Beyond virtual reality, the light-sound matrix stimulates your mind and opens your learning centers. Like magic it pours in new information, skills, mental programming, and lanches your imagination on fantastic journeys.
Boost Your Mental Powers, Program Your Mind for Success & Launch Virtual Reality- Like Fantasies.
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Photosonix Nova Pro 100
The D.A.V.I.D Paradise Machines

Absolutely mind blowing! I popped a French Learning CD into the Learning Machine. Immediately I was sucked into a deep, dream-like trance. Weird colors and patterns were created on the insides of my closed eyelids. While in this super relaxed but hyper-aware state, the special Learning CD began unfolding its magic programming.

Accelerated Language Learning Series The Photographic Mind Brain Superchargers

A Vacation in 22 Minutes
It was as if a movie were playing inside my head. I could see myself in France having lunch at the Eiffel Tower. The music, the sounds, even the fragrance of summer in Paris. A beautiful woman spoke to me. "Bonjour, mon ami," she said. In an almost unconscious way I began following the dialogue. The mental imagery was so intense I not only understood what was going on, it was like I was there.

Learning at Light Speed
The Learning Machine is more than virtual reality and more than just a cool way to relax after a hard day at work. According to one college professor, "It may be the most powerful learning tool since the invention of the book."

Here's why. When you do a Learning Machine session your mind is cut off from outside distractions. Your attention becomes focused inward as the powerful sensory stimulation ( lightsound matrix) bombards your imagination. Ideas and mental images float in and out of your consciousness. It feels like the best dream you've ever had. Then while in this highly euphoric mental space, the Learning CD opens your learning centers to peak receptivity and pours in new knowledge and skills. It's the ultimate mind trip. But it's not just for fun.

Let's say you want to learn a foreign language, improve your reading and comprehension, or increase your math skills. Or just give your kids a powerful edge in school, learning many times faster than their peers. It's simple. You select a specially programmed Learning CD in the area you want to study. Plug it into any ordinary CD player. Then attach your Learning Machine digital headset into the head-phone jack. Push play and a few moments later your mind is launched into a pre-programmed learning session. In a fun, almost effortless way, the Learning CD unfolds its program and literally forces you to learn. It's the most amazing thing you've ever experienced.

Speak French, Spanish, German & Italian
Learning foreign languages, or anything for that matter, at rocket speed can be very empowering. And I'm going to include a ton of valuable Learning CD software with your Learning Machine so you can get immediate results from this new technology.

Super Motivation Library
Let's say you want to transform a loser mind-set into a winning one. Or you'd like to quit smoking or lose weight. Pop in an InnerMind Programming Disc. The sensory stimulation matrix opens a window into your unconscious mind. Then by infusing your "inner mind" with positive programming, you can rescript negative, self-defeating attitudes.

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