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Multiple Wave Oscillator

Georges Lakhovsky, Bioelectric Pioneer


Extraordinary healings

Literature abounds with detailed case reports of incurable cancers and their unexpected remissions or healings by pulsed or non-pulsed electric fields. They corroborate results achieved by Priore although in a majority of cases, treatment has been given to rather superficial cancers but yet they were as incurable as acute ones, and also of different kinds: cancer of the upper respiratory tracts, tongue, skin, breast, uterine cancers.... We are going to review the use, in medicine, of various techniques operating with electricity as well as their results, however minor, and therefrom draw a parallel with the technique used by Priore.

The lessons drawn from researches conducted on the "Priore field", raise great expectations especially when we consider that the results produced through techniques based on medical electricity were of relatively short duration (10/20 mins, with a maximum of one hour per session, twice or thrice a week, sometimes less). And one knows how important can a cumulated duration of exposure be.

The recommended time for a treatment is generally two, three or four hours, or more, daily during the initial phase and a much longer time would be necessary depending on how weak the radiance power level is. Such power, that is the capacity of the machine to polarize significantly the cancerous cells, will not only affect the time appropriate for treatment but also possibilities to eliminate acute and aggressive tumors. There is absolutely no doubt that facilities exist to make fast and easy progress in implementing efficient devices which would allow to apply sessions of short duration (with devices working at very high tension, Priore used to treat everyday, for not more than five to ten minutes, dogs, cats and humans with stunning results).

Moreover, in order to eliminate the tumor, it is essential to go through an immune mechanism and treat the tumor directly, but at the same time, the entire organism needs to be treated to stimulate organs of the reticulo-endothelial system (organs producing immunity cells).

Naturally, in the current situation, such treatment would not be exclusive of other therapies. Yet, extremely careful attention is to be paid to avoid a prolonged weakening of the immune system that could entail failure.

1 - The "radio-cellulo-oscillator" by G. Lakhovsky

In the 1930s, healings of numerous incurable cancers occur by means of a rudimentary equipment, namely a transmitter generating high voltage impulses built by Professor G. LAKHOVSKY and put in operation in big hospitals of France, Italy and Greece. Numerous detailed reports exist (see below).
Without getting into technical aspects, (see Pioneers) we can say that those impulses of powerful energy running repeatedly from ten to a thousand times every second, carry a high frequency wave (one megahertz maximum) characteristics of which must not necessarily be very accurate. An antenna induced with numerous harmonics, is fed by such impulses. As with Priore, we touch here the general concept of shock, high potential, impulse, BF modulation, preferential frequency, etc...

Intrinsic shocks are thus induced at the level of the CELL MEMBRANE hence modifying its polarization of the membrane and by the same token its properties.
Naturally, quite a number of treatments have failed especially on acute tumors hardly accessible to the electric field, and more so because patients are admitted at a terminal stage of the disease, very often on the brink of agony beyond therapeutic recourse of any kind. And also, because the mechanism of biological action was misunderstood: it was believed at that time that those waves were destroying the tumorous cells. Today, thanks to Priore's works, we know that it is a local mechanism with a direct action on the cancerous cell, but particularly the immune one. So, it is necessary to stimulate the defensive system as well, by a treatment of the whole organism. Finally, the need to run the treatment for an adequate period of time was totally ignored. In contrast with PRIORE, studies on the duration of these sessions, their frequency, the cumulated time of treatment, the tumor status from the onset of the treatment, etc. are not available to us. In the meantime, we should stress the fact that the period of exposure, however limited, have allowed such extraordinary results!

No adverse effects have ever been recorded whatever pathology, number and duration of sessions may have been applied to the treatment. These "sessions" last 15 to 20 minutes and are repeated about once or twice a week. We note instant progress in the general condition, and the tumor, when it is superficial, regresses within a few weeks and disappears by a few months, even though the treatment has stopped. The impression is that of a retard effect.

Attempts to improve the results by means of pure continuous waves have all ended in failure (except for plant cancers, more sensitive to the least variations of electric field). The main reason was the absence of clear-cut impulses and the tension level used being far too low. For the sake of comparison, it was, in the first instance, equivalent to 100 kilovolts, and one to two thousand maximum in the lamp apparatus.

Let us remind the golden rule : It is not simply a matter of routing energy to the cancerous cell but inducing into its membrane a long-lasting polarization. The cell is sensitive to the electric field only. All the power of a device is meant to supply a powerful field and not to heat. And what about the current set of devices available to us, operating at very low impedance (that is, delivering a large amount of useless power and a minimal electric field)? Besides, Lakhovsky's successors have been able to increase significantly the power by increasing the current, but results were disastrous! All it did was to warm up! Almost a burning process! So, a cause of great exasperation to the "master".

Meanwhile, this heating element is an asset not to be neglected. It enables to slow down the cellular metabolism of the cancerous cell which is much more responsive than a normal cell. This may be a "plus" in a significant way, as it becomes possible to use intense electric fields at a high voltage from which a rise of induced temperature may be derived in addition to the effect of polarization.

Lakhovsky : some significant cases

It should be recalled that patients who were entrusted to receive treatment were in such desperate condition that one would rarely expect such astounding results to occur, but still there has been in all cases a regression of the tumor, a remarkable improvement in the general condition and the near disappearance of pains.

Skin cancers (facial)

In the internal angle of the eye (spino-cellular) an uneradicable tumor. Before and after treatment: Not only had the tumor totally disappeared but - as with the Priore field - we note a skin perfectly healed and a regeneration of tissues. It was back in 1932 ...!an uneradicable tumor. Before and after treatment: Not only had the tumor totally disappeared but - as with the Priore field - we note a skin perfectly healed and a regeneration of tissues. It was back in 1932 !

Facial cancer

Result after 15 days (2 sessions)

healing within a month

Skin cancers (arm)

Other clinical cases

At De la Salpétrière and Val de Grâce hospitals in Paris, years 1931-1932, tens of patients in despair were given treatment, but unfortunately not early enough and not long enough. Some were healed, all of them presented unexpected remissions and considerable pain alleviation.

In a paradoxal way, the treatment may have been deadly sometimes because too efficient: patients showing extreme sensitivity to the waves, get their tumor literally dried up. Unfortunately, the regression speed does not allow feeding vessels the necessary time for a similar speedy resorption. And so, quite a number of patients were lost through much aggravated haemorrhage.

Below, some notable cases of skin cancer.

Example 1 Mrs C..., 68 years old, ulcerated face cancer for three years. (biopsy: Epithelioma). A ten-session treatment. Spectacular improvement of general condition from the very first sessions then total Cure.

Example 2 Mr M..., 80, Biopsy: baso-cellular cancer of the left arm in fast-developing phase, ganglions. At the end of ten sessions, the tumor has almost disappeared; biopsy, however, shows a discreet persistance under the indurate scar. Treatment unfortunately stopped.

Example 3 Two patients in terminal phase of tongue cancer (so, area accessible to waves) with submaxillary adenopathies (ganglions) were in a clearly improved state before being both victims of a devastating haemorrhage at the level of the tumor in resorption process (mechanism has been reviewed). Cases in the same category as the following one:

Example 4 Enormous thoracic tumor (sarcoma?) of ten kilos! Following ten sessions, near disappearance of tumor shrunk to mere scab. Then enormous haemorrhage carrying off the patient, once more by the same mechanism.

The lesson to be drawn from these haemorrhagic thrusts would be to carry out a surgery in order to reduce the tumor as much as possible before the treatment.

The following examples are a selection of remarks gathered in the 1930s from various european hospitals using Lakhovsky's machine.

Healing of an ulcerated breast cancer +++, recurrence despite two surgical interventions after ten sessions of treatment (Drs Postma, Groningue, Hollande).

Subject of 60 years old, breast cancer recurring on surgical scar. 30 sessions. Almost integral regression and excellent general condition. Dr. Karsis, Athens.

Facial cancer: epithelioma of eye internal angle. Recovery after 10 sessions. Three years after, nothing (Pr. de Cigna, Genoa).

Conclusion :

The best results on record relate to cancers which are more accessible to waves particularly skin cancers whether they are primitive or cutaneous metastases of acute cancers, or mouth cancers. It is probable that acute cancers will require longer exposure to more powerful devices.

We could thus continue with more examples of clinical cases but to protesters it will always be no more than a collection of selected observations. And so! It is our hope that the multiplicity of observations showing relief and even cure, will be food for thought. Yet still, there could be objections about certain patients having been subjected previously to customary methods (radiotherapy, surgery). The answer is the following: effectively, it is a matter of treating cancers which have been resistant to normal methods and reduced to terminal phase. Obviously, care has been taken not to include questionable reports in that respect.

And last but but not the least, there is no room for ostracism: if a perfectly supported electric treatment makes it possible, via a stimulation of the immune defences - generally targeted by research teams - to transform the defeat of classical therapeutics into success by combining with them, why be deprived of such facility?



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