Testimonials of Violet Ray users found on the Net

(1) Warren, Fla. This man is in his 60/s has Diabetes. His hands have arthritis and the top of the hands of big spots of black and blue bruising from lack of circulation. He applied the ray about ten minutes each hand, his family was with him. Within minutes he said he could move his fingers and wrists without much pain and more flexibility. His flesh color came back to his wrists that quick except for one spot. Which worked on later. The Raydrew the circulation to the area, ozonated the blood which means it put in oxygen and moved the stagnated blood. (Does not mean you would have same result)

(2) Steve in Orlando gave his violet ray to his 86 year old mom because after putting it on her Diabetic open wounds once a day for a week. Within that week heal healed up beacuse the ray drew the new blood to the wounds and pushed out the toxic blood.(Does not mean you would have same result)

(3) Mary M, in Orlando Fla-Called to tell me she used it for a few mintues on her Pancreas which had been in pain for two weeks. After a few moniutes of rubbing the ray over her pacreas, the pain was gone. (Does not mean you would get the same results)

(4) A women with Crohn's disease had pain on her right big toe. Her right foot was swollen. She applied the ray and within minutes her pain was much better and about 5 minutes later her swelling was down. She was very happy. (Does not mean you would get the same results)

(5) A women with shoulder pain, in minutes was pain free. (Does not mean you would get the same results)

(6) Another women called me to say she used it for more energy. She used it on her face for ten minutes. (Does not mean you would get the same results).

(7) DR. Kion in Fla has had polio for 40 some years. After a week of using the violet ray on his legs a few times a day, he walks more balanced and with reduced pain. It is easier for him to get out of bed in the mornings and has increased energy. He loves it. (Does not mean you would get the same results).

(8) Reports of wrinkles being reduced. Moles, spider veins, and warts dissapearing are very common.

(9) (Polio) A women name Paula called me to ask if this was the same Violet Ray doctors used many years ago. I said yes it is, but now it is not so zappy or can burn your skin. However it is as powerful regardless. How did you know aboutt he old ray i asked? She said because when she was a little girl she had Polio. A doctor would come by her house, massage her, use the Violet Ray he cured her she said. WOW!!! I said. I'm looking forward to meeting her. She wants a ray now. Paula P. Melbourne FL 2001 (Does not mean you would have same results)

(10)(Diabetes) Steve in Orlando Fl,2001 He gave his violet ray to his 83-year-old mom because after putting it on her Diabetic wounds once a day for a week, they healed up. This is because the ray draws the circulation to the wound. The ray ozonated the wounds which means , the ozone killed the bacteria. Letting her immune system take over to heal herself. He ended up buying one for himself.

(11)(Diabetes)A women told me she had pancreatic pain for weeks. She put the violet ray over her pancreas for a few minutes, right away she said her pain was gone. She was amazed. Mary D in Orlando Fl 2001

(12) Caroline's shoulder pain is much better. Carloine C. Palm Bay Fl, 2001

(13) A women with Crohn's disease had pain on her right big toe. Her right foot was swollen. She applied the Ray to the toe and swelling. Within minutes her toe pain was much better and about 5 minutes later her swelling was down. She was freaking out, she could not believe it. I told her the ray drew the circulation to the foot and toe. Kathy M./ Cassadaga Fl 2002

(14) A women with shoulder pain, in minutes was pain free. Another women wanted to try it for energy, she got it. She put it on her face mostly. A woman who owns a health food store saw this going on and wanted to try it also. She placed the Ray on her third eye, or brow for about a minute. Right away she felt an increase in energy, now she wants to sell them in her health food store for skin conditions. Nancy S. /Fla 2002

(15) (Bone spur)At a small party, a women in her 60's has a bone spur and the bottom of her right foot was purplish. After her rubbing the Ray on the bottom of her foot for about ten minutes her normal color came back as she had compared the color to her other foot. She called all excited about it, Joan/ D. Rockledge 2002

(16) (Bone spur)Miss Cooper was about to take pain medication for a bone spur, instead she tried her Ray for about 5 minutes. She got up walked with no pain, she said it lasted two hours. Rockledge Fl 2002

(17) (Yeast) Rob had a problem for a few weeks on his mouth; it was some form of yeast. He called it Candida. He said he tried creams and a prescription from the doctor but had no success. Miss Copper had him place the Violet Ray for a few minutes around his mouth. By that night it was almost gone completely. The next day it was gone. Rob. Palm Bay Fla 2002

(18) (Polio)This man has had polio for some 40 years. He has been using the violet ray for about 5 months. He says it helps him to reduce pain. He uses it in the morning to rub on his hips and legs. He can feel it charge his energy field. He is a Reverend, he said. " I don't understand how it works". I told him, it is the Violet Flame that you preach. He smiled and nodded his head. Kioni ,Titusville Fl 2002

(19) I've used the ray with benefit mostly sparingly. It ups the energy so that I could really dispense with the coffee. Neck and knee better...in fact, don't notice the pain in my neck, forgot about it. Hope it lasts. Energy is the main thing. Boosts.
Elizabeth Gillard, St. Augestine 2003

(20) Sally uses the Ray for relief of headaches and muscle aches. Sally S. from Melbourne 2003

(21) Alan, my husband was in a fight. Three men tried to mug him in Kew West Fl. Alan got punched above his eye. He used the Violet Ray to help quickly reduce the pain, His knuckles were scratched and swelled from the fight. Minutes after putting it on his knuckles the swelling had diminished greatly. Mary Seid, Melbourne Fl 2001

(22) Lynn an aura photographer had an infected tooth for two week, in pain. After a few minutes of putting the Violet Ray on her check over the toothache, the swelling and pain reduced greatly, an hour later she did it again making her feel much better. Lynn Z. Gainesville Fla. 2002

(23)There have been many people that have called me with stories of arthritis on their hands and in minutes the pain is gone and they can move the hand more freely, using the Ray.

(24) (Knee Pain) Marge use too run everyday for years. She injured her knee and had not run for a year. she had been to a doctor, but no relief. She was wearing jeans when she put the violet ray on her knee, through the material for a few minutes. After that she could move her knee easier and the pain was gone. She went back to jogging. She recommends it to many people. M.D /Orlando 2003

(25 There have been many people with headaches and migraines were either ray applied to the head and back of neck, very quick relief. Many people with back pains, neck and shoulder pain within minutes of using either ray the pain is gone or the back is not so stiff.

(26) Melanie's cat had no hair on her back, from allergies. The vet and holistic vet could not help her. She called to tell me after a few days of rubbing the violet ray on her cat, the hair is growing back and has more energy. She put her testimony on video 2002

(27) The other day a women told me she put her Ray on her cyst that was on her finger, in minutes it shrunk a little bit.

(28) Rhonda told me she put the violet ray on her friend's foot that had not been out of pain for 20 some years from a stingray bite. Right away the pain was gone for the first time. As far as I know it is still gone. It must have moved the blood toxic out of the area and flushed it out of her maybe.

(29) (Wirst Pain) Rhonda put it on her friend's wrist that had been in pain for ten years, don't remember from what, but in minutes of putting the violet ray on her wrist the pain was. This woman had tried many different modalities even of alternative methods. Nothing had worked except for the ray.

(30) (Foot) Maryjo has Neuralgia of the feet and so does Felicia, both of them had a big difference with pain and swelling reducing very quickly. Maryjo let a massage therapist use it on his liver pain for a few minutes. He had this pain for a couple weeks, after wards he was much better. She also put the violet ray on her dad who is in a nurseing home. He shook so much he could not feed himself. She put the ray for a few minutes on each of his hands. That night he was feeding himself. MaryJo, Cape Canaveral Fl 2002

(31) (wrist) Another women broke her wrist a couple years ago, pain was always a problem since but the first application of the violet ray and she could move her wrist with less pain.

(32) One spiritual women used the violet ray walking around her apartment to get rid of an evil presence she said, Friends had tried prayers and sage but nothing worked except the high frequency from the violet ray which cleared the place. Margo 2002

(33) A women said she keeps getting abducted by ufo's and has implants. She is on psychotic prescriptions. She rubbed the violet ray on her legs, hands, face and bottom of her feet. When she was through she took a deep breath and said WOW! I feel so different, an over all feeling of well-being. Edgar Cayce readings had said to do this. Linda , Rockledge 2002

(34) Mark used the violet ray to stop the pain of his hamstring, It took a couple days he said. Using it twice a day for it to stop the pain. He used the Ray all over his body for energy. Also, he says his sperm looks healthier, like when he was younger. 2002

(35) Ann S. called to say a wart and a mole had disappeared using the Ray after one week. And her wrinkles around her eyes are less noticable. 2002

(36) John is studying to be a Naturopath in New York. He used it on his calf also. He had hurt it during martial arts. He is now getting great results. Also his testicle was hit and hurt him for weeks, he uses the ray briefly there and he says it helps his pain. 2003

(37) (Hepititus C)Mary M. has a husband with Hepatitis C, his legs are very sore. After the first time of rubbing the Ray on his legs he got some pain relief. 2003

(38) (Allergies)My own testimony is when I get heart palpitations from high blood pressure and I put the violet ray or neon all over me, it stops the palpitations. But this does not mean it would do the same for anyone else. When I get an allergy attack which is not common anymore, and that if I put the ray on my sinuses after sneezing a lot. I stop sneezing within minutes. The ray ozonates the sinuses which means it kills the bacteria that built up in my sinuses and immediately dries them up, every time I get an attack, this stops my sneezing or runny nose immediately. Once I had to apply it an hour later though for it to stop my sneezing. Also once i had the beginning of an earache. I put the Violet Ray on the outside of my ear for a few minutes. About an hour later it was completely gone.

(39) (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) On 3/5/2002 a women called to say she no longer has this wrist pain after a week of using the ray. She is an acupuncturist.

(40) Gum Disease- (EYESIGHT)women called me to tell me she has a gum disease called pyorrhea, it caused her so much tooth pain that when she breathed her teeth hurt. She read from Edgar Cayce to place the electrode at the base of the skull for gums for five minutes. She did this and the pain went away and had not come back, plus it improved her eyesight a little. 3/19/02

(41) Gout- Wanda placed the violet ray on her husbands feet who has gout. He was very skeptical until after his treatment. Soon his pain was better and he could move his toes easier, plus the next morning he woke up with much less pain in his feet then normal. 3/21/2002

(42) Maryjo called me from Indiana to say she placed it on a man who's hand was crippled. After 15 minute treatment he could move his fingers and with less pain, many people watch this before their eyes. Indiana 2003
Posted by Mary Seid