2 - Tape Audio Albums

Circle Of Light
If you are ready to open to more intense spiritual awareness, this album carries you beyond Dick's other communications. Each session uses a "Chakra Balancing Meditation Induction," which takes you deeper than any induction he has used before. You are awakened experiencing incredible balance and harmony.

Tape 1: Divine Breath Meditation - A breathing and visualization process that focuses on becoming all you are capable of being.
Tape 2: Circled of Light Meditation - "Let Thy Divine Will and mine be as one." Opens you to receive from your higher self, guides and Masters.
Tape 3: I Am The Light Meditation - Combines mantras, music and an ultra state of consciousness to touch the spark of God within your heart.
Tape 4: I Desire To become A Master Meditation - You are directed to recite powerful mantras for several minutes, then instructed to visualize, process yourself, and open to higher awareness.

2 Tapes and Instruction on Manual.

The Self-Creation Guided Meditations
Guided meditations take you into a fantasy world that can create reality. Each is produced with sound effects and beautiful New Age music. No formal inductions are used. Instead, Dick uses the natural environmental situation to ease you into an altered state.

Tape 1: The Journey - A well-established psychological test in a meditation format. The environment is a beautiful mountain meadow and the surrounding area. You'll judge yourself as to how you did.
Tape 2: Manifesting The Vision - A unique fantasy in which you explore any mental or physical changes you desire to make in your life.
Tape 3: Artificial Dreaming - An exploration of self-fulfilling prophecy. Allow the dream to form while in an altered state and it can tell you things you need to know about yourself or your future.
Tape 4: "1 Am A Center of Awareness and Power!" - An exploration in releasing negative emotions and identifying with your True Self. 2 Tapes and Instruction Manual