“The vital force is not enclosed in man, but radiates within and around him like a luminous sphere. It is a radiating essence, and in these semi-material rays, the imagination of man produces healthy or unhealthy effects. But of these invisible
causes of disease popular medicine knows next to nothing. Men who are devoid of the power of spiritual perception are unable to recognize the existence of anything that cannot be seen externally. There are some who have learned so much that their
learning has driven out all their common sense. Medical science may be acquired by learning, but medical wisdom is the gift of God.”
Paracelsus (1493–1541)

Violet ray and pain

There are many stories of using the violet ray in first aid. One man sprained his ankle and wrote, “After I sprained my ankle, I
limped around for about a week with a cane, and it seemed to get no better. Finally I went over and got my Renulife violet ray machine from some friends to whom I had loaned it, and to my surprise, I obtained immediate relief upon using it. I used it steadily until my ankle was completely cured.”

A young woman sprained her ankle and could barely hobble. The first treatment enabled her to walk with little stiffness or pain. After
the third treatment, she was completely normal.

A young man fell while playing soccer, resulting in extremely severe pain in the sciatic nerve. After ten treatments with the violet ray,
the pain ceased and he could walk without pain. It returned to a lesser degree but more treatments eliminated it.

A woman sprained her hand and right arm. She went to several doctors and took different treatments. She couldn’t do needlework
or play cards without real pain. Steam baths and massage didn’t help. Then she took violet ray treatments and was able to play cards and sew without pain.

Another person wrote, “For eight years, I was afflicted with a stiff sore neck. After taking three Renulife treatments, to my great surprise, I felt some relief, and after eight treatments, I was entirely cured and could turn my head and twist my neck without the least pain.”

A flooring installer had his right knee swelled to the size of an orange. It kept recurring, and no treatments worked. Fter he took
28 five-minute violet ray treatments, the problem didn’t come back. Many other cases of bursitis responded just as well.


Venture Inward editor A. Robert Smith recalls being treated, as a child, with the violet ray machine for an earache and other conditions. "Our family physician, who was my grandfather, believed in the violet ray. He had a violet ray machine the size of an X-ray machine, as I recall it, and I would lie down underneath it while getting a treatment for my ear. It was painless, and I remember the neat part for me, as a kid, was having to wear goggles like an airplane pilot to protect my eyes from the light. I think he used it on my knee when I fell and had some deep abrasions. My sister recalls being treated for jaundice. It was a standard therapy in his office."