Septic areas or local areas of infection readily yielded to treatment with Tesla currents.

Frederick Cook made a fine wire effluve electrode that dispersed the current so that it didn’t shock. Soon after this, a Paris manufacturer put Bisserie’s Brush Electrode on the market. It was applied over the infected area or ulcer.

A woman working in Paris had a fistula of the right knee for three years. She was given two treatments a day, three days a week.
The fistula was completely closed after the seventh week of treatment.

A grocer scratched his hand on a nail. His entire arm from the shoulder downward was red and swollen. The whole arm was treated with high-frequency current and bandaged. After three treatments over three days, the arm was cured.

A man cut his finger at work but didn’t treat it. A week later it was swollen to twice its normal size. The doctors didn’t think that
violet ray treatments could do any good, but it looked bad, so they tried treating it twice a day for the next three days. The swelling disappeared, and there was complete restoration of function.Source

Dr. McGarey says, "it was once a favorite among osteopathic physicians to control infection without the use of antibiotics. Interestingly enough, scientists are only now beginning to recognize the profound power of light introduced into tissues to dissipate infection."