Literature contains a number of cases in which lightning provided a healing impetus. In 1776, Mrs. Wynne went to Dublin to consult
with several surgeons because she had a large tumor in the left breast. The surgeons didn’t want to operate, so she returned home. She was looking out of the window of her home when lightning struck it and set fire to the roof. The stroke passed through her left shoulder and down her back. She tumbled to the floor and was found later that evening. Dr. Georgius Hicks visited her two days later and found that her breast tumor was smaller and softer. In a few weeks, it was completely gone. Thereafter, he decided to try electric shock to treat breast cancer. With electrical shocks, he was able to reduce the cancerous tumors and pain in two women.

Around 1850, an English farmer developed cancer of the lower lip and chin. He agreed to have surgery, but before the scheduled
date, he was out plowing his fields when he was struck by lightning. Both of his horses were killed, and his plow was shattered. A few
weeks later, the cancer was distinctly less, and in months it disappeared. He enjoyed good health for the next ten years. The cancer
then reappeared, and the man died.

Thomas Young was a farmer near Dukedom, Tennessee. Cancer began on his face, so the surgeon removed part of his lower jaw. The
cancer continued to spread, and by June of 1932, he was nearly dead. He chose to spend his last days lying in bed or on a hammock under the trees. One day a sudden storm came and struck one of the trees to which his hammock was attached to. The bolt stunned him and ripped the soles from his shoes. In a few days, he began to feel better. The cancerous sores started to heal, and soon he was back to normal. Source

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