"Maybe the power lines made her jumpy"

Extended Sensitivity Trifield Meter

For 50/60 HZ sine waves, the magnetic field settings on the knob (0-3 and O-100 are correct as shown; however, sensitivity at low frequencies has been enhanced. Sensitivity at s Hz is 1/3 the sensitivity at 50/60 HZ. (The regular TriField meter is approximately l/loo as sensitive at s HZ compared to 6 Hz). This allows the meter to detect slow-moving static magnetic field sources. For 50/60 HZ sine waves on the electric field setting, this meter is lOOx as sensitive as the regular TriField meter. The range is therefore 0-1 KV/meter or 1-1000 volts/meter if you are reading power lines (50/60 Hz). Multiply the reading on the top scale by 10 to get volts/meter. For example, a mid-scale reading when the knob is set at "ELECTRIC", would mean 80 volts/meter. This is sufficient sensitivity to detect slow-moving static charges.