Rife Pro

With the latest Rife Machine technology that lets you use Sound, electrodes, CES, and Magnetic fields, plus TBSW, Chakra Tools and Ancient Tones for energy balancing and more, nothing comes close to giving you a complete alternative healing system.

Rife Professional Includes :

  • Rife Pro software : The latest, powerful Rife Machine technology . Over 700 Presets for hundreds of dis-eases with a Hulda Clark to Rife Frequency converter, giving you thousands of more frequencies with a few mouse clicks.
  • Structuring of water and oils for making professional grade remedies from presets. Use for topical pain relief as well.
  • TBSW Generator Pro : Similar to binaural beats, but used for theta healing, insomnia, pain relief and more. The TBSW Generator in Professional has features not available in our other systems.
  • Export presets to wave audio format for making CDs for your clients or patients
  • Chakra Tools : Align and balance chakras (the human energy centers)
  • Sweep Generator : For assistance in finding your own healing frequencies (great for emerging diseases like H7N1 bird flu etc...)
  • More : Ancient Tones - A Client / Patient Database - Help Documentation including Video Help
  • Instant Download means you get it now without shipping costs.

About Rife Pro software

Rife Pro software is the latest Rife Technology. With over 700 Fast Presets, Rife Technology is now a breeze for anyone to use.

Rife Pro

Rife Pro Fast Presets

Of course, you have manual mode, in which you can enter your own presets and save an unlimited number of them. You can even modify the frequencies in the Fast Presets and save them as your own. This gives you power unsurpassed in any other healing system and allows you to customize for your personal needs and preferences.

Rife Pro Features :

  • You can run up to 20 frequencies at once saving your time - without sacrificing power
  • Over 700 Fast Presets for hundreds of health challenges - 2 mouse clicks and you’re up and running
  • Hulda Clark Frequency Converter lets you use Hulda Clark frequencies giving you even more healing power
  • Structure water and oils with Rife frequencies and make professional grade remedies for pain relief and more...
  • Frequency Resolution of 0.0001 Hz - gives you frequency accuracy better than ANY Rife Machine available
  • Special Modulation algorithm for enhancing the effectiveness of speakers for Rife work
  • Manual Mode for entering your own frequency sets - enter any frequencies you like up to 22 KHz
  • Save and Load an unlimited number of your own presets for quick recall for later use
  • You can Export Rife Frequencies and Presets to wave audio format for transfer to CDs

Rife Pro software- Hulda Clark Frequency Converter :

You can also run any Hulda Clark frequencies with the new Hulda Clark Frequency Converter built in to Rife Pro. The converter allows you to convert Hulda Clark frequencies to Rife compatible frequencies, with a few mouse clicks. With this new converter integrated into Rife Pro, you're getting thousands more healing frequencies.

Structuring Water and Oils for Homeopathic Remedies

Rife Pro software has a button for Structuring water and oils. What does this mean? It means that you can place a set of headphones over a pitcher of water and select a preset to induce the frequencies into the water for consumption.

For instance, do you need a Detox? Select the Detox Preset and structure the water in a pitcher for roughly 30 to 40 minutes. The water will have the structuring and the necessary frequencies to accomplish the task. This is done through complex algorithms built into the waveform generation engine.

After structuring, you can smell, taste and even see the difference in the water under a microscope. This is another effective way to safely deliver frequencies. Structuring allows you to easily create homeopathic remedies using water and oils.  

Use Structuring For :

  • Pain remedies remedies for illnesses
  • Detox for chemtrails, liver or general detox
  • Formulas for Addiction
  • Other things from the Frequency Presets or your own frequency sets

Recent studies have shown that our structuring algorithm will allow water and oils to retain the structuring for much longer than we originally anticipated. If you are using mineral heavy water from a spring for instance, the structuring in the water may last over eight months in a UV safe container.

About the TBSW Generator

TBSW stands for Trilateral Balanced Sine Wave. This is the new generation of entrainment that is becoming a powerful alternative to standard binaural beat technology.

You've probably known or heard of someone having a car accident and not feeling a thing, even though they might have been pretty banged up. This is because the brain releases powerful pain relieving endorphins into the body during a trauma. TBSW waves allow you to safely control these endorphins to get rid of pain naturally, by using special frequencies and waveforms.

Binaural Beats work by placing two different frequencies in each ear. This is accomplished now by using headphones. By doing this, a beat frequency is created, usually in the Theta frequency range, depending on the purpose. The brain picks up the beat and reacts to the frequency accordingly. Different areas of the brain can be stimulated, depending on the frequencies used.

TBSW Enhances Standard Binaural Beats and Adds New Dimensions

TBSW Generator has a Center Channel, Left and Right Channels with options in Life Frequencies Professional to experiment with Dual Mode, Spin and Scalar Waves. The waveforms are balanced, which syncs both sides of the brain for a much more powerful effect.

With TBSW we can use 111 Hz as our Center Frequency, 4.0 as our Left Frequency and 2.5 ( A Theta Frequency Pain Killer) as our Right Frequency. Now we have an extra frequency too, the difference between 4.0 and 2.5 = 1.5 Hz (Which is Abrahams Universal Healing Frequency).

What we end up with is a very powerful, natural pain killer - with healing benefits on top of that. By altering a single frequency, we can have the same benefits and add a sleep inducing frequency to kill pain and go to sleep. Can you see the power in this?

You could place a Rife Frequency as the Base Frequency in the mix and have a set that kills the flu virus, stops pain, helps you sleep and promotes healing all in one TBSW preset. In Dual Mode you have the ability to do even more.

That's just the basics of TBSW. The tip of the iceberg, so to speak. There are three more dimensions added to TBSW Generator in Life Frequencies Professional that are very exciting.

  • SPIN : Spin adds a fifth dimension to the waveform that allows you to sweep through a range of frequencies and cross from the Left to the Right Channels at the same time. You could experiment with sweeping through a section of the Theta frequency range that deals with altered states of consciousness, for instance.
  • Scalar Waves : Scalar Waves add yet another dimension to the wave set. Scalar wave create ZERO point energy. They are used in experiments with meditation and conscious states. There are people working with these frequencies to do fairly bizarre experiments with teleportation, object manifestation and more.
  • Dual Mode : Only in Life Frequencies Professional have we added Dual Mode to TBSW Pro. This gives you the ability to add a second set of TBSW waves to your settings. There are no limits to how far you want to take TBSW.

The possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind, if you are a more enthusiastic user, the outputs can be connected to coils, crystals and other electronic equipment. TBSW Generator can be like a mini Tesla lab on your PC.

Here are a few things you may to consider with your TBSW Generator :

  • Powerful, Natural Pain Relief
  • Healing Using Theta and Delta Healing Frequencies
  • Healing Using Rife Frequency / TBSW Combinations
  • Weight Loss
  • Rejuvenation
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Sleep for Insomniacs and Altered Sleep States
  • Focus Frequencies are great for writers, artists, brainiacs and finals
  • Hypnosis and Auto-Hypnosis
  • Energy and Zero Point Energy experiments
  • Deep State Meditation and Consciousness Experiments
  • Regression Therapy and more...

Now, let's get down to what the TBSW Generator has under the hood. From the Main Panel Screenshot above, we've already mentioned Spin and Scalar Waves.

On the Main Panel, you can also :

  • Record your TBSW Sessions to Wave Files for transport to portable devices
  • Save and Load an unlimited number of your own presets
  • Set the Background Sounds for soothing effects like Thunderstorms and record these with your own presets
  • Enter Base and TBSW Beat Frequencies to 0.001 Hz Resolution
  • Adjust you Main Level, TBSW and Background Mixes to your preference

TBSW Presets

There are 21 pre-programmed TBSW Presets that we've given you. The presets can be accessed by clicking the TBSW Presets Tab in the Program. To run the presets, simply set the preset kind, background sound, time and click the Start Preset button.

TBSW Generator Presets

Scroll above to see the TBSW Fast Presets

The TBSW Presets have been crafted with TBSW frequencies for maximum effectiveness. The LED Frequency Readout Display shows which frequencies we've chosen for each one. You can use this as a guide and starting point in your own presets and experiments. TBSW is easy for anyone to use and the Presets make it an easy learning curve for beginners, without sacrificing any power. With a couple of mouse clicks - you're up and running.

For Chiropractors, Doctors, Dentists and Physical Therapists, you can run one of the Pain Presets at the end of your session. It will leave you with very happy patients. Don't get left behind on this powerful technology.

Chakra Tools

Following eastern healing techniques, Chakras are the 7 main Energy Centers in which human life is balanced on. Chakra Tools uses precise frequencies to used by eastern healers to heal the body, mind spirit combination. This may sound strange to some, but there are many people that use nothing except chakra healing, that live well over 100 years of age.

The Chakra alignment tool is like painless "Full Body Acupuncture". These have been used for thousands of years and still are today.

Chakra Tools

You might imagine chakras as being energy centers in our human electrical field. When these get out of balance or resonance, they lose energy - causing physical, mental or emotional problems. The specific frequencies generated with Chakra Tools cause these energy fields to resonate, which in turn energizes them like a battery getting a charge. There are seven major chakras, each having there own characteristics that effect the body-mind-spirit.

You'll be surprised at how people that you know have very specific symptoms in reference to certain chakras being misaligned. You'll even be more surprised and happy with how well Chakra Tools works!

Chakra Tools Features :

  • 0.001 Hz accuracy - the same as expensive Chakra Tuning forks
  • 4 Modes of Operation for single or many chakra frequencies at once
  • Ability to adjust individual chakra levels for the perfect chakra balancing
  • Special Ethereal Cleanse Mode
  • The ability to offset (raise) the Chakra Frequencies (experimental - see below)
  • Timed Sessions from 5 minutes to 8 hours - infinity in Continuous Mode
  • Rolling the mouse over the Chakra name automatically pulls up a pop up window with associated Chakra information

One very interesting feature that we’ve added to Chakra Tools is the ability to raise the Chakra frequencies up to 5 Hz in 0.1 Hz increments. Why?

With all of the earth frequencies changing for reasons beyond our control, we have added this feature to slightly “pull” the frequencies up over time, thereby raising the overall frequency of the entire body. It’s well known that the higher the body's frequency is - the better off we are in health, psychological and emotional aspects.

Ancient Tones are also included in Rife Life Frequencies Professional. These are special frequencies and waveforms that have been used for healing by different cultures for thousands of years. Ancient tones is a powerful feature that you can use in conjunction with chakra healing.

Sweep / Step Generator

You can use the Sweep Generator for finding your own frequencies cells, bacteria and other organisms like bed bugs etc... Usually the Sweep Generator is used while observing cells under a microscope. If you have a USB or dark field microscope, you can monitor results unattended.

You can also use the Sweep Generator in a Holistic fashion using muscle testing. Some use it simply to find "feel good" frequencies, as some believe that the body (mind) naturally knows the frequencies it needs. These frequencies can be logged and saved to presets in Rife Pro.

The Sweep / Step Generator Features :

  • Selectable waveforms - sine, square and triangle
  • Step frequencies from 0.05 to 10 Hz
  • Step times from 0.1 seconds to 30 minutes
  • A handy calculator for calculating times etc...
  • Simple operation

Sweep / Step Generator

The Sweep Generator is a tool for you to experiment with. One excited fellow emailed us and said that he found the frequency to kill an infestation of Brown Recluse Spiders that he had, using the sweep generator. He caught a spider and isolated it somehow and swept through a range of frequencies in the 700 Hz range until the spider was affected. He then used that frequency in his house to remove his infestation.


More Features l :

You also get a built-in Client Database for you to keep track of your sef or clients, patients, friends or family member's info and progress. This is a valuable tool for health care practitioners and families alike. In addition there's a notepad for you to take notes on your research and other information, without having to leave the program.