance after treatment because of disintegration of the cataract. The vision is poorer for a few days, and then it becomes much better. The edge of the lens is the first to clear, where the opacity is thinnest. As the eye recovers, the ability to see green returns, followed by blue, red and yellow colors.Source

There exist great Cosmic Forces of which we still know but little. Gravitation is one of these; we know something of its laws and the results of its action, but nothing whatever of its real nature. Electricity is another; of this we know somewhat more, and we now recognize it in a variety of forms, as >>> More

A 70-year-old woman had been blind in her left eye because of a childhood injury. She had a cataract on her right eye. She started violet ray treatments, and in two days, she was able to count the number of fingers a foot away and see the green leaves of the shrub in the pot beside her bed. A week later she could tell onions by sight and see the difference between peas and beans on her plate. After two months of treatment, she was able to read fine print and function normally.Source

A 62-year-old woman had a cataract in her right eye for four years and a cataract in the left eye for 15 years. After a week of violet ray treatments, the woman wasn’t bumping into objects so often. After six weeks of treatment, she could see bumps in the sidewalk, instead of having to feel for them. She could now distinguish faces. After three months of treatment, she was able to write and could see her sister’s face. The treatments were taken occasionally, and improvement was slow. Soon she was able to read magazines. A year after her first treatment, she could see the eye of a sewing needle and thread it. Source

A 15-year-old English boy was born with a cataract in his right eye and suffered from severe myopia in the left. He got a small portable violet ray from Canada and began to use it. After a week his vision began to clear. In three weeks, he could distinguish between meat and vegetables on his plate. After using it for three months, he was able to count the number of books on a shelf. Earlier, he couldn’t tell the weeds from the vegetables; now he could weed the garden. A six-year-old child had an unusually severe attack of chickenpox, which damaged both corneas and left him with poor vision. Violet ray treatment was given every other day for six months, and vision returned to 20/30. Source

The companies that made violet rays had testimonials from their customers. One wrote: “I purchased one of your Marvel Violet Rays and with it I cured my eyes that three doctors, two of them noted specialists, gave up as a hopeless case. I got results in the first treatment and could read without glasses – something I could not do before, and now I am practically cured.Source


Another customer wrote: “I wish to say a word in regard to your Marvel Violet Ray outfit. I have been using it on my eye for a pronounced
cataract; it has nearly cured it. I have been loaning my outfit to a friend for the same trouble. He is benefited and is ordering one.” No treatment is a panacea for eye conditions, but many more cases where electricity made a major change could be cited.


A mode of MWO-style electrotherapy, one that does not use the sophisticated concentric-ring antenna, the violet-ray therapy system. is another convenient means of translating electric energy into the body, but in a more focused, localized mode. A low-pressure inert gas, such as argon, is contained in a glass bulb or tube and is electrified by high-potential, high-frequency Tesla currents. The device emits, when brought into contact with the body, an electric ray, seen as a reddish - violet beam, a fascinating phenomenon to watch.

The violet ray conducts electro-energetic life-force enhancing properties into the body, like the MWO. Tesla himself used such a revivifying ray daily. While the MWO was never mass-produced, the violet-ray machine was actually commercially manufactured, and it became a fixture in many a doctor’s office and in many homes. Made available to the general public by a number of manufacturers in the 1920s and ’30s, one could mail-order the device from a Sears catalog. Not surprisingly, the advertising made sweeping cure-all claims. Eventually medicine organized to suppress this threatening alternative to its official line, which it labeled "quack," but for a time both MWO and violet-ray flourished, Like Tesla technology generally, this high-frequency electric healing technology still persists today world-wide and underground.

Around 1850, an English farmer developed cancer of the lower lip and chin. He agreed to have surgery, but before the scheduled date, he was out plowing his fields when he was struck by lightning More

The earliest book on the therapeutic benefits that MWO's and Violet Ray Tube have on health care of the human body is the work done by Nikola Tesla. His work on MWO is presented in the book; "Eberhart's Manual Of High Frequency Currents", by Noble M. Eberhart, 25 E. Washington ST., Chicago, USA, copyright 1911.

His manual discusses the definition of the Violet Ray, its development, its types of apparatus and various forms of vacuum tubes used and their effects. It also discusses general dosages, preparation of the patient, and the application techniques for:

1. Skin diseases
2. Relief of pain
3. Cataphoresis
5. Orifices
6. Fulguration
7. And taking of the blood pressure.

Septic areas or local areas of infection readily yielded to treatment with Tesla currents.

He continues with special techniques for:
1. Eyes
2. Ears
3. Nose
4. Throat
5. Scalp
6. Rectum & Prostate
7. Urethra & Vagina

He then discusses specific successful protocols for over 210 diseases. The amazing point about the treatments is that the individual could have successfully performed them all in home. He discusses diseases in which the Violet Ray, its scope and limitations, including its usage in dentistry. This electromagnetic devise is truly amazing. All this self-help information and protocol was available in 1911. Why isn't the Violet Ray tube a household name and its usage very well know by all?


1. It helps to calm the nerve and has analgesia function.

2. It produces the ozone for sterilization, can help wound to heal and to restrain pores.

3. Improve secretion, the PH value, causes the skin lean to neutrality.

4. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.

5. Has the function of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and tightening


The device is applied for:
· wrinkles development prevention
functional skin state improvements, elasticity increase
strong hair loss decrease;
normalization of the scalp state at the local alopecia; normalization of the oil gland functioning (dry and greasy dandruff); improvement of the head skin blood circulation;

prevention of the acne rash, youth acne;


Heart and vessels diseases:
· cardiosclerosis;· myocardiodystrophy; · coronary heart disease; · cerebral atherosclerosis; · essential hypertension.

spine osteochondrosis;
CNS vascular diseases (headaches, including migraine, Raynaud's disease, acroparaesthesia, neurasthenia).

Purulent and inflammatory processes:·
postoperative infiltrates and wounds; trophic ulcers

eczema; lichen; acne rash; youth acne;atopic dermatitis;psoriasis;lichen ruber planus; scleroderma systematica and focal; exudative diathesis; hair loss;


Respiratory system diseases:
tracheitises; bronchitises; bronchial asthma.

Gastrointestinal tract diseases
gastritis; stomach and bowels dyskinesis; inflammation of the rectum wall.

Joints diseases: polyarthritis; arthritis; spondylarthrosis. Muscles, articular cavities diseases: myalgia; myositis. Arteries and veins diseases: obliterating endarteritis; Raynaud's disease; varicose veins; thrombophlebitis; trophic ulcers.


Ear, Nose, Throat DISEASES
· tonsillitis;
· angina;
· laryngitis;
· otitis;
· cochlear neuritis;
· ear noise;
· rhinitis;
· frontal sinusitis;
· maxillary sinusitis;
· catarrh;
· nasal catarrh.

The most common ray-tube electrode was in the form of a wand with a flared end, but ray-tubes are also available in a wide variety of blown-glass shapes to accommodate any contour of the anatomy and to fit into any orifice.

Cayce followers, alternative medical practitioners, and holistic therapists still make use of violet ray devices today.

The Cayce Association kept many of the formulas alive mentioned in the readings. They made the violet ray available in spite of opposition of the Food and Drug Administration.

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