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"As long as there is breath in my body
I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth."

The Law of Attraction


Name the Top 3 Things You Want in Life"...Then Use The Most Powerful Force in the Universe to Acquire Them,,,

Are you aware of what a powerful creator you are? Do you know that everything that is happening to you or has ever happened to you is, without exception, in full response to your thoughts — and more importantly — the emotions behind those thoughts? Take a look at your life. There are probably some areas you're really happy with and some areas you're not so happy with. You may even believe you are a victim of your circumstances. I'm here to tell you, you are not a victim! It's simply a matter of understanding how to play the Game (of Life) by understanding the rules...the Laws that define the Game.

VHS110 Attracting Love :Video Hypnosis

Would you agree that whether you believe in the law of gravity or not, it exists? It is the same with Universal Laws. They exist and affect you whether you are aware of them or not. However, Universal Laws are far more powerful than gravity. Gravity affects earth. Universal Laws are infinite and beyond all boundaries.

"You don't have to "believe" in these principles. They work every time, as they have for thousands of years without fail."

Ultimate EBay eBooks Collection.

Of all the Laws, the single most powerful law is the Law of Attraction which says: "That which is likened unto itself is drawn" or more simply put, "Like attracts like". This means that what you are focused on, you draw to you. Here's how it works. When you are focused on what you want, you are attracting to you what you want. When you are focused on what you do not want, you are attracting to you what you do not want.

Look outside the square

You are the masterpiece of your own life, you are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David that you are sculpting is you. Joe Vitale, on Larry King Live.

Einstein showed what sages have taught for thousands of years: everything in our world--animate and inanimate--is made of energy. Many new age gurus advocate letting go of the negative emotions, or toxic energies, we have in order to create the life we really want. But they don't tell us HOW.

Attracting Love :
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Visualization and manifestation are hot topics these days, and Larry King asks about them. “I don't think visualization by itself is quite enough.” Vitale tells him. “A lot of people are using mental imagery and they are getting some results, not always the results that they want, not always as fast as they want. You have to add feeling to it. When you're visualizing that you're in this new car or in your Maui home or whatever it happens to be, you don't just see the picture of it… you feel it, you see it, you live it. When you do that, you accelerate the manifestation process. You go way beyond positive thinking.”

Do You Know About the SINGLE SECRET
Which Connects These THREE Things?

After you focus on what you want and visualize it with feeling, Joe tells King, you take action. In The Attractor Factor, he listed five steps to achieving whatever you want, but he’s boiled it down to one. “Be happy in this moment. Be happy now. This is the point of power. Everything else is in the past or in the future.”

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If you're tired of the endless treadmill you've been on, and if you would like to learn how to attract into your life everything you have always dreamed of at lightning speed - Money, Success, Romance, Health, Happiness - then this might be the most important web page you'll ever read.

How To Create The Life You Want To Live
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Here are some ways of expressing the Law of Attraction:

Birds of a feather flock together
Like attracts like
Whatever you want wants you
What you sow, you reap
What you put out you get back
What comes around goes around


Imagine you’re having a dream. In that dream what exactly are YOU? Are YOU the physical dream character you identify with? No, of course not — that’s just your dream avatar. YOU are the dreamer. The entire dream occurs within your consciousness. All dream characters are projections of your dream thoughts, including your avatar. In fact, if you learn lucid dreaming, you can even switch avatars in your dream by possessing another character. In a lucid dream, you can do anything you believe you can.

Law of Attraction in 30 MinutesTM

We attract that which we think about and feel, on a regular basis. Everything that is in our lives has been ‘attracted’ in by ourselves. By our thoughts and by our feelings.

That is hard for most of us to accept, but it is important that you do accept this before you can move on and positively change what you are attracting into your life, for the better.

At the same time, it is wise not to apportion blame for the bad in your life. Simply accept that you have created all that is in your life – good and bad. Then move on to changing the bad in your life to good.

Once you accept that you have attracted the bad into your life, then you’ll realise that only you can remove it by attracting other good things into your life. Do not focus on the bad.

Law of Attraction in 30 MinutesTM is your mini guide to discovering and applying the principles behind the Law of Attraction.

This simple guide can be read and absorbed very quickly. Plus it contains powerful tools to help you apply this Universal Law for your own benefit.
The Law of Attraction is the most powerful Universal Law. It can bring you your greatest desires.

The best investment you will ever make

Seems everyone’s talking about the Law of Attraction, but do you know how to use it to your advantage? You may know nothing of it. But what you do know is that you want things to change in your life. I know you're not completely unhappy with you lot in life, but you just know that there is far more that you want to do. That is why you are reading this right now.

You don't simply want to work hard everyday, do chores on a weekend and go for a holiday once a year (if you're lucky), then retire and think about what could have been.

Nope. That wasn't for me and I'm sure it's not how you see your life mapping out in front of you.

If you're like me, you still have dreams to explore, things you still want to see, things you still want to do, people you still want to me. In a nutshell, you want to live life to the fullest.

Law of Attraction in 30 MinutesTM will give you the knowledge to use The Law to literally transform every area of your life.
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Do You Make These "Law of Attraction" Blunders? - By Bob Doyle

Learning about the "Law of Attraction" can be one of the grandest blessings you can receive in your life. When you learn the true "cause" of your experience of reality, and that you can actually ALTER that reality in any way that you wish, it opens a door of Infinite Possibility!

After all, imagine that any level of wealth can be yours! Your life can be enriched with the most fulfilling relationships imaginable! You can spend your time doing only those things you love, and in return, experience abundance that seems impossible from the outside looking in!

However, too many people learn only the "basics" of the Law of Attraction, and as a result make common mistakes that make it appear as though this universal law does not apply to them, and in fact gives them results completely OPPOSITE of what they desire.

Before going into these mistakes, let's review what the Law of Attraction actually is. It's deceptively simple: Energy attracts Like Energy.

Broken down a little more, this means that everything in this Universe (physical and non-physical) IS Energy that vibrates at various frequencies. And it is the nature of the vibrations of this Energy to "attract" themselves to vibrations of a similar frequency. In other words, one "cluster" of Energy attracts itself to other "clusters" of Energy in which it is in vibrational resonance.

This happens on both a very small and very large scale. For our purposes, we are talking about the very common idea that our "thoughts create our reality".

This simple statement leads to people making the following mistakes and assumptions, because while thought IS Energy, and it DOES attract, it's not always so straightforward.

How many of these mistakes apply to you?

1. Believing that "Positive Thinking" is enough to attract what you want.

The reality is that many people use various forms of positive thinking on a conscious level (such as affirmations), only to cancel out those thoughts on a subconscious level.

For example, telling yourself "I am lean, healthy, and energetic" when the mirror says something different, usually results in your subconscious saying, "No you're not!!". Further, this subconscious rebuttal is generally highly charged with emotion, and thus a very powerful attractor.

Therefore, if left unchecked, the use of affirmations can give you a very strong OPPOSITE result of those things you are affirming, because at a much stronger level of conviction, you are canceling the positive message with a negative one.

2. Asking yourself, "Well, where is it?"

People ARE impatient. When they learn about the Law of Attraction, they often have high hopes that they will simply make their lists of desires, cut out pictures, or in some other way design their reality, and then after a couple of days, weeks, or even months, they're looking around saying, "Well?? Where is it??".

The problem isn't that the Universe can't deliver quickly. The problem is that you were never REALLY vibrating in a place of trust that what your desires is yours. You are more "testing the theory", then becoming impatient when the Universe doesn't deliver on your time schedule.

What you may not realize realize is that from the beginning of the process, there has been resistance. There has been a lack of "allowing" in terms of how and when your desire will be fulfilled, which shows itself through your expression of impatience.

Which leads to mistake number 3:

3. Determining ahead of time, HOW and WHEN you will attract what you want.

The Law of Attraction works because and when you allow it to. The nature of the Universe is infinite. Our conscious minds are not. When we have a desire, we very often tend to "figure out" how the Universe is going to deliver - be it through our jobs, the lottery, or some other source in particular.

When you attach yourself to one particular outcome, you are cutting off an infinite (literally) number of other ways your desire can be attracted.

4. Allowing your emotions to be led by "external evidence".

This is where people tend to give up. Because their experience of reality is different than what they are trying to attract, they allow themselves to feel frustrated, which of course, only acts to attract more of what will frustrate them.

This all starts because there is, on some level, a basic lack of trust that the Law of Attraction actually has scientific basis. Because after all, if you have TOTAL trust/faith, then your vibration will reflect that and two things will happen: 1) Your desire will come to you as quickly as possible, and 2) You literally won't give external reality a second thought, because you'll realize that what you're looking at now is simply a result of what you've been attracting to that point, and that change is on the way provided you hold your NEW vibration consistently.

5. Not taking care of your limiting beliefs that run at a deeper level.

As mentioned earlier, you have a lifetime of limiting beliefs that have helped to create the reality that you are now trying to change. You have manifested everything around you based on these beliefs, and the feelings associated with those beliefs.

These beliefs run so deep, that you hardly consider them "beliefs". They occur to you as just "how things are". Further, these beliefs have very specific emotions attached to them, and chances are you can FEEL these emotions on some level every time one of these beliefs shows themselves.

How will this show up?

Let's suppose you're wanting to manifest a large amount of money. When you think about that, there might be a certain emotion that immediately comes up for you. This might be associated with a thought like, "I'll never be able to attract that. It's too much.". This might be connected to a feeling that you don't DESERVE that amount, or you might feel frustrated with the "bigness" of it.

Either way, these negative emotions are the very energy that is REPELLING what you want! When you learn to RELEASE those emotions, you clear the way for the Universe to deliver what you desire, whatever it is. But until and unless you eliminate the resistance, you will not be in vibrational alignment with what you desire, and thus you can NOT experience it!

There are several "releasing" methods available, that can quickly and easily eliminate these energetic blocks.

These are just 5 of the more common mistakes that "newbies" to the Law of Attraction make.

By Bob Doyle

The Secret

The Secret has existed throughout the history of mankind. It has been discovered, coveted, suppressed, hidden, lost and recovered. It has been hunted down, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money. Now for the first time in history, The Secret is being revealed to the world.

A number of exceptional men and women discovered The Secret, and went on to become known as the greatest people who ever lived. Among them: Plato, Leonardo, Galileo, Napoleon, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison, Einstein and Carnegie, to name but a few.

Some of today's greatest teachers are presented in The Secret and impart this special wisdom that has been known by so few. They include some of the world's leaders in the fields of business, economics, medicine, psychology, history, theology and science. Each of these teachers is living proof of The Secret; each of them a walking marvel of achievement and success...

Included are:

'Miracle Man' Morris Goodman, who tells his awe inspiring story of how he recovered from paralysis by using The Secret;
Dr. Denis Waitley, who used various aspects of The Secret in training Olympic athletes and Apollo astronauts to reach new heights of human endeavour.
Best selling authors and philosophers including Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, James Ray and Joe Vitale, explain how they have created lives of phenomenal success utilising The Secret.
It also includes the only Australian chosen to appear on The Secret taking his life from poverty to riches, David Schirmer.
Doctors in the fields of medicine and quantum physics explain the science behind The Secret.
The Secret reveals amazing real life stories and testimonials of regular people who have changed their lives in profound ways. By applying The Secret they present instances of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles and achieving what many would regard as impossible.

The Secret reveals how to apply this powerful knowledge to your life in every area from health to wealth, to success and relationships.

The Secret is everything you have dreamed of... and is beyond your wildest dreams.

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