White Light Meditation

White-Light Meditation
An RX17
® CD With 3-D Sound Effects

White-light, the spiritual light of life energy, can be focused to cleanse and balance your body and mind. Track 1: As the light expands and intensifies, you are directed: "Experience the light, become the light, radiate the light and invoke the blessing of the source of the light. Let this light of balance and harmony bring healing to every level your body and mind. Visualize yourself physically healed. Allow the light and energy to cleanse and heal you mentally. Let go of all sorrow, suffering, worry and blame. Allow the light and energy to cleanse your mind of negativity. From this moment on, you are a channel for the light."

You are provided time to meditate on whatever you wish, or to allow understanding and awareness to flow into your mind. Trust your thoughts and impressions and the visions that dance before your inner eyes. At the end of the session, you are awakened with positive suggestions.

Track 2: White-Light Sleep Meditation -- Similar to track 1, but at the end you are directed to drift off into a peaceful sleep with suggestions such as, "You will have enlightening dreams. While sleeping, you attain Divine inspiration." Much more. 60 minutes.

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