83-3 Violet Ray is referred to as High Frequency, High
394-8 Voltage or Static Electropathy. - or Static Electric Treatment, the Violet Ray Heat, and the Alpine Ray.
- It is recommended in 898 different readings.
325-61 in 1935, the Hanover Model was the best one made.
- (In 1973 the Heritage Store had one for $24.)
- Vita Glass or Violet Ray Windows are good.
559-4 a treatment for eczema and pinworms
- (Carbon arc light was given for cancer and TB.)
- You see, the Violet Ray is only an electric vibration that coordinates the vibratory forces of the bodily functioning itself - which means the circulation as related to the nerve forces of the body.
- Treat the body, in the manner of a figure 8, that is put the anode under the right armpit first day for 10 minutes, under left knee the next day, under left armpit next day, and then under right knee the next. The same method used with a Radio-Active Appliance for blood circulation equalization, or a Plain Wet Cell Appliance for nerve system equalization.
- There are some locations where the lymph system comes to the surface.

313-17 (States that the Violet Ray quiets the nerves; also negative static electricity quiets the nerves.)
- (All of these appliances are as using Electrical Acupuncture.)
620-2 Along the spine will be well - eyes later - Long strokes up and down - either side of spinal column - 1.5 to 5 minutes.
- Only the body should not allow same to be used when there's too much moisture, or too long in one place. The body may use talc powder - and no burns
- Change of attitude will improve the sympathetic nervous system to the head, neck, shoulders.

- (Some forms of blindness can be cured by two minutes of exposure to the Violet Ray.)
- It is an electrical vibration of a very low amperage with a very high frequency, the violet ray.
- (VR was used for colds and nasal catarrh.)
- Infra-red Ray effects the structural portions of body.
- The Violet Ray is the current carried directly into the system and is a destructive vibration.
- (VR and RA) These do not work in opposition to one another, but work on different portions of the system.
- The Ultra-violet or the Violet Ray works upon the superficial circulation.
337-7 Active centers where the capillaries are most prominent: throat, armpits, elbows, palms, groins, knees, feet, ankles - see?
- Hand Violet Ray, and the other Ultra Violet Lamp
325-60 Do not have x-ray treatments, the Ash, or the Ultra-Violet Ray treatments within 3 or 4 days of the Violet Ray treatments.
- Abstain from any intoxicating drinks of any kind! This means even beer, too! Too much of these, with the electrical forces (if they are to be taken), will be detrimental to the better conditions of the body.
- Electricity and alcohol don't work well together! It burns tissue, and is not good for anybody!
- Cane sugar also creates alcohol in the body.
- (VR and Atomidine are not taken at the same time.)
- Violet Ray usually not recommended until the body's resistance has been built up.
- (VR) Physically it sets the body in attune. But it interfers with raising the mental-spiritual.
1801-17 (Spiritual forces heal) after the body finds itself able to control itself through these periods of meditation, and direction of the energies so raised.
- (It is healthful to be near pine trees.)
- the Mercurian effect as obtained in the Ultra Violet but the added, that of the radium - or Uranian forces - would, the Ultra-Marine colors will also vibrate with such.
- (Skip a day) We don't want to relax system too much thru electrical force.
- not until moisture is produced - but until the capillaries show their reaction the the appliance, and applied energy.
- Use a very low form of same (VR or UVR or Infar-Red)
- Carbon Ash - The Mineral: Dust in the bottom of a carbon arc lamp.
1027- Ash from the carbon and not from the reed.
- Twice each day take into the system, one sixteenth (1/16) grain of Carbon Ash - internally, in water.
- (The VR is used over the lungs to clarify the blood stream.)
- (Ash: 1/4 grain of the Animated Ash - reed - would be taken once a week - 1/16 of a grain of carbon ash - taken on the tongue before VR - for pulmonary disorders - to release oxygen in blood - 5 minutes after taking the ash - upper body for 3 or 4 minute)
- Animated Ash - the reed - is produced by passing an electric arc through bamboo reed (the chamber is 83% enclosed to get partial combustion.)
- (VR) One after the ash is a general treatment.
- Take potash for epilepsy, and - Put the electrical force along the whole spine, clear from one end to the other - along the same nerve centers, will put life into them, into the whole thing. - Or bromide
- (Ash will release oxygen, and supplies vitality to the blood.)
- (Anode Applicators or attachments: Rod or hand #1572. Throat or neck #1657-2. Bulb or Plain. Single and double eye #1772. Rectal #1375-3. Vaginal tube - three sizes - #844,3658. Comb. 494. Sponge #2843.)
- For eyes - 10 minutes - Not steadily but taken off and then applied again - off for a few seconds. Every other day.
404-3 its a Steel Rod
- (Alternate members of hand and foot.)
- this vibration (VR) should especially react to the bottom of the foot and to the base of the brain.
- (For gray hair use the scalp comb. applicator of the VR occasionally.)
- (VR hand machines operated off of DC-battery.)
- all of these - the cuticle, the skin, the hair, the activities of all of these natures - arise from the functionings of the thyroid system.
- life is electrical force - the same action we have here in the body of the nerve force is to the mental world, electrical.
- (VR) will so charge the centers of the nervous system for better coordination between the sympathetic and cerebrospinal - to the ganglia
- High Electrical Vibrations - low electrical forces, or added life as it were - ionizing as it were of the vital forces to strengthen the body.
- Electricity results from motion.
- The electrical force applied as we know from material acts on the nervous system of the body.
- (Nerve centers and ganglia are the electrical relays.)
- (Suggestions at bedtime aids the forces.)
374-1 (VR produces) Ozone or Loosen Oxygen and the Hydrogen in such a nature to become effective in the air about the body.
538-7 (The Rays help equalize circulation and assimilation.)
5456-2 (The Violet Ray is recommended) following or during 5493-1 treatments - Chiropractic. It will enliven the circulation over the centers that especially are adjusted.
3482-1 It is well that these (VR) be taken until there is
811 felt and breathed in much of the Ozone created by such an activity.
566-3 (Ozone) most beneficial, if it is inhaled.
- Only negative - Static - DC like voltage is life or healing.
- (Apply the VR thirty minutes after taking gold.)
- The Violet Ray is also called the "Actinic".
1800-34 (This reading gave research information on the Wet Cell Appliance.)
- (Refer to Electro-Therapy Index Drawer #61.)
- Degnen's Lens?
1861-11 (Warnings on kundalini were given here, and in 4253, and 1861-17.)
- The Marvel Violet Ray by Eastern Laboratories Inc. 227-229 East 38th St., New York, New York
- The Violet Ray is a new phase of electricity - they exceed many thousand repetitions per second.
- Through the glass vacuum applicator light, heat, electric energy and ozone are created.
- Every vibration of the Violet Ray causes the cells of the body to vibrate.
- accomplishing ozonization of the blood
- (Talcum powder and towels provide gap)
- Don't have a VR when the secondary coil is baked in wax. (Running wax lowers efficiency.)
- (VR gives immediate results in calming the nerves.)
- Torticollis is stiff neck - #51 Glass electrode
- Use S1 for Writers' Cramp, medium current - The surface electrode is S1.
- (In 1933 there were 60 varieties of electrodes available.)
- Ozone Generator and Marvelite #99 - Marvelite Junior #97 - Marvel Ozone #7 - S4 was the spinal electrode - Marvel Special #5 and 5B - Marvel #A1 and Super Marvel #3 were some of the attachments available.