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... Heal Animals... Send "P-Mail"...and Improve your Sex Life!

Dear Friend

Have you ever DREAMT of enjoying real SUPER-HUMAN POWERS?

Okay, it sounds a little crazy. But I'm VERY serious. Have you ever thought to yourself how great it would be if you could READ SOMEONE'S MIND?

How about having the ability to PREDICT THE NEXT WINNER at the races? Or HEAL sick animals and relatives, using just the power of your mind?

MAYBE you'd prefer to spend your time flying around places you've never even visited –past, present or future. Or tune your ESP to know things you always wanted to know.

OR JUST PERHAPS you'd use your secret powers to attract love and wealth into your life, without
ANY effort whatsoever!

Now before you slap my face and tell me to return to the real world, let me tell you that...

I have these "super-human powers" right now.

And perhaps most shockingly of all... SO DO YOU!!

Now, just to clarify here: I don't spend my time in Lycra outfits, jumping off skyscrapers. However I can
perform some pretty amazing feats using my psychic ability.

And in this letter I'm going to PROVE that YOU can tap into your psychic talents too!

My name is Bradley Thompson. I'm the author of several best-selling self-development books, including "Developing your own Subliminal-Studio" and "Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days".

I'm the man behind the Subliminal Power software tool, currently used by over 220,000 individuals and
praised by world leaders and Olympic athletes.

I developed the 4-part Encoding System™ used in Subliminal-Audio CDs. I created the Binaural-Beats CD range through our studios in Australia.I even developed the popular Lucid Dreaming Kit you can find for sale online.

My personal clients include the US Army, IBM, the BBC, British Telecom, Fujitsu, Merrill Lynch, Dow Jones, Time Warner, Intel and even Microsoft.

I have a great reputation in the world of self-development. And that's why I'd like you to take five minutes to let go of your doubts and open yourself to just the SLIGHTEST POSSIBILITY that what I'm going to tell you JUST MIGHT have an amazing effect on your life!

Incredible Psychic Abilities
"I wanted to let you know that since starting the course, I've suddenly found myself being aware of information I never thought possible. I now realize psychic powers are natural. I'm just glad I've rediscovered mine!"
Martin Gaunder
N. Pershing Ave, San Bernardino
California, USA
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Powerful Psychic Development

Listen closely –I want to set the record straight.

You DON'T have to be the Seventh Sister of a Seventh Sister in order to tap into your inner psychic power. For a start, that'd wipe out all of the guys out there, iincluding me!

There are a million MYTHS about psychic powers. Most people simply don't understand that it is literally a sixth sense, as real as seeing or hearing. They're just not attuned to it yet.

I want to share with you the SECRETS of developing your own psychic power. And I want to debunk the MYTHS that so many people get confused or concerned over




So You Want to Be Psychic, Huh?
Here Are the TWO THINGS You Absolutely MUST Know...
Including WHY Most People SUPPRESS
Their Natural Power!

I know that in this fast paced world, time is everything.

And I also know that I probably won't have your valuable attention for too long, so let me be brief.

Firstly, psychic powers are TOTALLY and UTTERLY SAFE.

Forget all of the spooky movies and mind control rubbish you see on television. The very boring truth is that psychic powers are as normal as talking or listening to music. Everybody has them,but your ADVANTAGE is that very few people know how to use them!

Ever seen a flock of birds flying - and suddenly they all change direction? How do they communicate? They use no sound, and no low- or high-pitched noises. They don't "follow the leader" or use any other known form of communication.

Scientists the world over admit that birds have ANOTHER sense that we don't yet know about... a "sixth sense". And so do humans. It's totally natural.

Most people just DON'T KNOW HOW to flex that psychic muscle.

Secondly, ANYBODY can develop psychic powers.

Just like any skill, psychic ability is something you can LEARN.

Have you ever seen someone healing from one or two broken legs? After spending so much time without using their legs, the brain "forgets" how the leg muscle works. It requires training for the brain to get back in touch,
and within a few weeks, they're off running again!

Psychic ability is JUST the same. It's a hidden muscle we all have, yet SOCIETY doesn't help it to develop. They suppress creativity and mould us in straight jackets, telling us how to think and feel. How dare they restrict our natural talents!

But occasionally that hidden muscle twitches... you get a "hunch"... or you think of someone and moments later they call, or you bump into them... or perhaps you suddenly think of a song for no reason and then switch on the radio and it's playing (that happened to me this morning!).

And when that muscle twitches, it's your psychic ability telling you it needs EXPRESSING.

So, let me ask –are YOU suppressing your natural psychic powers?

Perform Incredible Psycic Readings
"Please pass this to Bradley and publish on your site. I've read a lot of books and courses on psychic development. This is undoubtedly the #1 BEST!"
Crystal Chapman
"iManagement Solutions"
Taylor Street, Washington DC
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Inner ESP

Here's the TRUTH Behind Psychic Powers & How They Work!
PLUS - Discover the SECRETS My Students Learned in London.
-- And How YOU Can Learn Them Too!

I've been involved in the world of self-development for a long time.

And as anyone in my position will tell you, there is one ultimate truth that persists throughout the whole of self-development, spirituality and even through science (thanks to a number of recent, exciting quantum physics breakthroughs). And that truth is... we're all connected.

If you've EVER read the Celestine Prophecy, the Attractor Factor, the Self-Aware Universe, the Holographic Universe, the Red Circle, It Works!, the Cosmic Ordering System, or the Power of Intention, you'll know what I mean.

We're all ultimately connected at a deeper level. We're all part of an all-knowing universe. A sort of massive database of knowledge that we can tap into when needed.

Psychic ability is nothing more than the ABILITY to tap into that database!
Three years ago, I held my first seminar in Scotland. I promised my students I would show them how to tap into their psychic ability within a week. And I promised that I would literally PROVE it to them.

I DID... I showed them how to read minds. How to Astral Travel. How to enjoy "Psychic Sex". How to predict the future. What telepathy is and how to use it. I revealed what "Angels" really were. I even showed my students how to solve ANY problem overnight - and they DID.

Psychic ability is REAL. I proved it to my students - and I will prove it to you!

After my original seminars, I was prompted to put what I knew into some form of online course. I was initially hesitant - but knew such a project had potential. So I began. And for two years, I've been refining my techniques and developing what I believe to be the ULTIMATE course in psychic development.

It's name? Quite simply – "Be Psychic!"

And NOW, for the first time ever... I want to share it ALL. With YOU!

Astral Travel
"You were an amazing teacher, Bradley. But the new course is even better. I've made amazing advances since we met in London. You won't believe how much embracing my natural psychic power has enriched my life!!"
Robert Johnson
Original Student
Lee Green, London, SE12
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Esp & Astral Travel

Discover Why Most Courses STOP Your Psychic Development -
And WHY My Brand NEW Course, With THREE E-Books
PLUS Psychic Software & Audio CDs - IS THE BEST!

If you've ever read a book on psychic development, you'll know one thing.

Most guides contain nothing but pure "FLUFF". Useless information designed to fill pages and waste time!

Well, let's get one thing VERY clear. I do NOT believe in wasting your time.

I'll share information that'll enable you to INSTANTLY activate your psychic powers. And I will literally PROVE the entire process to you. And if you're a skeptic - follow my steps and you'll PROVE it to yourself!

Plus, unlike the mass of skimpy e-books available, "Be Psychic!" is actually the most COMPREHENSIVE COURSE on psychic development available - ANYWHERE in the world! And trust me, I've checked!

Be Psychic! consists of THREE SEPARATE BOOKS - each crammed with over 90 pages of secrets. You'll receive an honest low-down on literally EVERY type of AMAZING PSYCHIC POWER. From intuition to mind reading, from Astral Travel to healing, from spirits to crystal balls, from auras to numerology.

Is it SAFE? Does it REALLY WORK? Will it BENEFIT me? HOW can I use it?

I give you the HONEST answers. Because a LOT of it is pure rubbish. I'll guide you to the golden gems!

The course is also bundled with FREE psychic software - and an amazing THREE CDs absolutely PACKED with audio exercises to enhance your psychic experience.



In BOOK ONE, Discover Your SECRET Psychic Hotline
- And How You Can Call It 24/7 -
For Absolute INSTANT Answers - ON DEMAND!

Imagine you're given a SECRET number to dial your personal psychic hotline. You can INSTANTLY receive predictions about the future, gain valuable insights into your life, solve problems instantly, or locate lost items.

You can call up on behalf of friends... you can call up whenever you need cash, or love, or advice... you
can call up WHENEVER.

In Book One of my course, I show you exactly how to tap into your own inner "Psychic Hotline". I'll show you exactly how to read minds and even send "P-mail" to other people telepathically. You'll amaze yourself at some of the simple experiments you can do to PROVE your psychic talents are REALLY improving.

Predict the FUTURE... Read minds... Discover ANSWERS to problems... BOOST your career!

You'll also find my unique EIGHT-STEP FORMULA for unleashing your intuition and expanding your FULL psychic potential. You'll gain an instant secret advantage over everyone else around you.

And remember, it's up to you whether you tell others about your hidden talents!

Powerful Psychic Course

"I never realized why I wasn't getting results until I discovered the (secret) part of the Psychic Hotline technique. It's so simple but I've not found it in one single psychic development book so far. Without it, you don't have a chance of developing. So why doesn't every book tell you about this?"

M.van Zuijlen
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Find The Inner Psychic

In BOOK THREE, Discover the World's Most AMAZING Talent!
Instantly Profit from Millions in CIA Research -
And Learn How to Travel to the Fourth Dimension!

Did you know that the US Government and the Standard Research Institute have independently proven that "remote viewing" is a genuine psychic talent?

It's true. The CIA pumped millions of dollars into research during Project Scanate, Project Grill Flame, Operation Sun Streak and Operation Stargate. When these files were recently declassified, they showed the proven success of remote viewers –and how their findings of Russian military targets were verified by satellite imagery years later.

It's immediately verifiable - just do a Google search. And thanks to research conducted by both the USA and Russian governments, you can benefit from their knowledge –and travel to other places (and even other times) while remaining in the comfort of your home!

Discover foreign countries. Find hidden islands and long-lost treasure. Journey off to far-away planets. Disappear back into 1920's Broadway and discover secrets nobody else knows. Jet off into the future and discover happenings before anyone else.

EVER wished you could be a fly on the wall? This is YOUR chance to be that INVISIBLE person.

It may sound strange, but it's easily understood when you begin to understand that you're simply tapping into the "universal consciousness". That's the huge "database" I was talking about.

The whole theory is actually based on science: that all matter is energy. Einstein proved it with his famous E=MC2 equation. The Holographic Universe theory took it even further. Psychic ability is at the cutting edge of science. It's just that most scientists don't realize it yet!

In Book Three of my course, I'll show you'll EXACTLY how to enjoy "remote viewing" and "Astral Travel" in just minutes. You'll learn how to travel on the astral plane while you're awake and during your dreams.

I'll tell you what IS and ISN'T possible. I'll debunk the MYTHS and I'll share the absolute TRUTH with you. Plus I'll tell you the half-dozen things you absolutely MUST do before starting any astral travel session.
And trust me: they're not what you might think!!

Tune Your Natural ESP

"I enjoyed my fifth Astral Travel session today - and it's only three weeks since I bought the course. Amazing. I journey to different worlds, chat to whoever I want. And thirty minutes seems like a lifetime... and I love every single second of it!!"

Isaac Fels
Saint Paris, OH, 43072
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Develop Incredible Psychic Ability

But Don't Think That's All I'm Going to Share.
Including Animals, Plants, Others & YOURSELF!

You've heard of healing hands? How would YOU like the ability to heal plants, animals and people –using your own inner energy?

You see, everything in life is simply energy. By transferring and shifting energy, you can help other less spiritually-connected individuals heal themselves. And you can do it all once you discover your hidden psychic ability!

I'll show you a simple experiment to PROVE that healing works. It just takes a few days and it's guaranteed to AMAZE you!

But that's not all. In Book Two, I'll tell you how to read auras so you can tell the exact illness an individual is suffering from. I'll show you how to perform REMOTE healing, so you don't even have to be nearby.

And I'll show you how to heal EVERYONE. From animals to planets, from other people –right down to yourself. Yes, I'll show YOU how to stay strong and HEALTHY using your OWN psychic ability!

Every one of my long-standing business associates know I've not had a cold or flu in over thirty years and I put it all down to my ability to self-heal. And in my Be Psychic! course, I'll show you everything I know.


But That's Just a TINY TASTE of What I'll Share With YOU!
Give Me a Chance & I'll Show You What to Develop


If you imagine that your psychic power is an undeveloped muscle, would you really want to set off running before you can even walk? Of course not –it could do some real damage!

You need an experienced guide to show you the way. And I can do that for you!

For example, do you know the five things you absolutely MUST do before starting on any psychic journey? Miss just one of these and you could open yourself to potential danger. I'll show you what to do –and how to keep yourself permanently protected.

Or how about the one healing secret that NOBODY will tell you? Ignore my advice and you could end up feeling more ill than the person you're trying to heal.

I cover it ALL in my three-book course. AND THERE'S EVEN MORE, TOO. You'll ALSO discover:

Develop Astral Projection And ESP   Finding The Psychic Within
Meditation And Psychic Development Why Meditation is Absolutely 100% Critical to Psychic Development
– But it's not the sort of meditation you think. This is actually fun!
Psychic Toolkit The Secret Utilities Stored in your Psychic Toolkit
- The simple formula you should follow to find out anything at any time!
Psychic Development Amazing FIVE MONTH Day-by-Day Psychic Development Plan -
– Discover what to do each and every day to enhance your psychic powers!!
Numbers And Psychic Ability

Numerology - And Whether It's All Fact or Fiction!
–Discover the hidden history and truths behind the "science of numbers".

Predict The Future With Psychic Abilities

The "Make at Home" Device That Can Predict the Future!
– Build this little tool and it will provide instant answers to any question. Amazing!!

Spiritual Psychics

The Absolute 100% TRUTH Behind the Spirit World
–Your guide to séances, automatic writing and angels. What to do, what not to do.

Dreams And Psychic Power

What Dreams MEAN - And How to Tap Into Their Power!
–Your sleeping hours are the most powerful of your day. Discover how to use them!

Develop Powers For Helping Others

How to Enjoy a Living as a PSYCHIC - Helping Everyone!
– Discover the ultimate job. Help people across the globe and get paid for it!

Psychic Ability And Telepathy

The SECRETS of Telepathy - and "P-Mail"!
–Save your phone bill. Send psychic messages, with my top secret system!

Psychic Tarot Card Knowledge

Everyone Uses TAROT Cards - But What Really ARE They?
–Discover what they're really about - and how you can use them to your advantage.

Cosmic Psychic Training

Uncover the POWER Behind "The Cosmic Ordering System"
–Use the power of your mind to help your goals materialize within minutes!

Discover With Psychic Powers Discover How to ENJOY Life More Than Ever Before!
–Read psychic solutions for confidence, health, career, money & happiness!
Sense And Know The Unknown Know Information You Couldn't POSSIBLY Know!
– Impress everyone with your intuition and instant knowledge of everything.
Psychic Knowledge How to READ AURAS - Ignore What Everyone ELSE Says!
– Find out what auras really are - how to read them, and what to "ignore".
Powerful Psychic Knowledge Of Relationships Improve Every Single Relationship In Your Life -
–Communicate easier, uncover intuition, easily solve troubles & enjoy "psychic sex".
Communicate With ESP   With Astral Travel

I'll explain EACH of these areas of psychic development and I'll tell you exactly what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do. I guarantee you'll never find a clearer guide.

Plus, there's something I can absolutely promise. I only EVER cover psychic methods that are 100% SAFE.

I don't believe in playing with unknown forces or tapping into weird "magic" that we know nothing about. I believe in an innate psychic ability inherent within each of us. And I believe in tapping into that power, just like exercising a long-lost muscle.

Developing your psychic powers is SAFE. When you learn with me, I GUARANTEE it.

Finding The Inner ESP

"Please publish this on your front page. If you're thinking about having a go at the course, please do. It will improve every part of your life - relationships, wealth, health. Feel free to e-mail me with queries or any questions. Thank you, Bradley. You've given me back my wholesome life!"

Howard Miller
Systems Administrator
Billings, MT, 59101
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Use Your Psychic Ability

With Your NEW Built-In Psychic Powers!


How would YOU like to have a SECRET advantage over EVERYONE else? A secret knowledge... a skill that enables you to know things they don't... to gain insights into information you couldn't possibly know...

Could you STOP SUPPRESSING your sixth sense - and finally begin to discover your intuition?

BEGIN to enjoy that FREEDOM -- by developing your own special PSYCHIC POWERS!

I want to be your guide on that special psychic journey. I promise to hold your hand, to keep you safe, and to help you experience your full and amazing psychic potential!

The "Be Psychic!" course consists of Book One, Book Two and Book Three –each further developing your psychic potential. You'll discover everything I've mentioned on this page, plus a WHOLE lot more!

Remember, there's NO FLUFF. Just PURE information to help you develop your psychic powers in absolute RECORD time.

Audio bonus!

Following a fantastic cash injection from our publishers, WCCL, we're now distributing 3 BONUS AUDIO CDs for use with the psychic course. You'll receive dozens of PROFESSIONALLY NARRATED AUDIO EXERCISES that you can begin listening to right away! Not only that, I wrote the scripts for each of the exercises myself, so you can be sure of TOTAL quality!


Our publishers have just released four exciting new software products that work hand-in-hand with the "Be Psychic!" course. These include the Color Wheel, the Intuition Machine, the Meditation Station and the Visualization Station. You'll receive FULL COPIES of each of these programs when you buy the course! Now THAT is one fantastic deal!!


Remember, this is the ULTIMATE course in psychic development. You won't find it anywhere else and it is genuinely the only thing you'll EVER need to develop your full psychic potential.

CD cover Be-Psychic

BUT WAIT! Here's Something Extra...


Why? Because I'm going to tell you all about the five FANTASTIC bonuses I'm going to send your way if you decide to try out my new "Be Psychic!" course today.

Develop Powerful ESP

"I want to be honest, I planned to return the course. But I learned so much. I love the 'P-Mail' idea, really great. I've also healed my poor dog's leg much quicker than expected, and even used Astral Travel to speak with my adult heroine..."

Moses Abassi
Trollhättan, Sweden
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Develop Powerful Psychic Abilities

And Now - Review EXACTLY What You'll Receive

Interested in getting started?

Your new psychic world begins here. And just to recap, here's EXACTLY what you'll receive when you order the entire "Be Psychic!" course:

Be Psychic, Guaranteed

AMAZING Books One, Two & Three of "BE PSYCHIC!" –RRP $285. The entire course series, covering everything from reading minds to developing your intuition, from calling your inner psychic hotline to reading auras, from dowsing to astral project. You get it all! Each book is around 90 pages in length, and is distributed in electronic format.

Intuition And ESP

FREE 14 BONUS AUDIO TRACKS –RRP $89.95. An amazing THREE CDs filled with audio exercises to complement each of the "Be Psychic!" books. Relax to the music and follow the narrator as he takes you on a journey to experience your true psychic potential!

Your Psychic Potential

FREE SOFTWARE TOOLS –RRP $149.95. Enjoy FULL versions of the Color Wheel, the Intuition Machine, the Meditation Station and the Visualization Station. Including bonus audio sounds and hundreds of fantastic photographs to meditate to!

That's OVER $1000 of material and FREE bonus gifts. And we'll send it all to you for the staggeringly LOW price of just... $US159.95.
As part of special marketing drive, we're currently reducing the entire "Be Psychic!" course and all its bonuses down to just $US99.95



CD cover Be-Psychic
Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection required to activate the course.
Course is electronic and shipped on three data & audio CDs.

Remember. I want to PROVE to you that you have psychic abilities – and I want to show you exactly how YOU can take advantage of your secret inner talent.

And all you have to do is click the link Above

Be A Powerful Psychic

"I'm 56 years old and can only say that I wish I'd discovered these natural talents sooner. It's like I now have a secret gift nobody else knows about. My life has improved amazingly since starting. It's great to experience such a totally natural talent!"

James Randall
Perton, Wolverhampton, UK
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Final word from Bradley Thompson

We all possess a secret hidden talent inside ourselves.

It's the ability to tap into anything else, anywhere else in the universe through the power of the mind. Some call it "psychic ability", others call it "sixth sense", still others call it "touching the hologram".

It's how birds communicate. It's simply realizing that everything is energy –and that we're starting to learn how to flex a muscle we've ignored for way too long.

So NOW is the time to begin, and I'm absolutely sure you'll experience FANTASTIC success when you allow me to teach you the techniques I've developed.

If you've had even the SLIGHTEST gut feeling about this course as you've read my letter ,then your higher self is talking to you.

Trust it. Get your copy and prepare for an exciting journey. You'll thank the minute you clicked onto this page forever.

At just $99.95, it's less than the cost of one night in a decent hotel room.
Isn't your psychic development worth at least that much?

Wishing you well ,and thanks for your time,

Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson
Self Development Author,

PS. Leave this page, and you've DISCARDED this offer forever. You may never get another chance to develop your psychic ability in the way I'm offering to teach you. Remember, these are EXCLUSIVE techniques you will not find ANYWHERE ELSE. So TRUST your intuition.

PPS. Remember that this course is like having me PERSONALLY training you! You'll receive fourteen BONUS audio tracks when you purchase, on three separate CDs ,just sit back and follow my mind-expanding instructions. It's THAT easy! Where else would you get that level of personal attention?

PPPS. Still not convinced? I invite you to try out the many other resources available on the Internet and offline. However rest-assured that my course is undeniably the best ,with its bonus material, customized software and three separate books, "Be Psychic!" is the ultimate psychic development tool. It's the result of TWO SOLID YEARS of hard work