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Make your intentions for 2007.

What would you like to
achieve this year?



You Are Only One Click Away to Make Your Dreams Come True!

- When was the last time one of your dreams came true?
- How did you feel when it happened?

Isn’t it one of the most exciting moments in your life where every fiber of your being glows from happiness?

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful in manifesting their dreams than others?

Is it just bare luck?
Does God rule over it?
Are some born with successful and predetermined genes?
Imagine if there was an exact scientific method to manifest all of your dreams. Imagine your life if you finally have the knowledge and skills to turn all your dreams into reality.

Quantum Physics Reveals: You Create Your Own Reality!
Quantum physics states that by the act of observing you’re already starting to create and manifest reality. For the first time in history, science is able to provide the evidence of what mystics and enlightened people have claimed through the ages.

“Your thoughts create your reality and what you experience!”

If you look closely matter is all energy, as stated in Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2. More importantly - what you recognize as the outside world is an exact reflection of your own world; your world of ideas, beliefs and concepts. Your mental image creates the world that you perceive as outside.

Your Thoughts Are The Blueprint of Your Life’s Experience
If you want to build a house, your thought comes first. If you want a new job, your thought comes first. If you want more money, that thought comes first. Your thoughts are the blueprint of the reality you build.

With each thought you create new possibilities that will sooner or later show up in your life as an opportunity you can act on.

Some call this the law of attraction; others call it the matrix. In quantum physics it is called the collapse of a superposition. Movies like “What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?” and “The Secret” have brought this knowledge into the mainstream.

Creating reality with your thoughts is a fundamental ability of your consciousness. It is built in, like a computer program on your hard drive. However, our thinking usually is on auto pilot. For example, you open the mailbox and look at the bills and you are having a thought like this (silent voice): “I hate all these bills.” This thought will only create more bills! Why? Because whatever you direct your attention on will manifest. This is the law of attraction.

When you start thinking with deliberate intention, you will manifest what you want. For example: “I have more money than I need every month”. This too, is the law of attraction.

Use Your Thoughts to Manifest Your Dreams
Statistics on rich and successful people show that simply shifting their thinking is the major key that has changed their lives. Manifesting your dreams does not depend on your education, on your ethnicity or heritage, and in no way is it determined by your environment. It is only the result of your thinking!

I Feel I Have a New Control Over My Life
“ The Dream Manifestation Wizard is the most wonderful and simple software I have seen on a computer. With this software I can start to shape my life goals and have a gentle reminder come up on my screen to help them take to life. I feel I have a new control over my life and can’t wait to refine and make more concrete the dreams that I have hidden and are now bubbling up.”

Warren Birnbaum
Portland Oregon


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
— Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple Computer, Inc.

Direct Your Thinking Toward the Reality You Want to Create
Developing and formalizing your thoughts is the first step in transforming any dream into reality. There is now a remarkably simple tool to help you accomplish this.

The Dream Manifestation Wizard™ is a software for your computer that does one thing, and does it in a very profound and astonishing way – it reminds you of your dreams, helping align your thoughts until those dreams are manifested in your life.

Mastering Your Thinking with the Dream Manifestation Wizard™
The Dream Manifestation Wizard™ will help you shape your reality exactly the way you want it. You will be able to say goodbye to the following excuses:

If I had the money I would….
If I were younger I would…
If I knew I wouldn’t fail I would…
If I were in better health I would…
You will be able to transform these limiting beliefs into powerful and supporting beliefs like:

I have the money to do what I want
I am the perfect age to do what I want
I am successful at whatever I do
I am healthy and I can do whatever I want
How Does the Dream Manifestation Wizard™ Software Work?
Once started, the Wizard will ask you what dream you want to manifest in your life. The built-in ‘Dream Questionnaire’ guides you by exploring your strengths and talents. It will help you focus on what you are passionate about. By discovering your passion, you can realize your dreams, those dreams that have always been with you – just waiting to be revealed.

For most people this feels like waking up from a long slumber. You are instantly excited and motivated – you feel alive!

Once you know your dreams, you describe them in a Dream Template, by creating a multimedia event for your senses.

Next, you tell the Dream Manifestation Wizard™ how often you want to program your dream into your subconscious. Then, just, relax, sit back and work normally on your computer. The Dream Manifestation Wizard™, running in the background, will provide an audible cue - a gong - before it displays your multi-media Dream Template at the intervals you specified.

Now the magic happens!

Every time a Dream Template appears on you screen, you automatically place your attention on that dream, and therefore, begin to manifest it. Scientific studies have shown that by engaging your senses your attention ability expand tremendously.

Intention + Attention = Manifestation

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The Dream Manifestation Wizard™ creates an exact blueprint in your subconscious of what you want to manifest. Your subconscious mind will immediately start to work on turning your dream into reality, applying the latest discoveries in quantum physics to shift and direct your attention toward new possibilities.

Will it Work For Me?
As long as you use the Dream Manifestation Wizard™ your dream will manifest - and not only one dream, but all of them! It is the most profound and successful method you can use. It is the master key to unlock the unlimited power of your consciousness.

The Dream Manifestation Wizard™ comes complete with more than 100 Dream Templates, so you can start immediately manifesting what you always wanted.

What Dreams Can I Manifest in my Life?

The car you always wanted
The vacation you always deserved
Having wonderful, intimate relationships
Being healthy and slim
Creating the person you always wanted to be
Living in the dream house you always wanted
The ability to be successful
Getting rich and having as much money as you want
Experience the Hidden Power of Your Consciousness with the Use of Modern Science
There is no limit to what you can create in your life. Reach for your wildest dreams and manifest your full potential. Fulfilling your dreams is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to the world.


This is the Most Amazing Manifestation Tool I Have Used Yet!
“ I purchased this program shortly after Thanksgiving of this year(2006).

Since having a thyroidectomy in 1999 I have been unable to control my weight. I have spent thousands of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers, dieticians, and nutritionists, not to mention the many doctors I have turned to for help.

Right after stating my intention to loose weight in a healthy way I met with a new doctor.

She ran tests that no other doctor had ever run and was able to determine that I lacked the ability to looses weight metabolically. She put me on a new thyroid medication and the weight is dropping off!

I believe that I was able to manifest this using the Dream Manifesto program and it worked very quickly! I found the answer I had been looking for. I had been searching for answers for almost eight years and the anwers were provided shortly after I began using the program.

I am a believer in manifestation. What is amazing is how quickly this program speed up the process. This is the most amazing manifestation tool I have used yet!”

Ruth Robertson, Herndon Virginia


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The Dream Manifestation Wizard™ runs on Windows XP and is available for immediate download.

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The Dream Manifestation Wizard™


Make your intentions for 2007.

What would you like to
achieve this year?

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The Dream Manifestation Wizard™




Law of Attraction in 30 MinutesTM

New Year's Resolutions become a thing of the past with the Law of Attraction - every day can become like New Year's Day if you follow the guidelines in the book and use the tools to make your resolutions come true throughout the year.

This week's question is from Ida B, Ohio, who asks:
" Do I have to spend exactly 30 minutes using the tools I purchased from you? And what if I miss a session?"

GK writes:
" Ida, 30 minutes is the minimum you should aim for when you start out. It is not a hard and fast rule, but it has worked for many of my students. Obviously if you can dedicate more than 30 minutes, then that will help with your focus and move you closer to your desires. But less than this will not harm your efforts provided you are committed in the time you do use.

Please do not feel that this is a daily chore or one that HAS to be done in one 30 minute session every single day. I myself often choose to break up my 'fun work', as I call it, using the tools in 3 or 4 sessions each comprising of just a few minutes each. Basically, I take time when I can get it.

The final thing I would emphasise is that it really is the quality that counts. You can achieve as much with 5 - 10 minutes of quality concentration than 30 minutes when your focus is not quite there and you are just going through the motions.

If you are struggling with 30 minutes why not reduce it in 5/10 minute increments until you feel comfortable. You can always increase it as the pleasure comes back - and this should always be about feeling good, right?"


Law of Attraction in 30 MinutesTM will give you the knowledge to use The Law to literally transform every area of your life.
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