2 - Tape Audio Albums

Crystal Enhancement
Experience the power of crystals - this album will guide you, combining crystal power with meditations A unique exploration using a special Theta Level Induction maximizes the effectiveness, Crystals are amplifiers and enhancers of energy, so they assist you to have more vivid and powerful experiences while in an altered state.

Tape 1: Crystal Workshop - An introduction and exercises
Tape 2: Crystal Chakra balance and Energizing Meditation - Become a clearer channel for awareness Your chakras open naturally as you evolve spiritually; in balancing and energizing them you enjoy greater health and vitality.
Tape 3: Crystal Enhancement Meditation - A consciousness-raising meditation, receive awareness from higher mind.
Tape 4: Subliminal Suggestions for Crystal Enhancement -With New Age music Suggestion example "You now become an open channel to amplify crystal energy for the greater good ">

2 Tapes and Instruction Manual

Higher-Self Explorations
Ideally this album will be used by well conditioned hypnotic subjects If you are not a well-conditioned hypnosis subject use Tape 1 once a day for four weeks prior to using the other three programs

Tape 1: Transcendence Achieving The Ultimate Level - A longer expanded-state-of- consciousness technique that is the ultimate induction for transcending the physical and entering the mental, higher self realms Contact is established with your guides and or Masters
Tape 2: Verbal Channeling - Establish contact with a highly evolved and friendly entity and channel their wisdom through your vocal cords
Tape 3: Direct Writing -The tape provides protection then induces an ultra-expansion of consciousness
Tape 4: Telepathic Contact On a Super conscious Level - Tap in on the super conscious of others now living on Earth, and communicate directly through thought-to-thought transmission

Reincarnation Of The 25,000
In his best selling You Were Born Again To Be Together, Dick Sutphen wrote at his experience at Teotihuacan in central Mexico "Get the books together," he was told in a trance In June 1987, he was instructed to write down information from the same sources claiming that 25,000 people have reincarnated who were part of this experience Regression experiments conducted in seminars showed that 67% of the participants experienced memories of this civilization.

Tape 1: Teotihuacan: Background Information and Regression Preparation
Tape 2: Teotihuacan: can General Past Life Regression - The city existed for 1000 years
Tape 3: Suppression Period Regression - Explores the years when metaphysical awareness had to be hidden and the 25,000 vowed to return every 1OO years
Tape 4: Conflict Regression - An overall understanding.

2 Tapes and Instruction Manual.