Audio Books On Cassette

The audio books on cassette are all written and read by Dick Sutphen and come in a book-size case. All double tape audio books are 2 to 3 hours long. The Psychic Fiction titles are digitally mastered in stereo with 3-D sound effects.

Sutphen is the author of 40 books, including many best selling nonfiction metaphysical titles, such as You Were Born Again To Be Together; Past Liv6, Future Love", Unseen Influences; Predestined Love; Finding Your Answers Within and Earthly Purpose (all Simon & Schuster Pocket Books).

He began studying fiction writing in 1985 as preparation for dramatizing case histories of reincarnation in Predestined Love (published in 1987). Fascinated with the potentials, he continued to perfect his craft, using a fiction style again in Earthly Purpose (published in l990). This time, he synthesized 250 past-life regressions into the dramatized account of what happened to the people of an ancient civilization.

Today, Dick is using his fiction writing talent to introduce a new genre of fiction- exciting, fast-paced metaphysical stories about psychic potentials and the power of love. It's time for New Age entertainment.

The Light bearer
Psychic Fiction: A captivating metaphysical love story adventure. An accident leaves Jeff LaFayette with total recall of a past life on Atlantis, and burdens him with an awesome responsibility. Awakening in the hospital, he asks his fiancee to get him a quartz crystal. She tries to understand his incredible new abilities and his fanatical obsession with a solar generator project.

The Light bearer - 2 1/2 Hours - N106 -

Those Who Share Our Energy
Psychic Fiction: A mesmerizing metaphysical love story. Darci Farrell visits Sedona to meditate in the energy vortexes but gets more than she expected- a chance encounter, psychic revelations and threatening predicaments. Was she drawn to the red rocks to meet her soul mate or to be the pawn in an oversoul conspiracy? If Darci acts correctly, she could find the love of a lifetime

Those Who Share Our Energy - 3 Hours - N108 -

Beneath Sedona
Psychic Fiction: Seven mystical short stories to stir your emotions, stretch your imagination, or send chills creeping up your spine. Beneath Sedona is the story of a vacationing New York couple discovering that the legend of a utopian Lemurian city beneath Sedona is true. Other stories: Childhood Hero, The Woman Who Visited Psychics, Auric Light, The Chair, The Voice and Guardian Angel.

Beneath Sedona - 3Hours - N109 -

Pisces Rising
Psychic Fiction: A nonstop action adventure. Psychic Stephanie Chaldean is the guru of "Autonomy," a metaphysical commune in Montana's Bitterroot Valley. Stephanie's predictions that Japan and New York would sink beneath the sea have come true, and her commune is about to be overrun by Californians who fear that they are next. Pisces Rising is about the first phase of the founding of a new world. ... 3 hours-
Pisces Rising - 3 Hours N110 -

Predestined Love
New Age Non-Fiction: Authentic soul mates reincarnation case histories. All important romantic relationships, happy or unhappy, are predestined. On a super conscious level, the two people planned the union for the growth opportunities it offers. You hear the dramatized stories of many couples who have risen above incredible circumstances to find each other again in this lifetime
Predestined Love - 3 Hours N107 -

The 50 Primary Universal Laws
New Age Non-Fiction: The Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws. When you work within the laws, you can be assured of an eventual positive outcome. When the laws are transgressed, suffering will result. A partial list of the Universal laws include: Threes, Commitment, Dissonance, Divine Order, One, Free Will, Manifestation, Gratitude, Reflection, and Soul Evolution.
The 50 Primary Universal Laws - 1 Hour N117 -