Tesla’s suggestions were taken up in earnest by George Lakhovsky, who perceived that the twisted-filament, coil-like structures within all living cells constitute ultramicroscopic circuits "capable of oscillating electrically over a wide scale of very short wavelengths."

Lakhovsky’s apparatus evolved from Tesla’s. "These circuits," Lakhovsky wrote, "are stimulated by damped high-frequency currents from a spark gap. Thus each circuit of the transmitter vibrates not only on its natural frequency, but also on numerous harmonics." Here we must sing praises to the old spark gap because Lakhovsky observes that the frequency of his spark-gap oscillator’s basic vibrations ranged from 750 kilocycles all the way up to 3 gigacycles! And he adds that "each circuit also emits many harmonics, which, with their basic waves, their interferences and their effluvia can reach the scale of infra-red and even that of visible light."

Lakhovsky employed spark-gap oscillators, Tesla coils, and even vacuum-tube oscillators, and he put some of these devices into patent. The Lakhovsky multiple-wave oscillator (MWO) terminates in a distinctive frequency-independent antenna consisting of a number of concentric open rings of different diameters. The MWO antenna provides full-body stimulation to the patient, who is situated a few feet distant from one of these or between a matching pair.

Tesla's electrotherapy idea was taken up as well by Arsene D'Arsonval and Paul Ouden. One finds in the Tesla coil literature many mentions of an "Ouden coil" when a Tesla coil is obviously meant. This has perplexed some researchers who conclude Ouden's coil had to be special, but he had just made it a safer apparatus. They point out that the bottom grounded end of Ouden's primary and that of the secondary were connected together, but one finds this hook-up in Tesla's work as well. Perhaps, as Tesla's name became taboo in the media, writers and editors chose to call the device by Dr. Ouden's name to play it safe.

Lakhovsky called his book The Secret of Life, no less. The ability to electrostimulate living tissue at the subcellular level and thus energize the life force within has huge medical implications.

The vibrational responsiveness of living cells suggests a whole new medical panorama in which electric waves, both natural and man-made, exercise influences both healthful and malignant upon the body’s cellular oscillatory balance. Lakhovsky proposed that exposure to a blend of higher frequencies stimulate the cell’s life force, restoring vigor and balance.

Treatment with the multiple-wave oscillator mobilizes the body’s own self-healing reserves. Thus the range of diseases that can be treated is infinite. Degenerative conditions develop when the body’s self-healing reserves lose their power. Infections, cancers, inflammations, skeletal degeneration and organ dysfunctions then develop, but often such conditions can be reversed if these reserves are revived. Even fractures and cuts can be healed in a fraction of the normal time. Neural dysfunctions, from headaches to deafness to paralysis, can be normalized. The MWO has been used successfully to treat arthritis. Can any such a cure-all really exist? If there is a generalized life-force enhancer, then the answer is yes, and this may be it.

MWO Lakhovsky multiple-wave oscillator