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What Can a Mind Machine do for You

Light and Sound Technology / Mind Machines

Mind power is energy; perhaps the most powerful form of energy known. It is the storehouse of all knowledge, all intelligence, all wisdom, and all power. It is subject to your will. It is at your command. It is your responsibility to direct the energy of brainpower into the best and most constructive and useful forms of activity on all levels of consciousness that you can conceive. As you do so, you prosper in all aspects of your existence.

The human mind is very powerful and when individuals can combine deep relaxation with visualization and belief in their success—anything is possible—healing, weight loss, body sculpturing, mental/emotional dysfunctions released, and so on.

"Great men/women are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force; that thoughts rule the world." Emerson.

Your thoughts govern the condition of your body, and your body responds to all of your thoughts. Your body is a combination of what you eat and what you think. Good health, happiness and youthfulness are its normal state. Abundant life and substance and energy are everywhere.

A light and sound instrument is a mind entrainment tool. The method by which this entrainment occurs is known as the Frequency Following Response (FFR). Through the use of audio (headphones) and visual (eye frames with LEDs) stimulation, listeners are gently guided into specific states of mind. Each audio beat and light pulse is a specific frequency. Our minds "think" in terms of frequency. Brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain, be it by hearing, touch, smell, vision and/or taste. These senses respond to activity from the environment and transmits that information to the brain via electrical signals. Hearing and vision are considered the favorable senses for affecting brainwaves safely. By presenting these beats and pulses to the brain, within a few minutes, the brain begins to mimic or follow the same frequencies as the stimuli (the beats and pulses). This process is referred to as entrainment. In essence, these instruments speak to the mind in it's own language - the language of frequency.

Taken from: Mind States An Introduction to Light & Sound by Michael Landgraf Page 7, Paragraph 1



The Guardian Unlimited -Why I Love Mind Machines

Light and sound technology is successful because the greatest needs of our brain are nutrition and light. Other stimulation such as sound is also necessary but is secondary. Daily amounts of light are mandatory for peak performance and rehabilitation.

Our lives consist of a constant struggle for balance between what is inside us and what is provided by the outside world. Light is in charge of the energy coming from the outside and our brains are in charge of the energies inside us. For this reason, the brain must rely on its ability to transform the sun's energy for survival use. When this source of energy is not available, a substitute must be found to allow for our brain to provide us with necessary energy. One such reliable substitute is light and sound technology.

The brain uses this substitute energy force to expand cognitive ability for learning, creativity, insight and redirection of psychological scripts. All rely on this source for energy. Most therapies operate on the premise that change requires learning. Since learning happens through relaxation and redirection, the brain becomes the primary player in any approach to change.

Because the brain is electric and operates by frequency, light and sound is a perfect modality. Light and sound technology operates on electric frequencies called Hz., better known as cycles per second. Through frequency, light and sound can provide a friendly, usable energy input for the brain. Communication between the two is provided as the lights send a coded message across all areas of the brain including the all-important visual cortex. Since brain cells are highly sensitive to light, they then act as light transducers and can translate the flickering light stimulus into the brain. The result being a response as the lights are seen by the retina through closed eye lids. The brain is required to function in differing brain waves depending on the task at hand. For instance, if creativity is the goal, it is a researched fact that the brain must activate certain levels of the Theta brain wave and couple them with amounts of Alpha brain wave, depending on what outcome is desired. If rehabilitation is an issue, the brain wave must be operating at a Delta level to allow secretion of the growth hormone for healing to take place.

Development of improved learning and coping skills are some of the more popular uses for light and sound therapy. Many people in the business world must rely on daily inputs of creative thought. This is not possible when stress and anxieties are the attitude for the day. The periodic use of an Alpha program increases productivity. The enhanced need for creative healing has given rise to a new market for therapeutic use of light and sound.

The field of hypnotherapy was one of the first to utilize light and sound for thought and behavioral change. The first light and sound machine was presented to the IMDHA at a conference eight years ago. Many therapists have been using it before, during, and after sessions to enhance their sessions, Light and sound system greatly enhance the actions
and mesages in tapes and CDs.

Outside magazine, April 2001 Page: 1 | 2 | 3

The EFECT OF the mind on physical activity is profound

What tapes or CDs work well with L/S?
You can use any audio material you wish, from relaxing music that you enjoy, to tapes you create with affirmations, to sophisticated combinations of binaural beats and hypnoperipheral messages.


How Mind Machines work

* Delta (0–4 Hz). You're basically unconscious—either sleeping or, God forbid, comatose.
* Theta (4–8 Hz). The semiconscious realm between sleeping and waking—you're dozing, but not fully asleep. During theta activity, you access stored images of peak performance (like dunking over your buddy during a pickup hoops game).

* Alpha (8–13 Hz). Your "idle" brain state. At the low end, you're daydreaming; at the high end, in a state of relaxed alertness. The optimum range for most conscious activity is between 8/9 Hz and 15/16Hz.

* Beta (13–21 Hz). Your state of greatest alertness. The lower end of the range corresponds to linear thinking and problem solving. At the high end of the range, however, you've really redlined your anxiety, and your body may tense up and become difficult to control.

Time to get to know the frequencies running through your brain
Getting a handle on all that electrical activity in your head isn't as mind-boggling as you might think. Psychologists reference four categories of brain waves, each defined by a different range of frequencies. Here's the breakdown, in hertz:


THE EFFECT OF the mind on physical activity is profound. When it comes to peak performance, sports psychologists are learning that during stressful activity or competition, many athletes tend to hyperfocus. "They think too much," says Vietta Wilson, a professor of kinesiology and health science at Toronto's York University who has studied the brain-wave patterns of Olympians and other athletes for more than 20 years. "The chemistry of exertion changes the speed of decision making. You start questioning and it takes you off target. Some people can come right back to what they are supposed to do. Other people start looking at consequences and tighten up in the muscles." The result: rushing and poor decisions.
The phrase "mind machines" covers a whole range of technologies that work directly or indirectly on your mind. In broad categories, this includes HemiSynch tapes, light and sound mind machines, TENS and CES electrical stimulation hardware, biocircuits, lucid dreaming machinery, consciousness alteration software, and of course the old classic sensory deprivation tanks.

Light and sound mind machines normaly consist of a pair of opaque goggles with built-in flashing lights, and normally a pair of headphones with synchronized beeping sounds. Studies have shown that if the flashing lights and beeping sounds start at something close to your current "dominant frequency" and then slowly change the "beat frequency," it "entrains" your brain to the desired frequency. So for example, if you entrain to alpha frequencies, you experience some of the same benefits as experienced meditators. And, of course, many of the same effects as hemisynch can be achieved by the sound synthesizers in a light and sound mind machine. Alternatively, most of the better light and sound mind machines include sound inputs so you can mix the headphone synthesizers with your choice of music, environmental, or HemiSynch-like tapes or compact disks.

Some of our customers have reported that light and sound machines have helped them with:
Reducing Stress
Exploring Altered States
Increasing Energy
Having Fun
Enhancing Creativity
Promoting Sleep or Deeper Sleep
Achieving Calm
Reaching Meditative States
Effecting Mood and Emotions
Sports Performance
To effect physical well-being
Exploring Altered States
Recognizing & Changing Habits



EEGs show that at any given time, your brain produces distinct waveforms in four frequency groupings, called beta waves (14 to 30 Hz, pronounced hertz, meaning cycles per second), alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz), theta waves (4 to 7 Hz), and delta waves (1 to 3 Hz). When we say that you are "in beta state" (which you normally are), what we're saying is that that's the dominant set of frequencies, the ones with the highest amplitudes. Beta is associated with alertness, with the highest frequencies in that range often described as "fight/flight" mode. Alpha frequencies have long been associated with meditation and relaxation. Theta waves are considered by some to be associated with a dreamy, creative states. Delta waves are generally strongest when you're asleep.


New users often try too hard to help the LS instead of surrendering to it. Many people fear letting go because their environment/culture has taught them that that is where madness, mischief, and sin lie. Some also fear freedom, but that's another topic.


Why do they work?

Perhaps better questions are: "Why do we enjoy music... why is a flickering flame hypnotic?" Light/sound systems are the technological synthesis of centuries of exploration and a few years of neurological experiments. They capture the essence of how we relax, enjoy a good song, or visualize the presence of a communal campfire. All without driving to the woods or hiring a band.

If you are searching for relaxation, for the elusive moments of calmness and clarity, for a quick break in a hectic life, these tools are a fresh approach that are working for a lot of people and most likely will work for you. Your mind and your body work better when calm, and not stressed, relaxation is good for you.

When you need to access different states of functioning, you can select a pre-set session that combines scientifically designed sequences of pulses light and sound frequencies. For instance, if you want to slow down and relax deeply or sleep, you would choose a program from the list provided with the L/S device, sit or lie back with the LED glasses and headphones on, and let the flickering lights and sounds capture your brainwaves and gently lead them into letting go.

If you felt fuzzy and unable to focus, you might choose an energizing program that uses faster, Beta frequencies that can sharpen your thinking and stimulate your energy.

How do you handle a situation when faced with adversity? Do you possess the mental clarity to look on the brighter side of any given event or situation? Do you have the focus to change a negative into a positive?



Most people need to learn to relax deeply and let go of the stresses and concerns of their life, even for a brief period like 15 - 30 minutes once or more per day for a while. Often sleep will not provide this kind of release and rest. Light/Sound devices can induce the Theta state in which the mind can shut down and allow the body to rest profoundly. A week or so of daily sessions can create some amazing differences in our ability to handle stress and respond in more creative, less reactive ways. When coupled with tapes/CDs that have properly scripted change messages, mind machine users have found that they think more clearly and positively, feel happier and calm, and have more energy and fewer health problems. You will start to have more times in which you perform optimally, like a well-conditioned athlete in the "zone."

Your brain uses the stimuli to create imagery in much the same way it uses your memory and psychological systems to create imagery during dreaming. You can now program your own sessions to get the type of stimuli you respond best to.


If you have test anxiety, try a deep relaxation session before the test and visualize a successful outcome as you start to relax.

Can I use it for learning?
L/S systems can accelerate learning in several ways: before studying, during, and after. Before studying, if you feel spacey and unable to concentrate, try an energizing, Beta session. During studying, try an alpha rhythm with just the headphones alone if you have to read. If you want to learn taped material, use a deep relaxation session and let the words sink in to your subconscious. When you study the written material later, you will find that you understand it at a deeper level and can recall it easily. After a study session, try a deep relaxation program and let yourself drift off. This has been found to "set" the material for better recall.

Try L/S when you want to enter into a creative state and come up with a new ideas or solution to a problem that has eluded you. It may come during the session or later as an AHA moment.

Become successful?

Studies have shown that when we can imagine ourselves taking steps to create a desired change and are able to see, hear and feel the result of those steps, then success is not only possible, but likely. Imagery differs from visualization in that it utilizes all of the senses; smell, sight, hearing, touch, taste. Those who believe they lack visual skills will find that imagery is more comprehensive and thus more effective in bringing about change. Imagery, used in conjunction with hypnosis, has been used to reduce pain, to supercharge a sluggish career, overcome the fear of flying, accelerate healing and much more.

Your subsconscious mind can do amazing things when you give it a chance. Here's how to do it: first, find those sessions and frequencies in your manual,which create a state of deep relaxation(Alpha-theta). Once you have spent some time in this state, you will have more energy and less demands on your body/mind. Next, when you start to get relaxed during a session, visualize yourself doing or having what you desire."The Secret" makes similar suggestions...Make this visualization as real as you can, full of colors, feelings, sounds, smells, etc. Then just let go and trust your subconscious mind to make it happen for you. You may be amazed to find that reality will become more and more like you pictured it with little effort on your part!


Sleep deprived? A delta session could be your answer. These are sessions in the 0.5-2 Hz frequency range.

What about my moods?
Light/sound technology can interrupt negative emotional response loops. Examples of such "loops" include moderate levels of anger, worry, sadness, irritability and depression. Let{s say that you{ve had a tough day at the office. On your way home a driver cuts sharply in front of you without signaling, nearly causing an accident. You arrive at home with a "short fuse", growling at your children or spouse. You realize that you are experiencing an undesirable mental state, but don't know quite how to change it. You will have the ability to reset your mood by choosing a L/S program to stabilize your emotions and move you to your desired state of mind.

Humanity has been aware of how outside stimulation can affect the mind long before recorded history. We can share that same awareness by sitting around a campfire. Watching the flickering flames creates a soothing, calming sensation within the mind. This same affect is also experienced with rhythmic drumbeats. The continuous, repetitive beats tend to have a calming affect, while faster repetitions create a more energetic sensation. Within the twentieth century, researchers have developed this awareness into highly beneficial instrumentation.

Enjoy your Journey