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Lose Weight Now
Examples of Suggestions
  • You control your weight.
  • Every day you become thinner and thinner.
  • You eat smaller portions at meals.
  • You quit all snacking.
  • You stick to your diet.
  • You live a healthy lifestyle.
  • A thin, healthy body is your reality.
  • You now lose weight and fulfill your goals.

Stop Smoking Forever
Examples of Suggestions
  • You now stop smoking.
  • You will never touch cigarettes again.
  • You now lose all desire to smoke.
  • Cigarettes disgust you.
  • You are a nonsmoker.
  • By quitting, you feel better mentally and physically.
  • You now have the willpower to do anything you desire.

Master of Life
Examples of Suggestions
  • You now let go of all fears.
  • You give and receive unconditional love.
  • Negativity flows through you without affecting you.
  • You create your own reality.
  • You draw joyous experiences into your life.
  • You are independent and self-responsible.

Incredible Self - Confidence
Examples of Suggestions
  • You are self-reliant and self confident.
  • You are full of independence and determination.
  • You have great inner courage.
  • Every day you become more self-confident.
  • You project a very positive self image.
  • You can do whatever you desire.

Examples of Suggestions
  • You are at peace with yourself and your circumstances.
  • You feel very relaxed and peaceful.
  • You now view life as a tranquil oneness.
  • You are physically relaxed, emotionally at ease.
  • You now let go of all turmoil in your life.
  • You feel balanced and harmonious.

Ultra-Monetary Success
Examples of Suggestions
  • You now take control of your life, creating unlimited monetary abundance.
  • Every day in every way you become more successful.
  • Your creative thinking opens the doors to monetary abundance.
  • You are totally confident of your monetary success.

Incrediable Concentration
Examples of Suggestions
  • You have the ability to focus your concentration at will.
  • Total concentration is yours when you want it.
  • You totally focus your concentration and energy at will.
  • Every day, you increase your ability to concentrate.
  • You can do anything you want to do.
  • You are a winner

Love & Believe In Yourself
Examples of Suggestions
  • You love and believe in yourself.
  • You have high self esteem.
  • Your positive self image generates success and happiness.
  • You love and believe in yourself more every day.
  • You are at peace with yourself, the world and everyone in it.
  • You deserve the best life has to offer

Accomplish Your Goals
Examples of Suggestions
  • You are a self-confident winner.
  • Your life now becomes a series of successes.
  • You are clear about what you want, and you get it.
  • You are a goal oriented winner.
  • You feel an intense inner drive to accomplish your goals.
  • You free yourself from all limitations.

Positive Thinking
Examples of Suggestions
  • You see positive opportunities in everything you experience.
  • You experience inner peace.
  • Every day, you feel better about yourself.
  • You are optimistic.
  • You are enthusiastic and look forward to challenges.
  • You experience the joy and detach from negativity.

Good Health
Examples of Suggestions
  • Your immune system functions at optimum efficiency.
  • Every day, your body's immune system becomes stronger.
  • You love yourself, your body and your immune system.
  • Your continually strengthening irnmune system keeps you healthy.

What Do I Really Want
Examples of Suggestions
  • You have the power and ability to decide what you want.
  • You now develop clarity about desires and goals.
  • You are now dear about what you want.
  • You are now clear, focused and have a strong direction.
  • You have the courage to make life changing decisions.

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