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New "Archive" releases on CD by Dick Sutphen:Many people have requested copies of our initial HP titles and seminar sessions from the late 70s and early 80s. We're responding by re-releasing some of the most popular programs. After listening to the original masters, Dick decided the recording quality wasn't up to our standards, so he has digitally re-recorded these titles in the studio, and they've been mastered with state-of-the-art induction technology, New Age music, and 3-D effects. Today, they sound far better than they did when originally released or performed in a seminar. 


Eagle & Five Worlds CD

The Eagle & Five Worlds
Track 1: An Altered-State
Meditation Adventure

Following a body relaxation and aura-charging induction, you come upon a hammock tied between two trees in a meadow. While swaying back and forth in the hammock, you’re transfixed by an eagle flying high in the sky. You merge your consciousness with the eagle (counting up to deepen the altered-state). After flying free for awhile, you transcend time and space to fly through dimensions beyond our own to five different worlds:1)a primitive world,2)an ancient world,3)a world of total peace,4)a world in space, and5)a world of the upper astral planes. What you perceive in each world will tell you about yourself. 40 minutes.

Reconstructing The Cabin
Track 2: Mind-Programming Meditation

Restructure your life. By invoking the power of symbols to generate transformative mind programming, you can focus your chaotic unconscious energies. Step-by-step, you visually reconstruct an inherited  cabin to create a mountain retreat. As you vividly imagine yourself making each repair, you symbolically reconstruct your life. By using this session regularly, you can expect to feel more organized, integrated, and ready to take on new responsibilities. (This session is based upon an aspect of Psychosynthesis -- a powerful Italian form of psychotherapy.) 34 minutes.




Spiritual Protection From Psychic Attack

Spiritual Protection
From Psychic Attack
Two Altered-State Mind Programming Sessions

Psychic attack can strike in two forms:1)a purposeful mental assault by someone using occult power, or2)negative thoughts of others. Co-workers may not be purposely attacking, but if you’re empathic their negative thoughts about you can generate anxiety, depression or health problems. Often in a divorce, one party focuses so much mental negativity at their ex-mate as to cause the same effects. Hateful neighbors or angry in-laws are often responsible for psychic attack.

Track 1: Altered-State Programming --A body relaxation is followed by an aura-charging induction and state-of-the-art induction technology. You then call in your spirit guide and Masters to help generate total protection from psychic attack. Much, much more.

Track 2: Sleep Programming --Simply listen as you fall asleep at night. The affirmations reaffirm the same programming as on track 1. The suggestions are phrased for maximum acceptance by all levels of your mind. At the end you’re directed to sleep soundly and awaken relaxed, refreshed and protected. 57 minutes.




3 Altered-State Experiments

Altered-State Experiments
Three Unique 24-Minute Altered-State Explorations
By Dick Sutphen

Session 1 -- Pagan Meditation Journey/Regression:An exciting meditation in itself, but the session is structured to also invoke memories of a Pagan incarnation if you've ever lived one -- which is highly probable if you're interested in metaphysics and New Age concepts today. The session begins with an incantation in which you draw in the energy of the Goddess and exhale insecurity and 14 fear-based emotions that keep you earthbound. Then, deep in an altered state, you begin to explore times you celebrated the Sabbats -- the seasonal cycles -- the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter holidays. Your spiritual lineage.

Session 2 -- Frequency Switch Transfer Session:Cutting-edge physicists claim that from their scientific view, our world appears to be more like a thought form than anything tangible and that other worlds exist here and now, but vibrating on different frequencies. This session explores the concept. You're mentally transfered in time and space to explore a  different alternate world each time you use the CD.

Session 3 -- Relive A Past Event From This Life:Maybe you want to relive a cherished sexual experience, or a tender moment you once shared. Or you could return to a time you were honored or to a moment of triumph to anchor the past to the present. You could tap into childhood events -- the Christmas pageant in fourth grade. This is a regression session, but it allows you to pick a time you desire to relive, then directs you back to the event.




I Accept Sleep Programming  New Title!

“I Accept”
Sleep Programming
Track 1: Dick Sutphen
Track 2: Tara Sutphen

You are lulled to sleep with soothing inner-harmony music and a progressive body relaxation. As you relax and drift into first-stage sleep, the cycle-per-second activity of your brain slows down toalpha.The second level ofthetaprecedes deepdeltasleep. Alpha and theta are the levels accessed for hypnosis programming -- the levels in which you’re highly receptive to the positive suggestions, which are repeated over and over for 35 minutes per track.

Suggestions: • I accept that my life can be anything I desire it to be. • I accept that I can focus awareness to improve my life. • I accept that I can alter how I view situations which cannot be changed. • I accept that being compassionate to others is a priority in my life. • I accept that life, with all its complications,  is worth living. • I accept that negativity can flow through me without affecting me. • I accept that I have the power and ability to experience peace of mind. • I accept that I create my own reality with my every thought, word and deed. • I accept that everyday in every way, my Life Force grows stronger. • I accept that the power of my mind is unlimited. • I accept that my destiny is to become all I can be. • I accept that life is to be enjoyed. • I accept love, I give love, I am love.

“I Accept” Sleep Programming,
70 minute CD ...CD1125



Masters Meditation CD  New Title!
To read the experiences of those who participated in the Masters Meditation project, click HERE.

Masters Meditation
By Dick Sutphen

Everyone has one or more Master teachers that they work with on the other side, when out of body during sleep.

Dick’sMasters Meditationwas originally created as a research project for readers ofMaster of Life Winners --an early incarnation ofSoaring Spiritmagazine.The 1992 tape has now been remastered and is being released as a CD.

Track 1: “The Astral Planes”begins with you meeting your primary Master teacher. After learning to communicate with them, you embark on a journey to the astral level on the other side that matches your vibrational rate. You will experience the reality of the soul plane, maybe visiting teachers, learning centers and other non-physical environments that are as real as the reality you’re currently experiencing. Many possibilities are presented. Next you’ll visit your spirit guide and communicate about your earthly journey.

Track 2: “Your Soul History” --Journeywith your Master back in time to observe important incarnations in your soul lineage, starting with your first life on earth. Each time you use this session, you’ll explore a different incarnation or different aspects of the incarnations. Use both sessions again and again, obtaining different information each time.




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