2 - Tape Audio Albums

The following albums contain 2 Audio Cassette Tapes and an Instruction Manual. They are our consistent bestsellers and come boxed in a beautiful full-color package at . Each album description explains the contents, but there are some important common factors. Most albums contain one or more hypnosis programs. Hypnosis on tape has been proven perfectly safe and incredibly effective. A properly phrased suggestion received while in the alpha (hypnosis) level is at least 100 times more effective than a strong conscious suggestion. On each hypnosis tape, in addition to powerful suggestions phrased for maximum access to your subconscious mind, affirmations are also used. Your subconscious mind is primarily a visual consciousness, so self-created mental moves are the most effective programming technique. Many of the tapes also use word conditioning.

This is a post-hypnotic suggestion you can use when you need it. A self-release suggestion assures that you can always awaken on your own at any time. Many albums also include Subliminal Suggestions with relaxing music. Most of the music is different on each tape. Dick Sutphen's voice, speaking the suggestions is psycho acoustically modified and synthesized and then projected in the same chord and frequency as the music. This hides the life words in the music. You consciously hear only the music but your subconscious mind perceives the suggestions without being challenged by your conscious mind. Listen to the subliminal tapes while driving or doing other things. Once you have programmed new beliefs with the tapes, your subconscious begins to generate circumstances to match your life to your new beliefs. Change will occur if you have the self-discipline to keep at it.

Getting By On 4 Hours Sleep
What could you do with 3 or 4 extra hours a day? Maybe you could use it to advance your career, make more money, develop a new hobby, or read. Although we don't suggest that 4 hours of sleep is right for everyone all the time, this tape works when you need it. Many have found 4 hours to be sufficient when supported with the right programming suggestions.

Tape 1: 4 Hours Sleep Hypnosis - The most effective techniques, plus strong suggestions to "awaken after four hours sleep, totally regenerated and recharged, fully refreshed and ready to go!"
Tape 2. Sleep Programming - Using the same suggestions.
Tape 3: Subliminal Suggestions with Music.
Tape 4: Subliminals with body Relaxation and Music. Suggestion examples:

2 Tapes and Instruction Manual

High Energy & Enthusiasm
A Personality Transformation Album. High energy and aliveness are critical to your success in life! Your personality is the result of your past programming, which is an interaction of three factors: Trails, habits and viewpoints. These factors are acquired, not inherited, thus they can be altered with new programming.

Tape 1: High Energy and Enthusiasm Hypnosis - The most effective techniques.
Tape 2: High Energy and Enthusiasm Sleep Programming.
Tape 3: Subliminal Suggestions with Music.
Tape 4: Subliminal Suggestions with Body Relaxation and Music.

2 Tapes and Instruction Manual

Personal Power
A Personality Transformation Album. Your personality is a combination of your traits, habits and viewpoints, acquired through life experiences. Because they are not inherited, your personality can be reprogrammed to increase personal power!

Tape 1: Personal Power Hypnosis - Uses powerful suggestions, affirmations, mental movies. and post-hypnotic trigger word programming.
Tape 2:Personal Power Sleep Programming.
Tape 3:Subliminal Suggestions with Music.
Tape 4:Subliminal Suggestions with body Relaxation and Music.

Suggestion examples: You always feel self-confident and powerful, and you project strength and power to others.

2 Tapes and Instruction Manual