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Charkra Balance
Examples of Suggestions
  • You remain in balance and harmony at all times.
  • Balanced and energized chakras assure greater health and vitality.
  • The prana life force regenerates your body and mind. Breathe deeply, breathe deeply.
  • Your chakras open naturally as you evolve spiritually.

Attracting Love
Examples of Suggestions
  • You are ready to give and receive unconditional love.
  • You are ready for a warm primary relationship.
  • You draw the lover who is right for you into your life now.
  • A warm fulfilling soul mate relationship now manifests in your life.
  • You draw your lover to you

Accelerated Learning
Examples of Suggestions
  • Every day you increase your ability to learn faster.
  • As you accelerate your learning ability, you remember what you learn.
  • You easily assimilate complicated information.
  • You are quick to learn and understand. You think faster and more precisely.
  • You learn rapidly.

Healing Acceleration
Examples of Suggestions
  • Every cell in your body is filled with divine healing light.
  • You have the power and ability to accelerate healing.
  • Your mind is all powerful, and you now use it to heal yourself.
  • You consciously and subconsciously choose perfect health.
  • You are healed.

Develop Psychic Ability Now
Examples of Suggestions
  • Every day you become more psychic.
  • You now become telepathic and clairvoyant.
  • You now rapidly develop your extrasensory and precognitive abilities.
  • Your thoughts have psychic validity and you trust them.
  • sixth sense now opens all psychic channels.

Intensifying Creative Ability
Examples of Suggestions
  • You now release the unlimited power of your creative ability.
  • You now draw creative inspiration from the universe.
  • You feel creative and you are creative.
  • Every day in every way, you become more creative.
  • You easily generate creative solutions.

Channel for the Light
Examples of Suggestions
  • Let the divine white presence descend.
  • You are a channel for the Light.
  • You walk in the Light and are harmonious and self-filled.
  • The Light within you inspires you to be all you are capable of being.
  • You invoke the blessing of the source of the Light.

Charisma - Drawing People To You
Examples of Suggestions
  • You project an inner warmth and friendliness.
  • You are self-assured and independent.
  • You project self-confidence.
  • You are sensitive and you allow others to know it.
  • You are confident enough to let your vulnerability show.
  • You project charisma and draw people

Stop Punishing Yourself
Examples of Suggestions
  • You now create a reality of happiness and success.
  • You are forgiven for what you can and cannot remember.
  • You are free to become all you are capable of being.
  • You now create the positive life you desire to live.
  • You have a right to the good things in life.

Independent Lifestyle
Examples of Suggestions
  • You take complete control of your life.
  • You are happy and fulfilled by your independence.
  • Success now becomes your way of life.
  • You are self directed and free.
  • You are a self-confident winner.
  • You live a successful independent lifestyle.
  • You feel good about yourself.

Sports Improvement
Examples of Suggestions
  • What your mind can envision, your body can master.
  • Your coordination gets better every day.
  • You have the ability to be the best.
  • You are driven to improve to peak ability.
  • You maintain total focused concentration.
  • You excel.
  • The winner within you now takes control

Quick Thinking
Examples of Suggestions
  • You get what you want with quick thinking.
  • You instantly respond with the best answer
  • You are mentally alert and focused at all times.
  • You think quickly and react quickly
  • You now release the full power of your mind.
  • Quick creative thinking makes you a winner.

Past - Life Regression
Examples of Suggestions
  • You can now perceive your past lives.
  • You now trust your thoughts and fantasies.
  • Past-life awareness can release you.
  • Trust yourself and you can do it.
  • Let the past-life impressions flow into your mind.
  • You have the power and ability to receive.

Increase Self - Discipline
Examples of Suggestions
  • You have the self-discipline to accomplish your personal and professional goals.
  • You direct your time and energy to manifest your desires..
  • Every day in every way, you increase your self-discipline.
  • You do what you need to do and stop doing what doesn't work.

Tennis Programming
Examples of Suggestions
  • What your mind can envision your body can master.
  • You now master your serve an return of serve.
  • You are driven to improve to pea tennis ability.
  • You master your tennis concentration an timing.
  • You master winning tennis strategy.

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