(includes current and archived versions of Proteus documentation)

I. Current:

Proteus Manual 3.0.  This is the currently shipping version of the manual - revised June 2006 (PDF, 586 KB).

Proteus Session Editor 2.02.  You need this if you want to program Proteus using Proteus Editor 2.0 or later. Details how to create your own programs and transfer them to the Proteus memory area.  (PDF, 531 KB)

Proteus Technical Guide.  Bare-bones but complete guide to the protocol used to program Proteus and control it in real-time, for anyone who wishes to create open-source programs for Proteus. (Zip'd Word document, 36 KB)

Proteus Session Parameters.  A brief summary of the frequencies used in the basic 50 Proteus sessions. (PDF, 40 KB)

II.  Archived:

Proteus Manual 1.0.  The original manual; documents software version 1.2.  Obsolete. (PDF, 284 KB)


Proteus Tutorials (PDF, 128 KB)

Creating a Proteus Session: a brief but comprehensive overview of how to create a Proteus session. (Zip'd Word document, 8 KB)

Working with Modes: overview of how the various Proteus modes work. (Zip'd Word document, 8 KB)

Using the Randomize Function: demonstrates how to quickly create complex sessions which vary in constrained ways, for example, within the 13 to 15 Hz range. (PDF, 104 KB)

(includes current and archived versions of Proteus software)

Proteus Editor 2.4.5  Our latest release (July 7, 2006). Expands "Set Comm Port" menu item to allow 16 Comm ports and improves Comm port status display.

Proteus Editor 2.4.1  The previous release (April 1, 2006).  Enhanced use in Europe and extended AudioStrobe playtime.

Proteus Editor 2.2 Our standard release for the past several years.  It's here for archive purposes.

Below are the original, "simple" versions of the Proteus sessions, the "complex" versions (same number of minutes in length), and the first group of ThoughtStream-controlled sessions. 

Original sessions plus Thoughtstream controlled sessions. This includes the original 'simple' sessions and the 10 'thoughtstream controlled sessions' in a single install file, together with instructions.  It will install either or both sets, with the Proteus sessions installing into the Pxx bank and the ThoughtStream sessions installed into the Uxx bank.

"Complex" sessions. These are the revised versions of the Proteus sessions, same length and frequency as the originals but with many additional ramps plus additional audio effects.  NOTE:  Installing these will consume most of the available internal memory.  Includes installation instructions.

ThoughtStream-controlled sessions. Ten sessions intended to demonstrate how ThoughtStream can control the Proteus parameters in real time.