Listed below are tape/CD titles recommended for different applications. Some titles will appear in more than one list because Hemi-Sync's extraordinary versatility gives certain titles more than one application. We encourage you to be creative.
Allergies Changing Behavior Patterns
Circulation (addictive behavior/anxiety/depression)
De-Tox: Body
Lungs: Repair & Maintenance Deep 10 Relaxation
Restorative Sleep De-Hab
Eat/No Eat
Anger Eight-Great
Attention Energy Walk
De-Hab Let-Go
Guide to Serenity Mobius West
Let-Go Morning Exercise
Relax Off-Loading
Opening the Heart
Attention Deficit Disorder Relax
  (Hyperactivity) Resonant Tuning
*Baroque Garden Speak Up
*Concentration Surf
*Einstein's Dream (also see Metamusic)
*Soft and Still Death and Dying
*Surf Going Home
(*appropriate for children)
Blood Pressure Cable Car Ride
Circulation Ecstatic
Heart: Repairs & Maintenance Energy Walk
Hypertension Recharge
Restorative Sleep Reset
Tune-Up Resonant Tuning
Breathing Expanded Awareness
Lungs: Repairs & Maintenance Gateway Experience
Resonant Tuning Going Home
Restorative Sleep Moment of Revelation
Opening the Heart
Financial Success Options
Buy the Numbers Sweet Dreams
De-Hab Transcendence
Eight-Great The Visit
Imprint (also see Metamusic)
Mobius West Learning and Memory
Morning Exercise   (for test-taking, concentration and in the classroom)
Off-Loading   Attention
*Baroque Garden
Fitness and Sports   Buy the Numbers
De-Discomfort *Concentration
Heart: Repairs & Maintenance *Einstein's Dream
Lungs: Repairs & Maintenance   Imprint
Reset   On Becoming a Lifelong Learner
Synchronizing   PAL Executive Package
  PAL Student Package
Frustrations   Recall
Attention   Relax
Buy the Numbers *Remembrance
Let-Go   Retain-Recall-Release
Recall *Surf
Reset   Think Fast
Sex Drive (*appropriate for children)
(also see Metamusic)
Meditation and Spiritual Development
General Wellness Contemplation
Brain: Repairs & Maintenance Gateway Experience
De-Tox: Body Going Home
Energy Walk Moment of Revelation
Hypertension Opening the Heart
Immunizing Transcendence
Nutricia The Visit
Pain Control (also see Metamusic)
Positive Immunity Program Miscellaneous
Restorative Sleep The Way of Hemi-Sync
Tune-Up Pain Management
Brain: Repairs & Maintenance
Immune System De-Discomfort
Immunizing Energy Walk
Positive Immunity Program Pain Control
Pregnancy and Childbirth Surgical Support Series
Opening the Way Personal Growth
Restorative Sleep Contemplation
Tune-Up De-Hab
Problem Solving and Creativity Let-Go
Attention Mobius West
Baroque Garden Off-Loading
Einstein's Dream Stress
Gateway Experience Catnapper
Moment of Revelation Deep 10 Relaxation
Morning Exercise Energy Walk
On Becoming a Lifelong Learner Guide to Serenity
Options PMS
Relax Rechange
Remembrance Relax
Surf Reset
Think Fast Resonant Tuning
The Visit Soft and Still
Wake/Know Speak Up
Self Confidence (also see Metamusic)
Let-Go Surgery
Mobius West De-Discomfort
Morning Exercise Energy Walk
Off-Loading Surf
On Becoming a Lifelong Learner Surgical Support Series
Speak Up Weight Control
Sensory Improvement Eat/No Eat
Sensory: Hearing Let-Go
Sensory: Seeing Mobius West
Synchronizing Nutricia
Sleep and Dreams Relax
  Deep 10 Relaxation
  Energy Walk
*Flying Free
  Restorative Sleep
*Sleep Through the Rain
  Sound Sleeper
*Super Sleep
  Sweet Dreams
  TimeOut for Sleep CD
  (*appropriate for children)