GOING HOME (two 6-tape albums)
Elisabeth Kiabler-Ross, MD, world famous authority on death and dying, and Charles Tart, PhD, renowned researcher of altered states of consciousness, collaborated with Robert Monroe to create this unparalleled opportunity for personal growth and expanded' awareness. The exercises carry you far along the continuum of consciousness to experience independence from the physical body. These rewarding journeys of discovery help you to know that death need not be feared and to resolve unfinished business so you can live more fully in the moment. Especially valuable for anyone with a life-threatening condition and for caregivers of the terminally ill. Exercise titles are: (Subject) Mind Awake/Body Asleep, Flying Free, Remove and Release, Edge of Here and Now, Touring Interstate, Moment of Revelation, Right of Passage, Homecoming, Freedom Flight, Return to Revelation, Relocation Theme; (Support) Going Home Leaders, Hemi-Sync Technology, Mind Awake/Body Asleep, Flying Free, Remove and Release, Edge of Here and Now Touring Interstate, Moment of Revelation, Messages In 21, Recharge and Regenerate, Restorative Sleep.

OPENING THE HEART (4 exercises/2 tapes or 4 CDs)
Love yourself and others, enrich your life and advance your spiritual growth. These soul fulfilling exercises enhance relationships and release blocks that limit ability to love. Based on Heartline, a Monroe Institute residential program, the inspired experiential course helps enable you to deepen your emotional connections and open yourself to love. Exercise titles are: Centered Calm, Remembering Love, Love's Power to Heal, and Opening to Love. Guidance Manual included.

OPENING THE WAY (8 tapes / 14 exercises)
A knowledgeable, caring, supportive guide for experiencing pregnancy and birth with confidence and serenity. Enhance your deep pleasure in the miracle of childbirth as you move through psychological and physical stages of pregnancy, labor, and post delivery. For fathers, too. Exercises include Healthy Pregnancy/Remove & Release, Deep Relaxation / Active Relaxation, Father/Supporting Late Pregnancy, Healthy Baby/Contacting Baby's Soul, Labor, Birthing/Pushing, and Postpartum Well Being/Nursing Baby. Guidance Manual included.