What is electrosmog ?

   Although we can't see, hear, or feel it, electrosmog is found throughout nature and all living things. Electrosmog is also present wherever power is generated from 50/60 Hertz AC electrical sources. Electrosmog is emitted from all electrical appliances, house wiring and power lines. Usually there are two main types of "electrosmog":

Types of "electrosmog"

   Electric fields/rays
Electric fields are not very strong in most parts of a house. High electric-field areas are found near TVs, computer monitors (including laptop computers), fluorescent lights, light dimmer controls, and improperly grounded equipment. A safe distance from the field source is typically 1-2 meter. Electric fields are high near high-voltage power lines, but these fields rarely penetrate into the house. Electric fields are measured in (V/m). Also the frequency of the field (Hz) is important.

Magnetic fields/rays

   Magnetic fields are much more common in the home than are electric fields. They don't represent a shock hazard, but, like electric fields, they produce current in the body. Most of the recent health concerns have been about magnetic fields. Any wire that carries an AC electrical current produces magnetic fields. However, two wires are required to carry power to an appliance, and if the two wires are bundled parallel and very close together, the magnetic field from one will exactly cancel the field from the other. Thus, an extension cord rarely produces much magnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are measured in Tesla (nT) or Gauss (G). Also the frequency of the field (Hz) is important.

How can you avoid electrosmog ?

   EMF and Electrosmog-meter/detector
Electrosmog-meter (also known as Gauss meter, Tesla meter, emf-meter, ELF-meter, hf-meter/detector) are needed to detect electrosmog (electric and electromagnetic fields/rays).
Only with electrosmog-meters you can check outlets and electrical cords, especially in the bedroom. They determine the effectiveness of your electric shielding devices, and will assist greatly in positioning your furniture. Our motto: "If you don't check, how will you know?".
Our devices will help you detect irritating sources of electric and electromagnetic fields which may not otherwise be obvious