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Eeman Biocircuits

Eeman Biocircuits connect the positive and negative poles of the body,
promoting muscle relaxation and stimulating body function.

“Laying on of hands” is an example of a “natural” Eeman BioCircuit. This healing art involves the circulation of energy via the hands of the healer. Jinshin jyutsu and shiatsu practitioners use these Eeman BioCircuit principles, frequently holding two points on the clients’ bodies to create a flow of energy. Randolph Stone, the founder of polarity therapy, taught his students that the practitioner should use his hands to create a bridge between areas where energy needs to flow more strongly. That’s exactly what an Eeman BioCircuit does. As a result of the polarity or ‘pressure’ gradients that exist naturally in the body on 3 axes: head to sacrum, right side of body to left, back to front of body. The natural intelligence of the body (or ‘energy body’) is always trying to balance us energetically—biocircuits very much facilitate this process."

Biocircuits, or Eeman screens, were discovered by Leon Ernest Eeman in the early 1920s. After serious injuries in a plane crash, Eeman was deemed 100 percent disabled. While hospitalized he recalled Jesus' admonition "Heal the sick by the laying on of hands." Eeman reasoned that this healing energy was the subtle energy of the life force itself. Within two years after his release from the hospital he developed techniques using these screens that "restored him to better health than he had ever known."

Thousands of men and women have testified to the amazing and subtle efficacy of BioCircuits over their 90 year history. These simple, safe, non-mechanical implements enhance the flow of life energy by connecting different parts of the body with simple linkages of copper . BioCircuits introduce no external electrical or magnetic energy to the body, and yet their effects seem nothing short of miraculous.

Wow I have to talk about my last session with the Biocircuit. It was really interesting. My mouth felt really strange and my lip felt like it was vibrating it sorted of felt like a current moving through me, it flowed through every cell in my body. It just felt as though everything was open and ,for lack of a better word,clean. I had energy, not the restless pentup type, but one that was simply there! That let me get on with my day and complete what had to be done without a struggle - so cool!!!!!
Dianne Burr California
Back in World War I, a young British pilot named Leon Ernest Eeman crashed just after take-off, sustaining serious injuries. He spent time in five different hospitals, and was finally released, being deemed “100 percent disabled, permanently unfit for any duty.”

Eeman wrote:

“After a few weeks in a hospital bed, two things became clear: that I was in such pain and felt so ill that I couldn’t live much longer, and that if I was to recover I should have to do the job myself, as none of the treatments I had received had relieved either the acute head and spine pains and the unbearable insomnia, or the war exhaustion brought on by flying in four different countries, with dysentery and malaria added for good measure. I concentrated all I had left in me on my wish to recover and to do so by my own means, in view of the failure of allopathic medicine.

“This wish became so powerful that one morning, weak though I was, I wildly struck my bedside table with my fist and shouted at my orderly that whatever anybody thought, I would get completely fit again. To this the orderly replied, There is one thing about you, sir, when you go down the sink, you’ll go down with a joke.

After pondering the way Jesus was said to heal people just by laying his hands on them, Eeman developed a set of copper polarity screens. After two years of regular use, Eeman reported that his excruciating pain and insomnia were completely gone, and he felt in better health than he had ever known. (!) Intrigued by the power of the simple device, he went on to experiment and successfully treat a wide range of health problems in many people.

[Quotes and information are from Biocircuits: Amazing New Tools For Energy and Health, by Leslie and Terry Patten. (H.J. Kramer, 1988.)

What was quite unique about Eeman’s work was the fact that he developed a method that relied on no outside presence – neither another person, nor electricity, nor any form of medicine. Neither was it necessary to devote a great deal of time and effort to master a yogic or meditative discipline.

Instead, he invented a simple device by which any person could transmit energy to his own body by merely lying down on it. In essence, the device connects various points of one’s own body to facilitate the circulation of one’s own energy.

Have you ever found yourself believing that healing can only come from paying money to a licensed healer?


Thanks for the discussion we had today. It helped to talk to someone of my experiences while using the biocircuit.It's really funny because so much information is right there in the description - bio- circuit !
To have experienced the movement of MY energy through my body and to have felt the positive effects afterwards was awesome
F Butler Kentucky

Some Research

• Reduce Stress, Fatigue
• Promote Sound Sleep
• Calm your Mind
• Charge your Immune System
• Promote Body & Mind Relaxation
• Promote Wellness, Balance
• Promote Strong Nerves System
• Increase Wellness, Vitality
• Good Night Rest & Relaxation

• Biofield Therapeutics

• Aura article.pdf

• The L E Eeman report .pdf

• Biocircuits.pdf

Eeman states:

'The relaxation circuit almost invariably produces a progressive sense of muscular relaxation, warmth, well-being and drowsiness, often culminating in sleep, slower and stronger pulse, slower and fuller respiration, with more complete deflation, progressively longer pauses between deflations and inflations, and a lowering of the pitch of the voice.'

It was found that direct contact between the copper mats and the individual was not necessary in order to produce the effects noted; clothing and even cushions did not act as barriers.

Eeman discovered that by connecting the polarities of the body with copper wires he could balance the body and heal many diseases!

For right-handed individuals, a relaxation circuit is formed if the left hand holds the handle connecting to the mat under the head, an the right hand holds the handle connected with the at under the bottom of the spine. Average duration of exposure is half an hour.

Likewise for right-handed individuals, if the handles are switched so that the left hand holds the handle connecting to the mat under the bottom of the spine, and the right hand holds the handle connecting to the mat under the head, a tension circuit is formed. These effects are noted even if the individual is not aware of the specific connections or if the connections are changed out of range of his vision and without his knowledge. One of the reasons for the 10-ft length of connection wires, is to permit changes of connection without the subject's knowledge, is to permit changes of connection without the subject's knowledge, in order to test the effect of suggestion. In almost all instances, the reactions are those appropriate to the circuit rather than to the suggestion given, if the suggestion is contrary to the effect of the circuit.

Many case reports covering various types of ailments are detailed in the book Co-Operative Healing, . Among the ailments relieved by these circuits are listed: mental, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and eliminative disorders; headaches, high blood pressure, rheumatism, lumbago sciatica and many other conditions. Insomnia appeared particularly to be relieved.

Just wanted to pass on my ongoing work with the Biocircuits. I have found that after a session I am able to enjoy a real sense of peace and at the same time be energised and able to take on the day ahead. I love the simplicity of it - almost a plug and play experience!
J Kruger Belgium

Put yourself in a Relaxation Circuit using your own energies for increased well being.

Peter Lindemann (from Borderlands Research) showed in many experiments over many years that “Biocircuits are an effective medium for receiving detailed information about the whole body directly from its energy field and for communicating healing information to the body purely, directly and effectively.” Lindemann’s view of life energy as conscious is fundamental to these experiments, just as is the fact that it is always the body itself which heals, and a good practitioner will simply facilitate that process, helping to remove blockages in the various energy flows which promote health. Healing is a natural process, and all vibrational therapies are attempts to catalyse these natural processes, and accelerate what the body would do normally anyway.

The L E Eeman report .pdf

The intelligence of life works physically through the DNA, which controls all processes and functions in the body. When injury occurs, the DNA assesses it, decides what to do, and does it, using the same information/blueprint that was used in building the body in the first place.

Accupuncture Meridians use very Similar Biocircuits

Wow I have to talk about my last session with the Biocircuit. It was rerally interesting. My mouth felt really strange and my lip felt like it was vibrating it sorted of felt like a current moving through me, it flowed through every cell in my body. It just felt as though everything was open and ,for lack of a better word,clean. I had energy, not the restless pentup type, but one that was simply there! That let me get on with my day and complete what had to be done without a struggle - so cool!!!!!
D, Burr California

To Reap the most Amazing Health Benifits from Eemann Biocicuits,
Lay Naked in the sun while using, Incredible Recharge Caution two Adult pictures

The reason that not everyone is perfectly healthy is that the working of DNA has been compromised by toxic deposits, poor choices, unresolved emotions, bad diet and so on—in a word, by toxicity. The DNA can correct these conditions, but we have to stop creating them, by lifestyle and habit changes

A Double Blind Study of the "Biocircuit," a Putative Subtle-Energy-Based Relaxation Device. Julian Isaacs, Ph.D. and Terry Patten

Editorial: Inside Out, Outside In. Steven L. Fahrion, Ph.D.
Biocircuits are passive devices which are reported to cause relaxation in users, supposedly by facilitation of bodily subtle energy flow. A repeated-measures, within-subjects control, double-blind study was performed to test whether a "relaxation" biocircuit would produce more relaxation than a placebo-control biocircuit. The study design controlled for expectation, order effects, first time effects and ultradian rhythms. Dependent measures included four physiological variables relating to arousal and relaxation (frontalis muscle tension, one monopolar channel of EEG monitored for theta episodes, finger temperature, finger skin conductance) and a ten-item comparative questionnaire used to rank subjective experiences relating to relaxation in session. Twelve subjects completed four sessions each. The first session for all subjects was used only for familiarization and its data were not analyzed. Subjects then completed three more sessions each, treatment order being counterbalanced and randomly assigned across subjects. The three sessions exposed subjects to a "relaxation" biocircuit, a placebo-control "dummy" biocircuit and a "tension" biocircuit. The EEG theta measure showed significantly more theta episodes associated with the relaxation device than with the placebo-control (Wilcoxon signed ranks test: p=.025 one-tailed). The frontalis muscle tension measure showed significantly lower tension levels associated with the relaxation device than with the placebo-control (Wilcoxon signed ranks test: p=.01 one tailed). The skin conductivity and temperature measures did not reach significance in any direction across any pair of treatments. Five of the ten questionnaire items comparing the relaxation device with the placebo-control significantly favored the relaxation device (all by Sign test with a priori probability of .5); subjective estimate of relaxation (p=.0002); sensations of warmth (p=.03); non-ordinariness of experience (p=.02); perceived effectiveness (p=0.02); perceived benefit (p=0.02). No questionnaire items at the 0.05 significance level favored the placebo control over the relaxation device. The findings of the study demonstrate the superiority of the relaxation biocircuit over a placebo-control for producing relaxation under fully controlled double blind conditions.

Biocicuits/Eeman Screens work to balance your bodily energy, called chi, prana, life force, etc. Connecting the meridian points in your hands to the points at the base of the neck and the bottom of the spine enhances bodily energy flow.

Polarity Harmonizing & Balancing

The copper body screens act like an antenna to capture and radiate the energy while the copper hand screens make contact with the meridian points in the hands. Copper wire, an excellent conductor for this energy, connects the screens . Connected as illustrated at the left, the relaxation screens quickly reduce stress and fatigue, quite your mind, and promote sleep. Although no medical claims are made or implied, many benefits have been reported. This is also a great way to relax for 20 minutes and renew your energy.

What Eeman surmised and later experimentally determined was that the human body, much like a battery, has a polarity of energy that can be found along three axes - head to foot, left to right and front to back. The energy charge was opposite on the different poles of each axis. Using familiar terminology, the head was considered to be positive while the spine negative, the right positive and the left negative, and the front negative and the back positive.

Thank you for sending me my Bio Circuit. I received it but was unable to use it for a few days. I have found that it has been really effective with helping to give me a period of relaxation. it is something that I need so much. Having gone through lots of stressful events this year I seemed incapable of turning off and was headed for serious consequences.
Using the circuits over the last two weeks has given me the oppurtunity to experience a sense of relaxation again

M Lindrom Arisona


There seems to be no end to the possibilities.

To Reap the most Amazing Health Benifits from Eemann Biocicuits,Lay Naked in the sun while using,
Incredible Recharge Instructions


Thus, the circuits work by connecting positive and negative parts of the body to create a flow of bioenergy within one’s own body.

Eemann Biocurcuits have been reported to

Reduce Stress in Body and Mind
Alleviate Jet lag
Increase Vitality
Promote Sound Sleep
Promote Relaxation, Calmness
Calms & Clears The Mind
Charge your Immune System
Improve Meditation
Increase Wellness
Harmonize Body and Mind

To Reap the most Amazing Health Benifits from Eemann Biocicuits, Lay Naked in the sun while using Eemann Biocicuits,Recieve an Incredible Recharge Caution two Adult pictures

To use them, a person simply needs to lie down with the wire mesh of one circuit under the back of the head and the mesh of the other under the sacral area of the spine. The Mesh of the upper circuit under the head is placed under the left hand, while the mesh under the right hand holds the lower circuit leading from the sacrum. Finally, one crosses one legs left over right.

Psycho-Physical Effects of Conducted Radionic Emissions from Drugs and Bloods L.E. Eeman

Like a seedling pushing up towards the warmth and nurturing sunlight, you can use this simple but amazingly effective tool for healing research, to balance your energy, increase your psychic awareness, strengthen your aura, and ‘maybe’ decrease stress dramatically over a period of time. Some people; feel results within the first few days of daily use, and found the effects of stress related symptoms leaving their lives more and more while using biocircuit. Other’s use it on long flights to relieve jet lag and muscle tension more quickly.

These screens are passive devices that facilitate the flow of subtle bodily energy. A scientific, double blind study, that measured muscle tension and skin conductance as well as monitored EEG, found these screens to be superior for producing relaxation.

Eemann Biocircuits use a simple and universal principle: By externally linking the body's energy centers, Biocircuits enhance the flow and balance of the body's natural energy. Biocircuits promote deep physical relaxation and refreshment. They can also facilitate trance states, sensitivity to life energy and many extraordinary states, of consciousness, gently and safely. By harmonizing the flow of life energy in and around the body, tension and bodily stress are relieved. As a result, in only 15-30 minutes,you feel muscular tension and knots begin to relax , respiration becomes deeper and your whole body feels calm, peaceful and balanced.

If you are open-minded, I think you’ll find it difficult to see
why vibrational medicine is still resisted by anyone.
Click here

“Mesmeromania” and the demise of Animal Magnetism
The Weltmer Institute ceased operating in 1926. (In a curious twist of fate, the building that housed the Institute is now a mortuary.) Medical mesmerism or ‘magnetic healing’ as it was known, became such a threat to allopathic medicine that a major effort was mounted to discredit it. The term: “Mesmeromania: the insane devotion to mesmerism,” was a standard medical term until the 1974 edition of Dorland’s Medical Dictionary. (Fortunately, DSM-V does not continue the classification with the pejorative: ‘Energymania’ although the assumption that we who believe are mildly delusional persists among many.) From then on, interest in medical mesmerism waned under the continuing onslaught of medical disapproval and the legal disenfranchisement of alternative medical practitioners.

When it rose again it had lost its identity and its association with physics and acquired Eastern, Theosophical connotations. ‘Medical mesmerism’ and ‘ animal magnetism’ were replaced by ‘charkas’ and ‘energy’ and the emphasis on healing shifted from the specific towards the supportive. The importance of specific hand placements for specific disorders as a therapeutic essential was superseded by a single imperative – the intention to heal. The importance of learning how the process worked in order to give better treatments reverted to a belief that some ‘cosmic power’ worked through the healer. In a reversal of the usual progress of science, physics gave way to superstition and the ship of science moved backwards, awash in such magical thinking as: “I just put my hands on their body and the energy knows where to go and what to do” – Hardly the stuff of science.

L. E. Eeman
But physics was not entirely lost. In 1947 L. E. Eeman showed the polarity through the arms and through the spine with his as ‘Eeman screens’ which produce a light mesmeric state trance state.xvi In so doing he unknowingly reaffirmed Reichenbach’s discovery that the qi traveled through copper. Source

Entering a healing substance into an
Eeman Biocircuit

Leon Eeman made a great leap whe he realises that the Biocircuits carry energies and information around the body,. These movements occurred as a result of the 3 axes of polarity that he found in the body: head to toe, right side to left, and back to front. These form a kind of ‘pressure gradient’ rather like a voltage (potential gradient) does, or water pressure in a plumbing system.

There seems to be no end to the possibilities.

To Reap the most Amazing Health Benifits from Eemann Biocicuits,Lay Naked in the sun while using,
Incredible Recharge Instructions

He reasoned that if a healing substance were to be placed in line somewhere in the biocircuit , its influence and qualities would be carried through the whole circuit as well. Years of painstaking research proved him right—and it is all fully documented in his various books, and in books written by some of his co-researchers :

‘ Biocircuits—Amazing New Tools for Energy Health’By Leslie Patten with Terry Patten
‘ Technique of Conscious Evolution’By L E Eeman
‘ Co-operative Healing’ By L. E. Eeman
The L. E. Eeman Report—The Pioneering Years of Biocircuitry’By Tom Brown (Borderlands Science)
‘ Biocircuits Video

Further, he found that just one-tenth of a normal dose of a substance (say, Vitamin C or aspirin) was as effective as a full dose taken physically, say, as a capsule or pill. And further, that drawbacks associated with such normal ingesting of medication did not occur. For example, taking a capsule or pill means the substance is exposed to the acidity of the stomach, which can be detrimental to the effect required.

Many people have found Collidal silver is amazing in an EemanBiocircuit

What does this mean in practice?
There is massive potential opened up by this dual approach.

First, use of the biocircuit without any medication inline has many advantages.

Secondly, there seems to be no end to the possibilities of placing a healing substance in line, amongst them vitamins, minerals, essential oils, essences of all kinds, flower remedies, even colours.

Silver Electrodes inside

Third, this is a totally non-invasive way of delivering healing vibrations—the body will take what it needs and no more, just as a battery takes just the current it needs for charging. Most people have a sense of when ‘enough is enough’ and stop the session.

Fourth, many side-effects due to too much of a substance in the system, or how it has to be digested through the mouth and/or the stomach, can be side-stepped. This is a great advantage for frail or hyper-sensitive people, and for people who have to take a number of medications regularly.

Fifth, even synthetic pharmaceutical drugs are candidates for use in this way, because less needs to be used, and the vibrational effect of the drug will be stronger with less. Thus there will be less toxicity.

A few suggestions
· Use essential oils in-line to deal with any number of health issues—all the power of aromatherapy is available through this method, which has been rather sidelined, although it is very powerful, non-invasive and completely natural

· For a headache, a small amount of paracetamol will usually act immediately.

· For fibromyalgia (chronic fatigue syndrome) and other low energy states, use of oxygenating compounds like Stabilised Oxygen or Ozonated water will have a good effect.

· For everyone taking minerals and vitamins—get the effect by using a good multivitamin in the circuit, along with colloidal minerals .

· When morphine had to be administered, we found that instead of several mg orally, 25 drops only in-line had an even better effect, in that there was no constipation side-effect but the pain was still reduced as required. This was done under the supervision of a doctor at St Vincent’s Hospice.

· For an energy boost, one lifeforce tablet in the bottle gave a clear nourishing effect.

· For degenerative disease, the use of the elements of high ph therapy in the bottle seem to provide all the benefits of that method without the side-effects.

· Further research
Researchers have found that in some cases of degenerative disease, the occasional side effect of nausea began to loom large to the point of affecting appetite. So the biocircuit was used with Cesium Chloride in the circuit, along with other substances to make up for the reduction in potassium caused by Cesium and other preparations for oxygenating the body and helping with blood formation. Hydrazine sulphate was also added to the mix

· Finally, Biocircuits provide a tolerable way to use Urine Therapy—a small amount of urine taken in the morning and mixed with water can be placed in the bottle. Urine therapy has an ancient history going back thousands of years as a very effective healing approach. For a fuller treatment, see here.

There seems to be no end to the possibilities.

To Reap the most Amazing Health Benifits from Eemann Biocicuits,Lay Naked in the sun while using,
Incredible Recharge Instructions

Most companies give you one set of screens for $US100-$US150.00,,we give you all six

Complete Kit of Six Screens

There are 6 screens of 6 inch Cotton bound squares of fine soft mesh high quality Australian copper,Joined with High Quality copper cables

Complete Kit of Six Screens Plus Therapy Vial

There are 6 screens of 6 inch Cotton bound squares of fine soft mesh high quality Australian copper,Joined with High Quality copper cables

Eeman Therapy Vial

Connect Any Biocircuit in line with this Therapy vial, includes 99% silver electrodes

Eeman Biocircuit with Therapy Vial


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