Echofone Technical Info
The inner ear plays a significant role in our being. It translates vibrations picked up by the skin, as well as the joints and muscles into cortical charge. This cortical charge builds, organizes and nourishes temporal-spatial organization for other senses and provides the background beat for learning. The purpose of the Echofone is to enhance the way we hear, to improve learning abilities, communication, and emotional behavior.

Originally designed by AquaThought Labs as a research tool, the Echofone provides accurate perception of frequencies which are ordinarily well above your hearing range. Incoming high-frequency sound is converted to ultrasound and transmitted to transducers, which contact your skin. The ultrasound travels though your skin to the inner ear, where it is perceived as high frequency audible sound. With the Echofone you can generate sensation of sound wthout any mechanical stimulation of the eardrum.

By allowing you to perceive spatial information embedded within high frequencies, music and sounds gain dimension. Much information about the position of sounds in the recording environment is encoded in the overtones. These overtones can often be above your normal hearing range, however with the Echofone you are able to perceive them. This perceptual expansion adds a sense of depth to many recordings. For example, with the Echofone you can close your eyes and actually sense where the instruments are located in a recorded orchestration.

The Echofone enhances the high-frequencies in audio from a variety of sources. CD's or DVD's mastered entirely in the digital domain will provide exceptional results.

Trode Output
  • 400 Hz to 100,000+ Hz frequency response
  • 3 watts output/channel, typical
  • Bridge-tied load (BTL) output configuration
  • Trode signal is 30 volts peak-to-peak when the volume is set at 60% or higher
Note: The output impedance of the Echofone trode amplifier varies with frequency, the trode impedance also varies with frequency. With Echofone trodes, the important spec is sound pressure level, and Echofone trode amplifiers are designed to maximize that.

AC Adapter

Output: 9VDC 500MA

Phones Output

32 ohms impedance
10 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency response, -3dB
70+ dB signal/noise
200 mW output (rms) into 8 ohms, 0.1% THD
85 mW output (rms) into 32 ohms, 0.1% THD