The violet ray was almost completely forgotten by 1960. Historians wrote nothing about it, and no books were available. Yet many people knew about the device, and it could be obtained for medical use because of Edgar Cayce. The interest in his readings kept the device from dying.


A patient with goiter was given this advice: “We would have each day the violet ray treatment along the spine and over the throat where
there are the tendencies for the nonactivity of the glands and those accumulations and the fullness that appears in the throat. These will
naturally be somewhat irritated at times by the electrical vibrations, but with the taking of properties for the glands themselves, the body
will gradually adjust itself. We would use the bulb applicator along the throat, up to the head and down the cerebrospinal system for
at least three to five minutes. Then we would hold in the hand the applicator, where the body charges, and is charged by the electrical
forces passing through same, for about five minutes. Do this each day, preferably before retiring at night. These will make for better conditions and electrify, as it were, the energies of the system.”