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"As long as there is breath in my body
I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth."

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Todays thought

The fact that we can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises." -- Dr. Leo Buscaglia

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All you ever wanted to know about Radionics
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CANCER is there a cure?

" As long as there is breath in my body
I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth."


Many illnesses can be caused or affected by stress: Ulcers, colitis, heart problems--even colds. It has been said that eight or nine out of every ten hospital beds are filled with people who have some kind of stress related problem. Even if you don't get sick from stress, it feels uncomfortable, decreases your energy, disturbs your sleep, increases irritability, and may cause problems at home, at work, and everywhere else (increasing the stress--a vicious cycle).
* Seventy to eighty percent of all visits to the doctor are for
stress-related and stress-induced illnesses.

* People who live in a high state of anxiety are 4.5 times
more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke.

* Stress contributes to fifty percent of all illnesses in the
United States.

* Stress-related injuries on the job climbed from five
percent of all occupational disease claims in 1980 to more
than fifteen percent in 1990.

* The cost of job stress in the United States is estimated at
$200 billion annually, including costs of absenteeism, lost
productivity and insurance claims.

* Seven of ten respondents to a national poll in 1995 said
they felt stress in a typical workday, while forty-three
percent of those interviewed said they suffer noticeable
physical and emotional symptoms of burnout.

* According to a Johns Hopkins University study of 12,000
workers, the highest stress job categories include: lawyers,
secretaries, data entry and computer operators, special
education teachers and school counselors, typists, health
aides, waiters and waitresses, food preparation workers
and sales personnel. All do demanding work for which
others set the rules.


The following questionnaire may assist you to identify symptoms that could be stress-related in five areas of human Experience: from frequent physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.
Mark the items that you experience REGULARLY.
If you are surprised by the number of symptoms you identify, then take immediate action to improve your stress toughness

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--Alternative Health
--Altered States
--Colloidal Silver
--Enhanced Creativity
--Enhanced Learning
--Health and Fitness
--Immune system
--Light and Sound
--Lucid Dreaming
--Out of Body
--Pain Relief
--Postve/negative ions
--Remote Viewing
--Stress Reduction
--Weight Loss


Suffer headaches or migraines :
Experience digestive upsets:

Recurrent and persistent stomach ulcers:
Increased consumption of alcohol and tobacco:
Occasionally suffer from pounding heart:
Drink more than 4 cups of tea or coffee:
Smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day
Regularly experience tension in back of neck or head:
Often take sleeping pills or tranquilizers:

Often feel fatigued or worn out:
Unexplained rashes or itches of the skin
Exercise infrequently

You are overweight

Suffer from chest pains

High Blood Pressure

Often aware of body tension

Frequently catch colds or flu

Physical or external stress, stress which affects the body, is the most straightforward and easy to identify. When people work too hard, stay up too late, or eat and drink too much, they feel the direct physical results of these actions. They are more likely to sleep poorly and feel tired and ill. Some external stresses seem beyond one's control. The stress of a job that is boring, unrewarding or excessively demanding can make one miserable and more prone to illness. However, it is more difficult to correct this kind of problem than it is to eat a healthy diet or get more sleep. When one has a medical illness, even if it is relatively
minor such as a cold or the flu, it becomes increasingly obvious how this physical stress affects his or her sense of well-being and quality of life. Clearly, a major or life-threatening illness creates stress in many different dimensions of one's life. Some physicians think that the stress that accompanies sickness is one of the major obstacles to becoming well.


Mental attitudes are generally negative:
Suffer from mental lethargy:
Make negative statements about yourself:
Mind is often in a whirl:

You easily get confused

Find it difficult to concentrate
Worry over exams

Frequently suffer from forgetfulness

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Often feel anxious
Worry a lot
Suffer from nightmares
Seldom pass compliments
Have a nervous laugh
You often find fault with yourself
Feel "no one cares
I give and receive affection regularly, almost always
often ,
some times,

Suffer from the "blues"
Become easily discouraged
Easily Become irritsted
Lack a sense of humour
Exhibit bad temper
Feel frustrated

Stress and Distortions in Thinking
Stress also affects what people think. When individuals are very stressed, particularly if they become anxious or depressed, their ability to think clearly and objectively may be affected. People can easily feel less capable or weaker than they truly are, and think that their situation is much worse than it really is. These kinds of subtle distortions in thinking can be difficult to identify. When one has a thought such as "I just cannot do anything right" or "this is hopeless," he or she may take it for granted that the thought is true. This is not necessarily so because people's thoughts can be completely untrue. An exaggerated inaccurate thought such as "I'm totally worthless," may be believed because the feeling behind it is true; it reflects a true feeling of despair or hopelessness. It is too easy to accept distorted thinking that goes along with an emotion and act as if it is true. People sometimes deny that their thinking is affected by their feelings. Believing distorted or negative thoughts makes it more difficult to work effectively to address one's problems. If individuals really believe that everything is hopeless and that they will never do anything right, they are less capable of critically assessing their situation in order to improve it. If one is depressed and feels hopeless enough, sometimes it seems easier to throw up his/her hands in despair than to deal with the real problems. The only way to know if a thought is accurate is to look directly at the thought as it occurs and examine it.



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Share Your
problems and ask questions from others


Experience a sense of isolation:
Suffer from loneliness:
Experience lowered sex drive
Reduced contact with friends Lack of intimacy
Frequently nag others:
Feel uncomfortable in interactions with others
Tend to use people for personal gain
Clam up in group discussion
Think drinking and driving is acceptable
Harbour resentments;
Lash out at others
Your family relationships are less than satisfactory:
Have poor relations with work associates:
Often distrusting:

Don't know, or care, about your neighbours:
Seldom take your family out:



Experience a sense of inner emptiness:
The future looks bleak :
See very few positive things in life:
Have self-doubts about your work:
Constantly need to prove yourself :
Look for "magic" solutions to problems
Doubt your ability to succeed:

Life has no meaning

Feel your life has been wasted
Often a martyr
Frequently cynical
Feel apathetic

You are unforgiving

Have a morbid fear of death

Just slow down


Lewis Carroll put the feeling of spinning chaos that comes from go-go-going too fast in a nutshell when he wrote of "life becoming a spasm and history a whiz". Sometimes you spend days just rushing from one meeting or task to the next, but no matter how hard you push yourself, you still end up feeling as if you haven't accomplished anything. As an experiment, see if you can make a conscious effort to slow down - both your thinking and your actions. If you do this, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that, despite your slower speed, you will become far more effective, as well as more relaxed.



Learning to successfully manage stress begins with our willingness to take an honest look at ourselves. Although people and situations do contribute to stress, the events that affect people from the outside are beyond their control. It is too easy to blame stress on other people or situations that the individuals
cannot control. It is more productive to take personal responsibility for the stress that an individual experiences and to look for things that he or she can change. One can reduce stress, briefly, by taking a vacation or just by pulling the covers back over his or her head in the morning. However, the vacation will not last forever, and eventually one will need to return to face all of the things that he or she wanted to escape. Instead of hoping that the stress will disappear, one can remember that stress will always be a part of life. Success and happiness will depend on how well one can cope with, or manage, the stress.
Commitment to Change Once people have identified the stress in their lives, they need to commit themselves to creating change. It takes time and energy to make change happen. For many people, the most difficult part of learning to manage stress is finding the time. It may seem that time-pressure is one of the main causes of stress; there is just not enough time to accomplish what life demands. When people feel overwhelmed, it is difficult to begin. How can they find the additional time necessary to learn to manage stress?

This attitude misses the point. Many people spend more time, energy and money on their cars than they do on themselves. They are more likely to take the time to change the oil in the car than to take a few minutes to stop and give themselves a break. But just like a car, if people do not take care of themselves, they will not function as well and will eventually breakdown. Taking the time to manage stress is good preventative maintenance for life. The time that it takes is more than repaid in increased efficiency and happiness.

A very powerfull Stress Buster

-Borderland Sciences ...videos





"Laughter is free, legal, has no calories, no cholesterol, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and is absolutely safe."

Conversations often begin with "Put the gun down, and then we can talk"“

" Family meetings" are often mediated by law enforcement officials.

A very powerfull Stress Buster



Meditation is a very effective stress management technique. Meditation sounds exotic, but it is really just a way to learn to relax and settle the mind. A relaxed, settled mind is less anxious and copes better with stress. One type of widely-used meditation is called "mindfulness meditation." It teaches the meditator to rest his or her mind steadily in the present moment even during stressful experiences. This creates a deep sense of relaxation and mental clarity. Anxious fears about the past or the future become less troubling.
A recent report to the National Institute of Health concluded that, "More than 30 years of research, as well as the experiences of a large and growing number of individuals and healthcare providers, suggest that meditation and similar forms of relaxation can lead to better health, higher quality of life and lowered healthcare costs." The report went on to say, "Most important, meditation techniques offer the potential of learning how to live in an increasingly complex and stressful society while helping to preserve health in the process."

The Ultimate Meditation tool



The feelings are normal bodily reactions - exaggerated.
They are not harmful - just unpleasant.
Do not add frightening thoughts - negative, unpleasant consequences
Describe what is happening - notice what IS not what you fear MIGHT.
Wait for fear to pass - Do not fight or run away - accept it.
Notice when it fades - when you stop adding frightening thoughts, it fades by itself.
It is an opportunity for progress - use it to learn coping - learn to grow!
Think about progress to date despite the difficulties - think how pleased you'll be when you succeed this time.
When you begin to feel better, look around you, and start to plan what to do next.
When you are ready to go on, start off in an easy, relaxed way. There is no need for effort or hurry
Use your alpha-theta stim in relax mode...



Using mind Technology for relaxation, stress reduction and boosting immune function
Among the ways mind technology can be effective in boosting immune function is by: (1) producing deep and lasting relaxation to reduce stress and the damaging effects it can have on the body and immune system, and permit the body's homeostatic, self-regulating powers to maintain the immune system at optimal strength; (2) altering brain body chemistry to produce optimal levels of the various components of the immune system and to produce feelings of well-being and to increase self-confidence; and (3) helping change stressful or immune impairing behavior patterns and attitudes through eliminating negative scripts and atitudes and using positive suggestions, visualizations, and rescripting, during deeply relaxed or trancelike states. What follows are some suggestions for ways you can use mind tools for these purposes.
Some brain tools can be extremely helpful when used during a medical treatment session - for enhancing guided imagery; producing states of heightened receptivity to healing suggestions and affirmation; opening up the unconscious to permit the emergence of beliefs, traumas, or attitudes that may be harming your health or immune function. Hundreds of medical professionals and therapists around the world are using mind tools as an integral part of their treatment of various types of illness or immune dysfunction.

Michael Dullnig, M.D., of Sacramento, California, for example, has used various dual-induction and binaural-beat audio tapes in conjunction with his counseling of HIV-positive patients. In a 1990 study he noted that all patients in the study showed improvement in psych9ological target symptoms, and some showed significant increases in T4 cell counts, important components of the immune system. William Harris, M.D., director of the Penwell Foundation, an organization for the investigation, research, and application of different modalities for the treatment of those with AIDS/HIV, has used light/sound (LS) devices with HIV-positive patients and found them extremely effective. He speculates that the devices may boost immune function by producing states of deep relaxation, by enhancing the patients' receptivity to suggestions for healing, by improving their ability to visualize and the clarity of their visualizations. Says Harris, "I think that this type of machine may actually be stimulating…. The body to produce its own chemical substances," and that these natural substances may enhance immune function and healing


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These Mind tools should be effective for people to use in conjunction with treatment, for people who feel that they are not as healthy as they would like to be, and for those who feel healthy enough but would like to protect themselves from the possibly damaging effects of stress and environmental toxins and attain a state of peak or optimal health and well-being.
Relax, Review, Release, Rescript
The human body has an inherent "wisdom" or tendency to move toward balance, equilibrium, and stability. The optimal state, in which all parts and systems are functioning and interacting properly, is called homeostasis. Evidence suggests that our bodies homeostatic or self healing mechanisms work most effectively when we are relaxed. Stress disrupts homeostasis.


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Today's thought

Do not assume that she who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. Her life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, she would never have been able to find these words.
-- Rainer Maria Rilke

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