Ultra-Meditation From Zygon

A Trip Around the World and to the Center of the Cosmos-All Inside Your Brain
Try these tapes and find out what's behind the claims. Yes, these are the famous "28 minutes to Zen meditation" tapes you've heard about. While we can't guarantee they'll make an instant Buddhist monk out of you, they're likely to make you relaxed and open enough that you won't care. The folks at Zygon are a genuine paradox. To say their ads are strong is to put it weakly, but regardless of the hype, their well- funded lab produces some wonderful tapes! There's nothing quite like them on the market-they're sophisticated, excellently produced and recorded, and they consistently draw listeners into a gentle and genuine feeling of euphoria! People feel good after using their Ultra-Meditation tapes, and that's the best test we know.

Stage One: The Foundation

Ultra Meditation I and 11 (Alpha Theta and Theta Delta)
You hear the transcendental sounds of Tibetan bells, chimes, monks OM-ing, and an stream with subsonic brain entrainment tones, attuned to deeper meditative states. Zygon recommends listening to the first tape for two weeks before using Ultra Meditation II to go deeper. We have found these tapes to be extremely pleasurable to listen .to. In fact, Ultra Meditation I is among our all time favorites.

Stage Two: The Advanced Tapes & CDs

Ultra Meditation 111: The Delta Tape
You hear a soft, many-layered soundtrack interweaving a great number of mysterious sounds. Recommended only for those who have used the first two Zygon tapes

Ultra Meditation IV: Cetacean Mind Link
Listen to the songs of whales and dolphins in a 3-D underwater sound environment while your mind becomes attuned to the earth's pulse. Link your consciousness to the playful brainy mammals under the waves. Perhaps a wild-sounding idea, definitely a mind-opening experience.

Ultra Meditation V: Beyond & Back- The Near Death Experience
This tape guides you through a "near-death" simulation, then brings you back to earth feeling more recharged and enlivened. Six distinct stages: (1) Opening; (2) Confusion; (3) Life Review; (4) The Ascent; (5) The Other Side; and (6) The Return. A super-empowering experience.

"As I plugged [an Ultra-Meditation tape] into my Walkman, I kept thinking, 'it's just a cassette tape. ' Then I puf on my headphones, flipped the switch, and whoosh . . . I was transported into another time and place. My body became extremely relaxed My arms and legs felt numb. I started having long conversations with a voice inside my head, experiencing vivid memories and a flood of creative ideas. It seemed as if my mind and body were in two separate places. Words can hardly describe the experience but it was like taking a two-week vacation in 28 minutes. " -Dane Spotts

Stage Three: Global Journeys (Available on Cassette only)

Ultra-Meditation Vl: Zen Healing Chants
Based on ancient healing chants performed by Tibetan Buddhist monks, this tape is designed to invoke the divine forces of the inner spirit world, and to take you to a universe of peace and serenity

Ultra-Meditation Vll: Transcendental States
Based on songs of transcendence sung by an Amazon Shaman deep in the heart of a tropical rain forest. This sound scape is designed to take you beyond the boundaries of human experience.

Ultra-Meditation Vlll: Voodoo Rhythms
A unique arrangement of sensuous mating rhythms and chants designed to evoke a passionate trance-like state of consciousness. Some of the sounds woven into this program are authentic voodoo rituals, recorded in a remote corner of the world, where public performance is forbidden even today.

Ultra Meditation IX: Mayan Sun Ritual
Based on ceremonies practiced by Mayan civilizations a thousand yea: ago to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The Mayans believed the sun was the source of great power. Only a select elite were allowed to participate in these sacred rituals designed to produce higher consciousness and eternal life.

Ultra Meditation X: Indonesian Karma
In the Indonesian island of Bali, ritual music is used to invoke the help of spirits who hold keys to the unfoldment of human wisdom. - Based on those sounds, this tape helps you to enact an inner ritual of awakening.

Ultra Meditation Xl: Eskimo Spirits
Based on an authentic recording of an ancient Inuit Eskimo ceremony designed to tap into a spirit world called the Land Beyond, this tape takes you to a sacred universe filled with benevolent spirits who possess the power to grant eternal life.