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Why haven't you lost weight, continued your exercise program or finished cleaning out the attic or garage? Or done whatever it is you've put off doing? The answer: You need more self discipline.

Self discipline is the basis of all self change. It isn't about self-denial or self-restrictions. In the context of success, it means self-determination. Self-discipline is perseverance in action, and is the very basis of success because it is how you direct your time, energy and resources to manifest your desires. Self- discipline is the one factor common to all self-made successful people. Simplified it means you do what you need to do when you need to do it, and you stop doing what doesn't work.

In this video seminar, Dick Sutphen talks, conducts demonstrations and in-depth processing sessions, and interacts with participants. This video set helps you manifest increased self-discipline.

Experience the Success that comes with increased self discipline. This 4-Tape Video Seminar with 7 Video Hypnosis sessions will help you find answers, uncover blocks and plot a strategy to greatly increase self discipline. Approximately 7 hours

Each tape is two hours long.
VHS142 - Vol. 1: Self Creation -
VHS143 - Vol. 2: Dharmic Destiny & Soul Goals -
VHS144 - Vol. 3: Liberation -
VHS145 - Vol. 4: Success on Every Level -

Automatic Writing
Video Hypnosis
Automatic writing is the technique of going into an altered state of consciousness and allowing an etheric world intelligence or your own Higher Self to communicate through your hand. The first 20 minutes of this 60minute tape are step-by-step instructions by Dick Sutphen, followed by an Automatic Writing Video Hypnosis!' session. The suggestions include: You use automatic writing successfully.
  • Trust, and allow the information to come in.
  • You can do automatic writing. R Automatic writing is easy.
  • You can do it!

Astral Projection & Remote Viewing
Video Hypnosis
Remote viewing is a clairvoyant perception of a distant location in which you mentally visit a person or place and accurately observe details of the environment and what is happening. Astral projection is leaving your physical body and traveling to another location or alternate realm of reality. The first 20 minutes of this 90-minute tape are step-by step instructions by Dick Sutphen, followed by two Video Hypnosis sessions. The suggestions include:
  • You can project your mind.
  • Remote view another location.
  • You can astral project.
  • Let go and astral project.

How To Create The Life You Want To Live
Video Seminar
Wisdom erases karma, and wisdom can simply be a matter of accepting enlightened awareness when it is offered. This 90-minute seminar is about becoming all you are capable of being by creating your own reality in every area of your life. It shows you what you have to do to manifest the life you want to live. Created to be equally powerful for those new to metaphysical and human-potential concepts as well as for those familiar with them, the tape includes step-by-step metaphysical awareness and a Video Hypnosis processing session.

SEDONA - The Psychit Vortex Experience
Video Documentary
This 65-minute video tour of the four Sedona, Arizona, psychic energy vortexes not only captures the awesome beauty of the area but the essence of the vortex experience. The cameras cut back and forth from the vortexes to a hotel ballroom where Dick Sutphen prepares seminar participants for their personal encounter with the energy vortexes. During special effects segments designed to simulate common vortex experiences, the participants relate their stories in their own words.

Psychic Video Magazine
Psychic Video Magazine
An exciting 90 minutes of explorations and learning. In the interactive Remote Viewing Session, Dick directs you though a "Stair-way Through The Clouds" Video Hypnosis process. When it's over you can call a 24-hour answering machine for verification of the target items. There is also a visit to Jess Stearn's beach house to speck with the film projects. Dick and Tara discuss the death of his mother and Tara's automatic writing contact with Jennie through her adaptation to the other side.

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