High Performance
Enlist the power of your subconscious mind to ensure high performance. Use tape 1 before an important encounter, tape 2 on a daily basis, tape 3 as needed, and tape 4 as nightly sleep programming .

Tape 1: Pre-Encounter Hypnosis - For use prior to an encounter, such as sales, public speaking, sex, sports, or any other activity you desire to perform at full potential.
Tape 2: Energy/incentive/Win Hypnosis - High powered suggestions to outdo your previous best performance, to draw upon your energy reserves to focus your concentration and to set your mind to win. The most effective programming techniques are used.
Tape 3: Learning Acceleration Hypnosis - Learn anything faster: lines in a speech, test data, a new sports technique or whatever you desire to learn quickly.
Tape 4: High Performance Sleep Programming - Programs general high performance with strong emphasis on increasing your self-esteem.

2 Tapes and Instruction Manual.

Erasing Someone From Your Mind
If you want to reduce the mental pain usually associated with the ending of a relationship, this album uses ultra powerful techniques to assist you to mentally detach from anyone.

Tape 1: Erasing Someone From Your Mind Hypnosis - The most effective techniques plus Mudra suggestions. so that anytime you begin to think about the person you desire to erase, you will call upon this technique for internal strength.
Tape 2: Sleep Programming - Uses the same suggestions.
Tape 3: Subliminal Suggestions with Music.
Tape 4: Subliminal with Body Relaxation and Music.

Suggestion examples:

2 Tapes And Instruction Manual