Environmental Stress
The Slow Health Destroyer
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Environmental Stress The Slow Health Destroyer

Trying to maintain or improve your health rather
than letting it simply decline with age?

Suffering from a health problem or symptom that hasn't
been successfully treated by doctors or therapists?

Disappointed by the lack of results from exercises,
bodywork, nutritional supplements or diets?

Perhaps you need to Become more aware
of your Environmental Stress

And know how environmental stress causes illness
and prevents you from fully recovering your health.

Environmental stress covers a gamut of adverse natural and man-made energies. Examples of environmental stress include trying to get things done amongst clutter and disorganization, being late for work or an appointment and then getting caught in a traffic jam, being interrupted when trying to concentrate or aches and pains from sitting all day in an uncomfortable chair. In addition, environmental stress can include such things as the quality of the air we breathe,Water we drink the type of lighting that we have to work in, and the level of noise in the environment.

Have you ever noticed an unpleasant feeling, a visceral sense of discomfort or foreboding when you enter a particular building? Have you found that certain places make you feel dopey and dazed, or somehow ill at ease? Well, you're not imagining things


Although environmental stress may seem minor, these constant irritations add up to decrease our overall feelings of happiness as well as cause us to secrete small amounts of stress hormones into the blood stream. When we experience a major stress, environmental stress makes these experiences even more difficult to handle. That is why it is important to recognize environmental stress and take steps to alleviate it as it occurs.

Many cases of 'incurable' diseases, including cancer, multiple-sclerosis, heart disease, asthma and leukæmia, are stimulated by long-term exposure to environmental stress.

ScienceDaily (Sep. 10, 2007) — How environmental stress contributes to cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes is under study at the Medical College of Georgia.


ScienceDaily (Jan. 24, 2006) — Stress at work is an important risk factor for the development of heart disease and diabetes, finds a study published online by the British Medical Journal.
Stress at work has been linked with heart disease, but the biological processes were unclear. This study provides new evidence for the biological plausibility of the link between work stress and heart disease
More .

Research Links Erectile Dysfunction And Cardiovascular Disease
Apr. 30, 2003) — Preliminary findings from clinicians at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), show that men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to have cardiovascular ... > read more

--------------Kiss Stress Good BYE------------

ScienceDaily (Nov. 19, 2007) — It is well known that being stressed increases our susceptibility to infections by impairing the function of our immune system, but the molecular links between stress and diminished immune function have not been determined.>>> More


January 26, 2008 — Acute and chronic stress can have devastating effects on the brain, and researchers have now pinpointed one receptor that plays a key role in that harmful cycle. Uncontrollable stress is a major .>>> full story


Bad Smells Linked To Fatigue And Other Complaints
September 17, 2007 — Common physical symptoms such as fatigue, chest pain and lower back pain are related to the perception of everyday smells, according to a health psychologist. Symptoms were reported to worsen at the ... > full story

One of the most common, and most noticeable,
types of environmental stress is air pollution

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Air Pollution
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As factories churn out smoke and carcinogens, we are forced to breathe air that is filled with poisons. Whether we notice them or not, we cannot avoid them. Our lungs are constantly subjected to small particles that stick in the lung tissue and gasses that can find their way into our bloodstream. Obviously, this is not a good situation, because we cannot exactly afford to stop breathing.

Environmental stress caused by poor air quality can be avoided by ensuring that you properly ventilate OR use negative ion generators in areas that you spend much of your time. In addition, even wear a personal ioniser to protect yourself from the air of environmental stress causing pollutants. Poor air quality can come from everyday household items such as carpet, some furniture, mildew, and mold, animal dander, cleaning supplies, adhesives, heating, air conditioning, excess humidity and dryness and even copiers. Smoking indoors is another major environmental pollutant that can cause environmental stress.

Healthy lungs (left). Lungs showing damaged alveoli (center). Close-up of damaged alveoli.

People can be negatively affected by this environmental stress from even small amounts of these toxins in the air. Some people can even get physically ill with anything from allergies to headaches. With our modern, energy-efficient homes, we have actually exacerbated this type of environmental stress because our windows and doors are too good. It used to be that windows and doors allowed drafts. This may have caused higher heating and cooling costs but it also ensured that the same stagnant air was not being breathed in constantly.ie. Environmental stress caused by poor air quality in polluted cities can cause concentration problems, headaches, and fatigue. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are two other environmental pollutants that cause problems.

Bristol University led by Professor Denis Henshaw et al have shown that the aerosols (ions and water particles in the air)from high voltage powerlines (pylons) can react with car fumes and other toxins. The prevailing wind can deliver these aerosols to homes and offices up to half a mile away contributing to childhood and adult leukaemia.

We Dont yet have to go this far

To reduce environmental stress caused by stagnant air, use


Environmental stress affecting You children..

Environmental stress affecting children is often overlooked. It can contribute to manyphysical, emotional and mental disorders including learning difficulties, insomnia,behavioural problems, depression, asthma, ME, cancer, leukaemia. There arescientific research projects for the most serious of these illnesses whereas generally behavioural and learning patterns in children are not seen to be important enough tofocus on as research projects. The stronger the immune system the less a person is affected by environmental stress. Of course, children generally have a weaker immune system than adults and thereforetend to be more affected. This is partly because of their bonding to gravity and other natural frequencies essential to life and partly because the growing tissue of cells,bone and brain are softer and have a different energetic structure in the way they growuntil around the age of 11 to 13,,Schumann Resonator

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Water Pollution
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As well, we are subjected to a whole variety of chemicals when we drink water. With all the chemicals that are used in farming, or sprayed on our lawns, or poured into our water supplies, the water we drink is filled with all sorts of poisons that are doing our bodies no good. Once again, we cannot afford to stop drinking water, but we do need to be aware that the water we are drinking contains a lot of things that we would not want in our bodies.

Even bottled water is not safe, as the water has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is usually either a stream or from the ground. Unfortunately, streams are filled with particulate matter and chemicals can soak into the ground. However, some water is simply taken from municipal water supplies and those are not safe either. Thus, this is a problem that needs to be faced in day-to-day life.”

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Lighting is a very subtle form of environmental stress. Many people work in artificial light and are not aware that it causes environmental stress. It is important to get as much natural light as possible because natural light gives the mood a boost and regulates the internal body clock. Many people gain weight and feel more depressed in winter months. This may be due to seasonal affective disorder or SAD. SAD is caused by a lack of sunlight. The lack of sunlight makes us feel down and causes stress so that we feel like eating more which may lead to weight gain. If possible, work next to a window so that you have more exposure to natural light or take your breaks outside in the sunlight rather than in the break room.

Believe it or not, color has a lot to do with environmental stress. Studies have shown that people’s moods are affected by color. Some people associate the color red with anger and this color may actually trigger these feelings and stress. On the other hand, the colors green and blue tend to be calming colors. This is why many actors wait to go on in the “green room” before a performance
To reduce environmental stress caused by Colors ....
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Electro Polution

Environmental stress includes firstly natural distorted magnetic fields that emanate from the earth (geopathic stress) and resonances of toxic materials. Secondly the use and abuse of the electro-magnetic spectrum including electric appliances, radio broadcasting and associated installations.

We have surrounded ourselves with a wide range of broad-spectrum energy mainly from the electro-magnetic spectrum. We have come along with the bulldozer and opened numerous quarries and mines for material for our buildings and we have carved out of the old contours new communication systems both for travel and daily contact with one another. We have introduced insulation to our housing and ourclothing, which has intensified the electric, magnetic and thermal fields around us.

At least Test your enviroment
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Insomnia Environmental stress can often contribute to poor sleep patterns.

Unfortunately, these poisons do not only put stresses on our bodies, they put stresses on our minds as well. These physical forms of environmental stress put poisons into our brains as well, and can cause them to functions less effectively. Just as alcohol or drugs can affect the ways that our minds work, these subtle poisons are also seeping into our brains and causing mental changes. In fact, receiving too many of these poisons can slow down mental processes without our noticing the change. It will simply happen so slowly that we cannot notice the difference.

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Environmental stress occurs to us every day and we should be aware that it is happening. Obviously, we cannot be aware of it all the time because to do so would probably cause us more stress just by simple worry. However, it is a fact of life while living in the modern world and we should have the presence of mind to know that environmental stress takes a toll on a body… and a mind.


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