• Great For Sound Therapy
  • Great For Learning (Languages, lectures, etc.)
  • Great For Light and Sound Machines
  • Great For Accelerated Meditation
The Echofone has better sound quality by far than the Neurophone. From what I observed, heard, and felt, the Echofone transducers augmented the total experience by filling in the missing high frequency sounds that just aren't heard with headphones alone - not necessary because of inferior headphones, but because of the ear's limited range of detection (limited frequency response).

I use the Echofone for listening to music, dolphin and whales recordings, and psycho-acoustic recordings of various sorts. - Scott Miller - Auburndale, FL

Experiments with the Echofone have shown that the longer you use the device, the effects become more pronounced and the effectiveness of the device increases. The effects you get with the Echofone are also cumulative and become more noticeable with daily use.

The first time I used the Echofone I had good results and I noticed that the perception of higher frequencies, fidelity and spatial effects improved significantly every week.

In my opinion, the best type of music to listen to when you start using the Echofone is classical music because it contains a broad range of frequencies which conditions the brain's response and gives you a good experience of the spatial sounds effects and increased fidelity. - Mike Mazurkiewicz - Ft Collins, CO

You can input audio from any source (PC sound card, CD or cassette player, etc.) into the Echofone. The Echofone will then distribute the signal to the headphones and electrodes. The electrodes have a frequency response beyond 100,000 Hz.

The Echofone brightens music and helps folks like me hear high frequencies. I was a Cobra pilot for 10 years in the Marine Corps. Being around jet engines that long has taken a toll on my hearing above 10,000 Hz. The piezo-electrodes really enhance the high frequencies for me. - Wayne Nolan - Connifer, CO

The Echofone sound system brought the sense of being the actual instrument that is being played upon or spoken into by the performer, even when the voice is being used reflexively for reading aloud. This is a terrific way to relearn the felicitous concentration and attentive listening that generations have lost through crude technology.

The ancients used the lively voice (viva voce) to enhance their reading experience all the time. One feels the system nourishing itself on its own entuned spiritual food with this machine. It removes much of the phoniness and distance from the headphone experience and makes it possible to feel more comfortable with extended listening.

The Echofone grabs the whole body with more traction than old fashioned phones alone. This is where the sound meets the hound, if I may say. Echofone sound feeds the sensorium more than headphones alone do. More plentiful in its overall coverage and penetration than "black and white" sound, it resonates naturally in the vernacular of the nervous system because it is patterned on and directly connected with the 80 per cent of the body that is water. - John Rhoads - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

When I first plugged in my Echofone, the music I choose was Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov. I was captivated rather quickly by the music, it was much richer and fuller than I ever heard it before. For the next two weeks, Scheherazade would at times stream into my brain and the melodies were as vivid as during my initial session. By adding the Echofone to your repertoire, more of your brain is engaged in the experience. The Echofone is a must when you want to maximize the effect of sound. I think the potential for learning using the Echofone is enormous! - Jeff Labno - Winnetka, CA

I use an Echofone with much success. For about two hours after use I'm almost brilliant, ok, ok, at least the insights are... It does help me think more clearly with greater self-realizations and insights into others. VERY vivid dreams - wow, the colors. Did you ever see that Dick Tracy movie? Yep, those are the colors. Also, the content of my dreams seem to be more 'productive.' This is with a theta brainwave cd. And since I started using Innertalk Lucid Dream CD with the Echofone I have at least two lucid dreams every night, sometimes up to five. Wishing you success on your journey. - Barbara Bovee - Albuquerque, NM