Natural Brilliance: Move from feeling stuck to achieving success

Natural Brilliance

Paul R. Scheele authored a complete guide for experiencing your potential.
Paul says, "Yes, you have genius within you.
Natural Brilliance helps you find it, release it, and use it."

"To enjoy unbridled successes, we need to free our creative ability to learn and grow. Paul Scheele show us how in his brilliant new book, Natural Brilliance." Paul McKenna, host of the international television hit, The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna
"If you want to succeed in the face of any challenge, read Paul R. Scheele’s Natural Brilliance right now." Chris Payne, Managing Director, LifeTools Ltd.
"You have once again provided information that is not readily available through traditional methods of education and professional training, made them learnable to the masses, and incorporated your own artistry." Mark Orth, licensed Psychologist, International Performance Enhancement Consultants
"Paul Scheele shares a step-by-step formula for releasing our true Natural Brilliance that will shine into all aspects of our life." Leo Hauser, author, motivational speaker, and former President of the American Society for Training & Development
"I have read many excellent and superb books, but Natural Brilliance is above and beyond description. A must for anyone really committed to self-development. Just do it, and celebrate your genius," Noel Alicea, President of Peak Performers of Puerto Rico
"Your insight into why and where people get stuck, your inspiration in motivating for positive change, your stark and poignant examples of change in real people, and the step-by-step change anyone can achieve make Natural Brilliance a must reading." Jim Nelson, President of Learning Systems Center

Contents of this great book

Part 1: Orient to Your Natural Brilliance

  Chapter 1: Reclaim your Natural Brilliance
  Chapter 2: Understand your stuck states

Part 2: Gain the Skills of Natural Brilliance

  Chapter 3: Explore Five Principles at the heard of the Natural Brilliance model
  Chapter 4: Release
  Chapter 5: Notice
  Chapter 6: Respond
  Chapter 7: Witness
  Chapter 8: Put Natural Brilliance to work for you

Part 3: Apply Natural Brilliance

  Chapter 9: Activate the Natural Brilliance model
  Chapter 10: Leap over performance barriers with Direct Learning
  Chapter 11: Approach paradoxical problems with Creative Problem-Solving
  Chapter 12: Generate your path to personal genius: the New Option Generator
  Chapter 13: Stay on track
  Chapter 14: Activate your Natural Brilliance daily