Listening Tips

The Echofone will greatly enhance music and sounds of many kinds from a variety of sources, however, following the recommendations below will assure listening enhancement.

Use a quality audio source - As Echofone enhances the high frequencies in audio, a player that provides good response in the high-end is preferable. A quality CD player, DVD player, or DAT player will provide exceptional results. Use quality recordings.

Experiment with the ultrasound transducers - The ultrasound transducers can demonstrate Echofone's ability to generate the sensation of sound without any mechanical stimulation of the listener's eardrums. To experiment with this phenomenon, try plugging your ears while the transducers are postioned on your forehead; you will perceive the sound without using your ears at all.

Listen for special enhancement - Much information about the position of sounds in the recording environment is encoded in the overtones. These overtones can often be above your normal hearing range, however with the Echofone you will be able to perceive them. This perceptual expansion adds a sense of depth to many recordings. For example, you can close your eyes and perceive where instruments in a recorded orchestra actually are in space.

Contrast listening with and without Echofone - When listening using the Echofone transducers you may disengage the ultrasound component of the sound by turning the "Trode" volume knob all the way to the left. This allows you to quickly contrast the Echofone enhanced sound with normal headphone sound. The results are often surprising. You will perceive a loss of tone, crispness and depth without the Echofone ultrasound engaged.