Sound Therapy.

  • Great For Sound Therapy
  • Great For Learning (Languages, lectures, etc.)
  • Great For Light and Sound Machines
  • Great For Accelerated Meditation

Feed the Brain and the Body through the Ear.

Echofone ensures that the healing effect of music reaches the psychological level of human hearing in the body. (semi bold)

Music's overtones (high-frequency tones that you may not even notice) can profoundly energize and invigorate our ears, brain and total body. The Echofone Ultrasonic Listening System reproduces the fine structural information which is contained in these overtones, and has a direct effect on the emotions of the listener.

Echofone provides a micro-massage to the middle ear and stimulation to the inner ear, enhancing alertness in the temporal lobe of the human brain. This produces an immediate, neurological effect in many areas of the body as well as on the psychological level of human hearing due to the particular organic specification of the ear and brain.

Music heard through Echofone has a startling richness and a deeply relaxing affect. The unique combination of deep relaxation and spectral activation via Echofone prevents the listener from drifting off to sleep which would render the deep relaxation ineffective.

Echofone affects the brain and nervous system directly through the sense of hearing and can be used to improve hearing. Echofone can be used to improve psychological and physical conditions such as hearing, learning difficulties, voice problems and behavioural disturbances which are causally associated with the area of acoustic perception.