Memory Improvement with the Memory Optimizer

We began searching for a memory expert because of the overwhelming demand from our customers, who wanted something different from the typical, complicated memory programs.

Are you like any of these people?

Memory Optimizer

The big question: Why does your memory fail you?

Memory Optimizer    

         Even the super smart claim a lousy memory!

         How about you? Have you ever blamed your memory? Ever curse it?

         That’s about to end. We have captured new brain research showing how easily you can improve your memory. It is yours with the Memory Optimizer.

WARNING: The Memory Optimizer is not solely based on memorization using "associations" or "pegs" like most courses. While they can work they are often tedious. Memory Optimizer is different. You need far more than memorization. You need to use your memory more effectively.

You need to...

    Remember to do something

    Send a birthday card; feed the dog; change the oil in the car. Personally, I have never forgotten to feed the dog, but I have fed Josie twice because I did not remember whether I fed her the first time! (But, no more!)

    Remember something from the past

    What a customer said two years ago; the age of your washing machine so you can decide whether to fix or replace it; what your financial advisor said about investing.

    Remember facts

    Dates, telephone numbers, PIN numbers, foreign expressions, and those awful Internet passwords.

    Remember sequences

    Lists, instructions, speeches, jokes, sheet music, directions…

    Remember names, faces, and other personal information

    Birthdays, anniversaries, immunizations, past gifts, personal preferences, names of spouses…


    School concepts, computer sequences, work facts and figures, travel information, languages, and those endless projects around the house.

    So, take a few minutes to tour the Memory Optimizer.

When you understand how your memory works, and when you use simple brain-friendly techniques, you can vastly improve your memory to the point you will never doubt your memory again. Never. Ever.


Improve Your Memory with a unique, new approach

Memory Optimizer    

using "The Birkenbihl Method"

and "Paraliminal Learning"

Dear Friend,

         Boy was I skeptical when I heard about this. But when I tried it, I saw an immediate, undeniable improvement in my memory.

         For years Paul Scheele and I searched exhaustively to find a memory expert who could help people radically improve their memory in the shortest time with the least effort. We were NOT looking for someone who could teach parlor tricks such as memorizing lists of hundreds of unrelated facts or memorizing cards in a deck or memorizing every name in the phone book.

         Our customers want PRACTICAL help to aid their memory, day in and day out.

* Students can more easily do their school work for better test results with less effort.

* Executives can juggle multitudes of facts.

* Investors can recite P/E Ratios, stock histories, and other pertinent data on hundreds of companies.

* Musicians can play without sheet music.

* Gardeners remember which plant varieties bloom in which month.

* Teachers quickly recall names of their students and know their preferred learning styles.

* Sales professionals retain details about their competition.

* Weekend home improvement warriors remember how to use equipment.

* Mothers remember to bake cookies for Tuesday's class.

* Shoppers remember what food is already on hand.

* Politicians deliver speeches without notes.

* Combat aging

         Then we found Vera F. Birkenbihl in Germany, a fearless memory and learning expert who has taught over 300,000 students. On top of that, her best-selling books have sold over 2,000,000 copies! Unlike her peers who go on teaching the same old program for decades, Mrs. Birkenbihl constantly keeps abreast of the latest brain research, which means her memory approach is different from any other.

         Use her new Memory Optimizer and you will see a significant improvement in your memory. You will absolutely benefit whether your needs are professional, academic, scientific, or personal. Guaranteed or your money back.

Functional • Useful • Realistic

Use Mrs. Birkenbihl's course, and you will find yourself remembering:

• Names and faces
• Facts, figures, and telephone numbers
• Everyday items such as where you put the car keys, to-do lists, and instructions
• Text or scripture
• Jokes and stories
• Vocabulary
• Speeches, lectures, and presentations
• Events from your past

         You will not necessarily memorize the information. Instead you will be using your brain in a way that makes it easier to remember. Plus, you will significantly reduce the chance of drawing a blank at a meeting or in front of your boss–you will be able to perform under stress!

Use your 11-mile Memory Web

         Imagine a colossal Memory Web that holds every piece of information and every memory from your life. It is 11 miles across and very intricate.

         Imagine looking at your Memory Web with a flashlight. Whatever you can see in the light's beam is what you can know at any given time. But, the light beam is only 15 inches. That is, you can only see 15 inches of information from a web that is 11 miles across.

         You simply cannot see everything on your 11-mile web with your 15-inch light beam. Unless you find a Memory Thread on the web that goes directly to what you want to remember. Tug on that thread and you automatically transport to that area of the Memory Web where what you need to remember exists. It is like a "super highway" thread, or a "worm hole" if you are into science fiction.

         Memory Optimizer helps you develop more of these super threads to make remembering easier. Plus, it helps you magnetize your light beam so that your light beam automatically seeks out the threads you need.

         When you understand this model of memory by listening to the tapes of the course and when you use the techniques Mrs. Birkenbihl teaches, your memory will improve dramatically and automatically.

         But be clear: you will never remember everything. No one can.

         Nor do we promise a photographic memory.

         But from this day forward you will remember more and more, even as you age. Absolutely.

How to remember New Information

         When you know a lot about a subject, your Memory Web is rich and thick with many related Memory Threads. It is fairly easy to remember something about that subject, because you can easily find a Memory Thread to take you right to the information. Similarly, it is a snap to learn and remember new information, because your brain automatically has access to an abundant supply of Memory Threads to connect with the new information. (Hang on–this stuff really works!)

         Conversely, your Memory Web for an unfamiliar subject is thin. You have few Memory Threads, which makes it challenging to remember anything in that subject. And, when learning new information, your brain will not have many Memory Threads to connect to the new information, which makes future recall difficult. Until now...

         Thanks to Mrs. Birkenbihl's thirty plus years of training people to use their Memory Web, you will be able to create temporary or auxiliary Memory Threads that make new information more easily remembered. As you use the new information, the temporary Memory Threads become permanent and your memory fantastic.

Remember more using the Memory Pyramid

         The Memory Optimizer also gives you the Memory Pyramid:

         Imagine every thing that happens in your life collects as Gold Dust beneath a massive pyramid. Most of this insignificant information is lost forever. But, for reasons you will learn in the course, some gold dust bonds with other gold dust and turns into Gold Nuggets. These gold nuggets push their way into the lower level of the Memory Pyramid and become things that can be remembered. Gold nuggets that push their way to the walls of the Memory Pyramid are remembered at will.

         And, that’s what we all want, and what Mrs. Birkenbihl delivers in Memory Optimizer. To remember more at will!

         Back to the pyramid: When gold nuggets combine with other gold nuggets they form Gold Bars that make up the bulk of the pyramid. Moments of your life that end up here become part of your General Memory, which helps you operate powerfully in the world. But, it also has challenging aspects. For example...

         You have handled your car keys so many times that your brain has created a general memory of where you put your keys. As a result, each incident stays buried under the pyramid, unless you do something specific. If you do what Mrs. Birkenbihl suggests, you will know exactly the whereabouts of your keys. Nearly all of the time.

         Here’s what happened for me: every morning when I park my car at the office, I shut the driver’s door, open the back passenger’s door, take out my brief case, click the clicker to lock the door, and walk to the office. Inevitably, half way to the office building, I turn to re-click the clicker, because I do not remember whether I had locked the door—until I learned a technique from Mrs. Birkenbihl.

         Immediately and automatically I began to remember that I had clicked the clicker. As a matter of fact, in the first six months I could not remember only two or three times. That was two or three out of ninety times! In the past, I usually forgot every day. Now I seldom forget.

         Since then not once have I wondered whether I unplugged the iron, turned off the stove, or shut the garage door. With certainty, and with very few exceptions, I remember many things that generally ended represented by general memory and buried lost under the pyramid.

         Be clear. I practiced absolutely nothing. There was no work at all on my part other than doing one tiny thing that Mrs. Birkenbihl suggested. I did it once for my car’s clicker and everything else fell into place. The change was automatic.

         Once you hear Mrs. Birkenbihl’s advice, I am sure you, too, will notice your memory automatically and instantly improve.

         She skillfully uses whole mind and accelerated learning techniques that automatically work for your benefit. Her unique style has become known as The Birkenbihl Method. The typical memory program is filled with exercise after exercise–not this one! Your memory will improve by simply listening to the sessions. And, when you do the select exercises she recommends, you will realize even greater results.

         One final comment about the Memory Pyramid: As you age, certain gold nuggets as well as gold bars of general memory rise to the top of the pyramid. Here resides your wisdom. These memories allow for great thinking, insightful reasoning, and opportunities for breakthroughs to benefit yourself, family, friends, and even the world.

         Follow the Memory Optimizer and more nuggets will rise to the top! If you want to make a mark in this world, if you want more success, then do this course now. It is much more than just memory.

The Anchorman List builds your ability to memorize

         Mrs. Birkenbihl will have you memorize one list of 26 items. She calls it the Anchorman List. One whole tape is devoted to helping you memorize this list on the spot. As a result, much of what you might need to memorize in the future becomes instantly easier to memorize. Examples include speeches, names, and lessons, things to do...

         For the Anchorman List you will use some of the association techniques that have been used for memory over thousands of years, with a Birkenbihl twist. You see, she has combined the classic with the latest brain research to make the process easier.

         I think you will be surprised at how useful you will find the Anchorman List. I know Paul and I were. Plus, it is a real confidence booster.

Memory gets worse with age, but when you use the Memory Optimizer you might not notice the decrease

         Here’s why:

         When you use these special techniques to improve your memory, you build more and more connections in your memory web. As a result, memory loss is easier to deal with. Those who have built a strong and intricate memory web might not even notice a decrease in memory whether caused from aging or brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.

         You may have heard about the on-going, now-famous study of nuns here in Minnesota—they were featured in a May 2001 issue of Time magazine, among other publications. Researchers discovered a direct connection between a person’s ability to write complex sentences and the likelihood of contracting Alzheimer’s.

         Physical brain destruction from Alzheimer’s does not always lead to mental deterioration and memory loss. Extra reserves of mental capacity, scientists believe, keep some people functioning at high levels despite the loss of brain cells. In other words, they can afford to lose brain cells.

         Nuns who wrote complex sentences had more brain cells and were less likely to suffer the ravages of Alzheimer’s.

         For you, when you do the exercises and follow the tricks in the Memory Optimizer you will automatically create more brain cells and more connections, which will make you less susceptible to any possible destruction from Alzheimer’s.

         It is like mental hygiene, a mental toothbrush, that will benefit you long into the future. Mrs. Birkenbihl suggests that revisiting the course annually will not only strengthen your immediate memory, but will stave off future problems and deterioration.

         I’ve seen people suffer from Alzheimer’s, and no way do I want that for myself.

Three one-of-a-kind advantages of the Memory Optimizer

    1) Whole mind learning makes it easier for you to reap the benefits of optimizing your memory today.Vera F. Birkenbihl and Paul R. Scheele did a magnificent job!

    2) 57 tricks help build your ability to use your memory with ease and efficiency.

    3) Anti-aging and anti-Alzheimer's strategies help improve your memory today and prepare you for a razor-sharp future.


         If you want to excel in your profession, you need a penetrating memory that will serve your needs. Memory means money, plain and simple. But this course will help build your success in any area–professional, personal, and academic.


She says, "After 30 years of teaching this material, I know it will help anyone who takes the time to learn it."

         I’ve always had pretty good memory for work at Learning Strategies Corporation, but at the same time I’ve wasted countless minutes, if not hours, simply looking for my keys, sunglasses, and what have you. But no more. Absentmindness is a thing of the past. I used to say, "I have so much to remember that I can’t remember everything I should." Mrs. Birkenbihl rattled my cage when she told me that the more I have to remember, the easier it is to remember. By George, she is right. My thinking has completely changed. You’ll prove her right, too, when you get her Memory Optimizer.

BONUS #1: Memory Optimizer Paraliminal Tape Memory Optimizer Paraliminal Tape

         If everything I've talked about so far is not enough, Paul Scheele created a brand new Paraliminal Tape to help you integrate the teachings of the Memory Optimizer Personal Learning Course.

         You will hear voices dance in your head speaking to different parts of your brain as you thoroughly relax into an experience to build an everlasting, always performing memory. This new Paraliminal Tape complements the Memory Supercharger Paraliminal Tape, which you can rotate along with the Memory Optimizer.

         Paul labored months with Vera to make sure he fully understood every aspect of her work so he could help guide the deep resources of your mind to take full advantage of what she offers.

BONUS #2: Strategies for improved PhotoReading Activation

         If you are a PhotoReader, you will love this:

         As Paul explored The Birkenbihl Method fireworks shot off in his head. He immediately saw how some of the techniques can greatly aid a PhotoReader wanting to master activation.

         While PhotoReading can teach you to use your whole mind to read with greater speed, comprehension, and enjoyment, the Memory Optimizer can help make the information more useful quicker.

         Paul wrote a special report that is bound into the appendix of the course manual at no additional charge. PhotoReaders will immediately see how these new strategies will help. These strategies are not available anywhere else; they are not even in the Third Edition of the PhotoReading book.

BONUS #3: "Classical Harmonies" compact disk

Relax with theClassics

         Paul and I have always loved the Relax with the Classics music. When we learned that their "Classical Harmonies" program was originally sequenced to aid learning and memory, we bought five cases. As a special bonus, when you purchase today you will receive a 63-minute compact disc of uplifting and inspiring music.

         Based on compelling research demonstrating that Mozart’s music increases intelligence, this recording has been specially designed to relax the body while increasing brain alertness. We think you will enjoy this music whether you play it as you would any music CD or whether you play it while studying or training.

Here's what you receive

Memory Optimizer

         Your course comes with ten audio tapes. You’ll begin with Paul Scheele and drop in on a conversation between Vera F. Birkenbihl and her student, Mike. There are no formal lessons—just the entertaining, somewhat unusual, conversation. All the techniques are woven into this fascinating, fast moving exchange that, remarkably, makes everything easier to learn.

         One tape will help you learn the Anchorman List, which we talked about before, and you will hear a conversation between Paul and Vera discussing common problems and solutions relating to memory.

         The 72-page course manual provides a timeless resource that you can use again and again. Mrs. Birkenbihl crams in more memory tricks and insights that are not found on the audio sessions.


         Try the course today–it is different and good, and it delivers results. You owe it to yourself–remember, the content of your Memory Web grows every single day. Don't get tangled in it. Listen to the tapes, do the exercises, follow the tricks, use Paul’s Memory Optimizer Paraliminal Tape, and read the comprehensive course manual. If you do not find your memory improving right away.

         And, when you keep it, you will be in for a greater treat: your memory will improve continuously well beyond 30-days for how course. That’s the nature of memory. And as you periodically revisit the course you will keep your memory sharp and functioning at peak efficiency as you move on in life.

  For Your Personal Best,

  Pete Bissonette

         P.S. – Why let your memory fail you when it can support your hopes and dreams. If you want to improve your memory—for whatever reason—order the new.

Memory Optimizer
Memory Optimizer: A fun, bold approach to vastly improve your memory

         Brain-friendly techniques, tricks, and guidance make this a practical and effective course. Whether your needs are personal, professional, academic, technical, or anti-aging, use this personal learning course to optimize your memory long into your future.

Memory Optimizer includes ten audio tapes, a 72-page course manual, Memory Optimizer Paraliminal session, and a special CD of classical music.

When you order "Tapes and CDs," you will receive the course on both audio tapes and compact discs.

Contents of the Memory Optimizer course

Part One: How to become a Magician of Memory
The Nature of Memory
Three Types of Memory
Memory and Old Age
Memory Review

Part Two: Tricks for a Better Memory
Memory for Names
A Game to Help Remember People’s Names
An Experiment on Names & Memory Threads
Learning Tricks
Training and Know-How
Your Autobiographical Life

Part Three: Bonus Tricks
Manage your inner & outer world while studying
How to counteract the I-Must-Not-Forget-This Syndrome
Analograffiti: Thinking Differently
Dealing with Anger
Re-Construct the future or remember that rat

Appendix: Valuable Ideas
How to remember things that seem unimportant
Why reading might be bad for you, and how NOT to watch TV
How to Conquer Stress
How PhotoReading can help improve your memory for everything you read
How the Birkenbihl Approach to memory optimization can enhance your PhotoReading activation
Creating powerful auxiliary threads and a look into traditional memory training
Anchorman List: Remembering a speech or list of anything
Application to memorizing a math or chemistry formula
The Anchorman List
Inner Archives List
Improve your spelling
Brain-stimulating hobbies may protect against Alzheimer’s