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252 pages
Includes Bonus CD with 2 soundtracks (Super Intelligence & Mozart Brain Boost) plus instruction session by author
Read the book, then plug your brain into
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"It was August 1987. I hit a turning point. In a Southern California recording studio, experimenting with sound, phasing certain audio frequencies, I stumbled upon a combination that was mind-blowing to say the least. Within seconds I was sucked into a deep meditative trance unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. Plugged into a Mind Mirror (an EEG machine that measures brainwaves as well as hemispheric synchronization) I was amazed to see the bursts of Alpha and Theta activity. I was tripping into an altered state of consciousness...big time.

It was late afternoon when I finished laying down the final audio tracks of what was to become, the Brain Supercharger® soundtrack. Walking out of that recording studio with the masters in hand, I felt an inexplicable awe. The flat afternoon sun washed everything in a surreal shade of twilight. I was acutely aware of my surroundings and yet I felt connected to a greater dimension focused somewhere in my mind. I was alert and felt more alive than ever...a high level of energy surged through my body. I kept thinking to myself, —If other people have a similar experience as I just did listening to the final cut of this could change their lives."

About me and my business. At that point in time I had no idea how many people would even be remotely interested in the concept of mind development, let alone plug in their brains for 28 minutes each day. But it was my passion, so I followed it. And I've been on this path ever since. After the first Brain Supercharger ad appeared in OMNI magazine, I received thousands of calls from people wanting to try it...paying up to $50 for a single cassette tape. It was then that I began to realize the impact this was going to have on people. Even then, my wildest expectations could not envision the abundance of support I received from every part of the globe.

Since its debut in 1988, over 500,000 soundtracks incorporating the Brain Supercharger technology have been distributed throughout the world. Today, I believe the demand for mind development tools, meditation programs, and personal growth technologies is stronger than ever. The pursuit of self-improvement has gone mainstream.— The above is from the opening of...Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes to a Supercharged Brain. Read it. Then plug your brain into Super Intelligence" and Mozart Brain Boost" (the 2 soundtracks on your bonus Brain Supercharger CD). I believe you'll discover this technology to be the "Holy Grail" of mind technologies. Not just because millions were spent developing and promoting it. No. It's because of how it can make you feel. But don't take my word for it. Plug in your brain and prove it to yourself.

(The following is a reprint from the beginning of Chapter 5 in the Super Brain Power book Of course it is out of context, but the entire book (252 pages) will be included in your kit and it will make more sense when you read it in its entirety.)

Chapter 5:"Plugging-In" To Super Intelligence

It's called Super Intelligence, the first experimental soundtrack on the CD enclosed with this book. Incorporating the Brain Supercharger technology, it includes mindscripting affirmations specific to creativity, intuition, learning, and intelligence. Through regular use of this tool, it will be possible for you to evoke an Alpha-Theta mind state and hold your brain there long enough to experience deep relaxation. When you do this, it's possible to enjoy the benefits of whole brain synchrony. A state of consciousness achieved when the EEG patterns of both hemispheres are simultaneously equal in amplitude and frequency. To what purpose? What is the ultimate goal of this? The objective is transcendencethe transformation of your being. This is an entirely new level of experience, that is beyond your thinking or intellect. You could call it a state of super consciousness or super intelligence—the evolution of man into superman. That is the purpose. The training of the human mind to evolve consciousness to a godlike quality of enlightened awareness.

This does not mean you are going to have a mystical experience the first time you plug into Super Intelligence. What it does mean is that you have a powerful transformational tool with which to experiment. It's an opportunity to experience the technology first hand and explore altered mind states associated with deep meditation and higher consciousness. I think you'll be impressed by the possibilities it will open up for you.

Zap Stress, Boost Brainpower, & Expand Consciousness
For you, the first time you listen may result in a pleasant, relaxing experience. Or it could be something much more. It depends on a number of factors including your level of personal development. As you use this tool frequently, you should notice a cumulative effect that is subtle but profound. A primary benefit most everyone experiences (from only a short period of regular use) is a decline in stress level. Stress prevents you from functioning at your optimum so any reduction of stress can allow you to approach your daily life with less effort and greater joy in everything you do. For many people, there is a deeper experience I have been alluding to, which may occur after only a few weeks or months of regular use. It might happen all at once in a sudden flash, or develop over time through a series of minor sparks of insight. This is the peak experience or moment of enlightened awareness I was talking about earlier. Accessing a higher state of consciousness and releasing your genius potential, which is what this program is all about. And it's why the soundtrack on your CD is titled Super Intelligence. It's not the kind of intelligence you measure on IQ tests. No. It's more of a cosmic intelligence or "super" consciousness. Accessing a potential that is possible only through direct experience.

What is it? Let's take a few minutes and try and put into words something that transcends words. Enlightenment simply means that one is privileged to see and hear what's been there all along but which others fail to perceive. It's like being able to suddenly see in the dark. The experience is not reserved for the deeply spiritual or the genius mind. It can happen to anyone willing to explore their inner potential. In this state your mind begins disappearing into the experience. You sense an overwhelming blissful sense of oneness and connectedness to all things. People describe it as feeling more "centered" and having a greater sense of "aliveness" and "focus" as they engage in their daily activities. This is the ecstasy of awareness.

As your consciousness evolves into this new awareness you'll see everything in your life as distinctly as before but with a new mind that perceives the universe in a completely different way. As I've said and many others before me have as well, it is impossible to describe, and can really only be experienced to be understood. And when experienced—even for a moment—it's so profound it can instantly transform you forever. That is the true intent and purpose of the Brain Supercharger technology. To help you experience those states of consciousness, and return to life renewed, enlivened with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Every Age Has Its Enlightened Culture
Many of history's creative geniuses have had enlightened experiences. Their sudden transformation of consciousness was the seed for many breakthrough inventions and literary ideas that left a permanent mark on the world. These include authors, inventors and creative thinkers such as Emerson, D.H. Lawrence, Kipling and more. Wordsworth spoke of his trance-like states that he entered to stimulate his creative thinking. Mozart walked alone at night to hear the whole of his composition revealed to him in a flash of a dream. Poinecarrie, too, used the semi-hypnotic state of the morning or evening to stimulate visions of mathematical breakthroughs.

Einstein took naps during his working day to develop new theories. Wagner would force himself to stay awake late into the night until his mind was in the semi-hypnotic trance to come up with new musical themes. Bohr, the physicist, dreamed of a planetary system as the model for the atomic structure which led eventually to a Nobel prize, while he was in the state of hypnotic trance. The laboratory procedure for the development of insulin came from a dream state, as did thousands of other famous inventions and discoveries.

But these breakthrough experiences are not limited to geniuses or visionaries or artists or inventors. With this technology, you can slip your mind into its most receptive state for stimulating these peak experiences. Simply listening to Super Intelligence on a regular basis induces that special mental mode which is optimum for liberating the higher wisdom and intuition of the creative genius within us all.

Becoming One With The Sound
As you listen, the frequency matrix in the recording takes you from a conscious "Beta" state into a deeper more relaxed "Alpha-Theta" state until you mentally disappear into the sound. The objective you are working toward is that the observing mind (your ego) and the sounds that you're contemplating actually fuse into one. The powerful audio matrix forces the mind to follow the soundwaves and your brain becomes so deeply absorbed by the "beat" that you become oblivious to your surroundings. Driven inward, the brain is fed with a powerful flow of psychic energy that provides that flash of illumination and intense awareness.

As the experience unfolds; you are forced to go through various stages of deeper relaxation and altered consciousness, quite unlike sleep or your normal waking state. You feel the pleasant bodily sensations of floating and experience vivid awareness of your breathing and your heartbeat. Lucid mental images increase and there is sometimes an alteration between internal and external awareness. As you go deeper, you may feel a detached calmness which becomes extremely satisfying. You may feel intuitive insights and see old concepts in new ways, especially in the relationship of opposites.

Entering these mind states on a frequent basis has been known to provoke a shift into a higher level of consciousness. This is often not without some emotional disturbance preceding the shift. Early on in the development of the Brain Supercharger technology, I discovered one of the side effects was a tendency for the listener to experience cathartic events prior to a shift in awareness. Just as is the case with certain meditation practices, the process can surface repressed emotions, unresolved feelings of anger, fear, guilt, or grief. This is not only common, but an important part of the personal growth process. To reach a higher level of consciousness requires breaking old patterns and unresolved feelings that are blocking your path. It's like disturbing the muddy bottom of a pond. It may look clear on the surface until you stir up the muck underneath. Just surfacing these emotional blocks and negative feelings is often all that is required to breakthrough to the next...


(The following is a reprint from the beginning of Chapter 7 in the Super Brain Power book.)

Chapter 7: The Way of a Mind Warrior

As the new millennium unfolds, it presents incredible challenges and opportunities. Science will unlock the genetic code, and all disease will be curable. Computers will connect everyone, everywhere, providing instant access to everything. Free energy will be perfected. People will travel the world in minutes. We will colonize space—journey to Mars and other planets. These things are within our reach now.

The mastery of genetics, atomics and space travel are only side trips when compared to the main human journey. Science and technology have become the gods of Western society—the external world and its physical rewards the primary focus of our attention. In the next millennium this will shift, and I predict so will the direction of the human adventure. The biggest and most important discoveries, will come not from the external world but from the journey within ourselves.

Advances in science and technology will be marvelous and far reaching but not as profound as the realizations that lie dormant, hidden within us all. My bold predictions for the new millennium are: Mental telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic healing, remote viewing and other extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities will not only be accepted and commonplace, but taught and developed in schools. Devices will be invented that will amplify our psychic powers; We will use the frequencies of sound and light to heal our mind and body and manipulate matter. Brain research will advance to a completely new level and reveal far reaching secrets about the true nature of our minds. And my boldest of all predictions:

The "Mind Warriors" who pursue the development of their inner potential will evolve consciousness at an ever accelerated rate; increasing their mind power and leading the human race to a new era of enlightened awareness. The third millennium—will become the millennium of mind.

The Beginning Is Near
Mind is the true undiscovered country. The evolution of the human brain was completed some fifty thousand years ago and although its physical architecture has remained virtually the same, its untapped potential lays dormant, waiting to be awakened. Once we unlock its secrets the destiny of mankind will be forever changed. Let me take a moment and give you a glimpse of what I think that is and your important role in this.

The human brain is made up of three brains: A brain stem often called the reptilian brain which deals with involuntary responses, surrounding this is the limbic system or mid-brain as its sometimes called, involved with expression and emotional experience, and the outer part is the neocortex used for thinking, which as humans developed, grew and expanded at an phenomenal rate unprecedented in evolutionary history.

The three brains within a brain are all linked and perform in a synergistic way. The current scientific view on how the brain functions is through hierarchically organized and interconnected neural networks. This is essentially the bio-computer model. Some scientists however, believe much more is going on than the mere storage and retrieval functions of a sophisticated computer. We now know that memory is distributed over the whole cortex in much the same way a hologram functions. Brainwaves as we've discussed also play a significant role as it relates to states of consciousness, and especially altered states. The exploration of these states through meditation, biofeedback and other modalities seems to bring about an extraordinary acceleration in psychological information processing, as well psychic phenomena, and peak experiences. These brainwave states also seem to shift one's personal space-time experience. Why, and how?

Mystics talk of the altered states experience as the "eternal moment," a sense of "timelessness." As D.T. Suzuki said in Essence of Buddhism; "In this spiritual world there are no time divisions as the past, present, and future; for they have contracted themselves into a single moment of the present where life quivers in its true sense...The past and future are both rolled up in this present moment of illumination, and this present moment is not something standing still with all its contents, for it ceaselessly moves on."

These kinds of statements by mystics are very difficult to understand for those who have not had such an experience. Let me present you with a theoretical model for what may be going on inside the brain, which I believe science is on the precipice of discovering, and will be the opening of a new era in mind development.

Your Brain Is Really A Space-Time Machine
It is now well established that in certain altered states experiences especially prolonged meditations, there is profound shift in brainwave rhythms associated with peak experiences, those moments of illumination where the experience plugs you into the "eternal moment" and connects you with the universe. What is not really understood is how this process works and what it means. Here is one hypothesis.

The brain and its internal substructures give off magnetic fields of energy. Although these energy fields are very subtle it is possible with sophisticated equipment to detect and measure them. One of these instruments is called a SQUID. It is a helmet sensor device that maps the brains energy, specifically tuned to detect magnetic fields in the ultra low frequency (ULF) range. Using a computer, these energy fields can be mapped and plotted on a graph. One scientist reported hooking himself up to a SQUID helmet sensor while in an altered states experience. Focusing this sensitive instrument on the mid-brain region (where the Thalamus-Pineal glands reside) the geometry of this magnetic field when plotted on a three dimensional graph had the same shape and appearance of an Einstein-Rosen space-time bridge.

What's an Einstein-Rosen space-time bridge? It's a wormhole. A funny sausage shaped structure that is able to tunnel its way through space-time. (A cosmic wormhole is a gravitational field that warps time-spaceconnecting two parallel universes or distant parts of the same universe. It derived its name for the shortcut a worm takes by boring through an apple, rather than crawling across it.) I'll admit, a cosmic space-time bridge formed within our brains (even one that is only a few centimeters long), is a pretty far out idea. But if it turns out to be accurate it answers a lot of questions and provides a biophysical basis for mystical states, and psychic phenomena.

The human brain emits energy fields that resemble structures and processes found in the cosmos. If this model is a correct representation of what is going on inside our heads it could be speculated that such a system would also act in much the same way as a universe. In other words the brain isn't just a hierarchy of neural networks processing and storing sensory inputs. It may also function as a biological space-time energy transducer. A mini-universe within the universe. The implications are literally astronomical.

The ancient Chinese always believed this was the case; that "the Tao (the universe) was in our head." According to Fritjof Capra in The Tao of Physics, "The Eastern sages, too, talk about an extension of their experience of the world in higher states of consciousness, and they affirm that these states involve a radically different experience of space time. They emphasize not only that they go beyond ordinary three-dimensional space in meditation, but alsoand even more forcefully—that the ordinary awareness of time is transcended. Instead of a linear succession of instants, they experience­so they say­an infinite, timeless, and yet dynamic present."

He goes on to state in the words of Louis de Brogile; "In space-time, everything which for each of us constitutes the past, the present, and the future is given en bloc...Each observer, as his time passes, discovers, so to speak, new slices of space-time which appear to him as successive aspects of the material world, though in reality the ensemble of events constituting space-time exist prior to his knowledge of them." Meditation according to the mystics allows us to transcend the space-time experience and enter into a fourth dimension where space and time are integrated into a whole, where all events are interconnected. space-time becomes unified in a four-dimensional continuum, where there is no "before" or "after," and so there can be no cause and effect relationships. It is only in our lower dimension of reality that we experience a temporal sequence of events, moving through time in a linear succession of cause and effect moments. Perhaps a mechanism in our mind-brain entraps us into this denser reality construct, in much the same way as physical forces in the universe operate to entrap and enclose space. Through meditation and altered states experiences we are somehow able to manipulate our consciousness and shift this energy field escaping the world of cause and effect. The secret of...

(Continued in book)

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