Your Vibra-Tune HVR-9 is a radionic instrument of the classic style, with changes to reflect new research and modern components. It is based on the many decades of researches by Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown and others. It is named the HVR-9 after Ruth Drown's Homo-Vibra Ray nine dial unit and functions with the same instructions. This manual contains two of Drown's books, The Theory and Techniques of the Drown H.V.R. and Radio-Vision Instruments, and, The Drown Radio Vision and Homo-Vibra Ray Instruments (rate book), incorporated within.

Following this introduction there are general instructions followed by an article from 1961 by Trevor Constable which truly captures the function and usage of the HVR-9 type equipment. This is then followed by the two Drown books indicated.

This unit has been designed to operate with the Ruth Drown rate system, with or without the subject connected to the unit. It will also work with Albert Abrams' resistance rates and the Bruce Copen Rate system. As a psychotronic broadcast unit it will work with any resistance type rate system. It can also be used to broadcast flower essences, homeopathic remedies, patterned energy, or whatever the operator wishes to broadcast. While the unit is specifically designed after the Drown HVR system, the HVR-9 is flexible enough to be used to the fullest extent of the operator's knowledge and intuition.

Radionics has been claimed to be everything from psychic energy to the intent of the operator. Neither of these is entirely true, but as you will discover the unit will react to such energies. True radionics is the energy of form and structure. The HVR-9 is designed as a true detector and broadcaster of form and essence energies.

The origin of radionics lies in the ancient art of dowsing, but is is not exactly dowsing. However, you will find that you can use a pendulum with this unit if you like. Dowsing is a form of reacting to subtle vibrations and the HVR-9 is designed to detect and identify subtle vibrations. In dowsing the pendulum or divining rod acts as an extension and amplifier of the body's minute reactions to the sought after goal, be it water, oil or a buried pipe. The dowsers hold in their minds the sought after goal, their body reacts, and the pendulum amplifies the reactions.

Radionics, on the other hand, has grown out of a form of "percussive" diagnosis used during the Middle Ages wherein the abdomen was "thumped" and a dull tone indicated the area where an organ was operating in a disharmonious state. Albert Abrams, circa 1900, modified this to where the abdomen was "rubbed" with glass to find a disharmonious area. In the glass-rubbing form of diagnosis Abrams would rub a glass rod around the subject's abdomen until a "stickiness" was felt. Note that Abrams was not looking for something specific, like water or gold, but rather was feeling around for the exact organic status of a subject's energetic state of being.

Abrams further modified this technique to where he took a glass plate, placed a coil underneath it, and connected the coil to a wire. He could then move the wire around a subject's body while rubbing his fingers across the glass plate. He discovered that he could get the "sticking" reaction on the glass plate, just as the glass rod technique would allow one to discern a disharmonious area directly on the body. He further discovered that he could place a variable resistance into this single wire circuit and thereby keep the wire in one place on the body while changing the resistance. It was discovered that a specific setting of the resistance related directly to an organ's position and status in the body. This instrument was the forerunner of the HVR-9 operating in its classic radionic mode.

Abrams then found he could use the patient's blood sample, rather than physically connecting to them. Ruth Drown modified this to where she used a blood crystal, like a detector in a crystal radio. She also, like Abrams, connected the patient physically into the circuit for diagnosis and treatment, though her technique was more advanced. Her instruments would work in either mode, broadcast or direct connection, and the HVR-9 is designed to function as a research instrument into all modes of Abrams' and Drown's work and beyond.

Ruth Drown trained her operators to not allow their psychic energies to interfere with the true radionic process, as she saw it. However, instruments such as the HVR-9 work as powerful focuses of psychic energies, and may be used for that purpose.

The HVR-9 is sold for research and investigative purposes only. It is not sold for, or recommended for, any health related work.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 1

The Vibra-Tune HVR-9 is a dynamic instrument which is capable of sending and receiving living radiant energies from anywhere in the universe. It is the result of many decades of radionic researches by numerous pioneers.

To fully understand the principles and usages of this radionic instrument you must read the two Ruth Drown books incorporated into this manual, The Theory and Technique of the Drown H.V.R. and Radio-Vision Instruments, and, The Drown Radio-Vision and Homo Vibra-Ray Instruments (rate book).

The general instructions given here are meant to supplement these books, and should be read first to get a general idea of the manifold usages of the HVR-9. The article following these instructions, The Work of Dr. Ruth Drown-- Outline on a Thumbnail by Trevor Constable is also an excellent introduction for understanding the function and usage of the HVR-9. Trevor knew and worked with Drown and speaks from firsthand knowledge.

The main function of the HVR-9 is to detect or transmit radionic "rates". The radionic rate is not a "frequency" per se, but is a complex of etheric tones which create a shape or effect in the physical world. By dialling in diverse rates on the HVR-9 instrument plate one may specifically search out distinct energy patterns in specific subjects or subject locations.

The test subject may be connected to the HVR-9 through the copper foot plate, or a "witness" of the test subject may be placed in the specimen well, on the antenna plate, or even on the footplate. A witness can be a blood crystal (on blotter paper), a fingernail, hair clipping, photograph, signature, or any representation of the test subject. It does not matter where in the universe the test subject is when their witness is inserted in the radionic circuit. T. Galen Hieronymus, a great radionic pioneer, kept track of astronauts when they were in space. When NASA data was later released it was shown that Galen had recorded accurate data via radionic detection.

Once the subject/witness is connected to the circuit one may begin their detection analysis as discussed in the Drown books. The rates are dialled in one by one and the operator rubs their fingers over the "detection plate" until they get a "stick", which is a tactile sensation of connection and detection. Underneath the detection plate area is a rectangle of metal which carries he radionic energy in the circuit. When you are in resonance with this an affect quite similar to an electrostatic tension takes place causing the "stick".

You may also use a pendulum over the detection plate to get their reading. R. Murray Denning, a traditional radionicist, felt that the pendulum/radionic usage was mixing two separate techniques. He was quite correct in this observation, but many users over the decades have successfully used the pendulum when they were unable to get a "stick". Murray Denning also recommended that all radionicists take some form of medical training in order to properly understand the function of living beings. This recommendation should be taken to heart, as you are now engaged in discovering some of the great secrets of the universe, and continual expansion of knowledge should be an active goal.


NINE DIALS: These dials are used for setting the radionic "rate" used in detecting the status of a test subject. The rates supplied with the HVR-9 come from decades of research by Dr Ruth Drown and are the primary rate system to be used with this instrument. You may experiment with other rate systems and discover new rates as you become proficient with this device. Rates are dialled in from left to right, starting with the first row and going from left to right each successive row.

The original Drown equipment had switches with resistance wire on them, so the rates were set in exact stages. The HVR-9 is designed with wire wound variable resistors, far superior for tuning radionic vibrations that the common carbon-based resistors which many modern radionic instruments use. The dials are designed so a clear, precise rate can be set. You may discover in searching for new rates that a setting is found between the numbers. You can move to the closest whole number and see if the effect is still felt as strongly, or you may begin to develop fractional rates. This is a growing experimental science and the HVR-9 is a research tool of ultimate flexibility.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 2

The first dial is the "Disease Rate" which originated with Abrams and is incorporated into the Drown system. In the rate book one will find rates such as 7094 (1st degree burns). This would be dialled in as 70 on dial one, 9 on dial two, 4 on three. The rate 601042 (distemper) is dialled in 60 on dial one, 1 on dial two, 0 on dial three, 4 on dial four, and 2 on dial five. The rate 465 (spleen) is a location rate and is dialled in as 0 on dial one, 4 on dial two, 5 on dial three. Rates are always dialled in from the left to right, top row to bottom row.

Dial nine is used for fractions in blood counts and urinalysis, but may be used as a whole number in dialling in longer rates. The details of these processes are included later in the Drown sections of this manual.

One must read the Drown books to become fully conversant with this rate system. Do not become discouraged if you do not figure this out fully in your preliminary attempts. The HVR-9 is an "instrument" and not a "machine". It takes practice and dedication to become an experienced radionic operator. You cannot purchase a guitar and expect it to play for you, but with practice you can create wonderful sounds. Radionics is an inherent ability in everyone, so everyone can use this equipment with focus and practice.

Pyramid Antenna/Broadcast Plate: This energy diagram creates the identical energy pattern of the Great Pyramid of Giza, it has been shown to enhance plant growth, dehydrate foods, sharpen razor blades, etc. It is a powerful vital energy antenna and is linked to a seven pointed star inside the HVR-9. The seven pointed star contains the same energy producing mathematics of the Great Pyramid and interfaced with the 2-D pyramid plate creates a powerful antenna system. To fully link the two antenna parts together they both have the same circumference, thus creating the Squared Circle of Alchemists. The mathematics of this antenna system is found is sacred monuments throughout the world as diverse a Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, and the Cathedral of Chartres. Thus the antenna is connected to the subtle living substratum of the universe, a link which carries on to the furthest ends of the universe, and travels instantaneously (far beyond the "speed of light" limit that scientists have chained themselves with).

While this antenna pattern alone is a powerful radionic transmitter, combined with the HVR-9 circuitry it makes for a powerful and versatile broadcast unit. With a rate dialled in, or a substance in the circuit, and a witness in the well or on the antenna plate, one may broadcast energies to anyone or anything anywhere in the universe.

The antenna system is not found in the Drown equipment but is derived from further researches into form energy and vibration patterns. It amplifies and enhances the radionic energies, and allows for multiple uses of the Vibra-Tune HVR-9.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 3

7 Star Antenna

WITNESS/SPECIMEN WELL: This well is connected between the antenna and Dial 1. It is the traditional placement point for the witness or specimen. However, when using photographs or larger samples one may use the pyramid antenna plate or the copper foot plate to place the witness/sample into the radionic circuit.

The Witness/specimen Well can also be used to place homeopathic/flower essence type substances into the circuit with the copper footplate and zinc chest plate, or with a witness such as a photograph on the antenna plate. One may also put one hand on copper, one on zinc (or lay down with head on zinc, sacrum on copper), and place a substance into the well to have a substance "biocircuit" as per the work of L.E Eeman.

CLEAR BUTTON: This button is to be pressed at the beginning and end of each use. This includes each re-setting of the dials, or change of test substance during each use. It creates a short circuit across the entire radionic circuit, thus clearing all components. Some radionicists wave a magnet over their instrument to remove any energies from previous subjects. You may also do this over the foot/chest plates, and they also be magnetized and/or hung in the sun between subject uses. The foot/chest plates can also be rinsed with alcohol and hung to dry.

RUBBING PLATE: Under this area, which is a Golden Ratio rectangle, is a sheet of metal which carries the radionic circuit. The laminated cover creates an insulation barrier which acts like the dielectric in a capacitor. The radionic circuit is one plate of the "capacitor" and the radionicist is the other. This is the area where the "stick" is detected. It is not an imaginary energy, but a living, etheric energy termed Orgone, Form Ether, etc., and related to electrostatic energy.

Do not be discouraged if you do not get a "stick" at first. It takes practice and sensitivity, but it is a very real energy so you will feel it when the rates are set correctly, or a proper substance is in the circuit. Even experienced operators have days when they do not get a reaction. Living energy moves with the sun, moon and other cosmic forces, and is naturally stronger on some days than on others.

As this energy radiates upwards dowsers will be able to detect the presence and change in the energy as rates/substances are changed. A general detection pattern is given here, but an experienced dowser may have already integrated a special reading pattern into their practice. Radionics is very practical. Use what works for you.

The pendulum technique is as follows: Begin by facing the instrument and swinging the pendulum back and forth, in a line extending across the short cross-section of the rubber plate, on a towards and away diagonal then the rate setting is low. By turing the dials up in sequence you may directly see the pendulum get "pushed" towards the center line swing position again.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 4

If the pendulum swings toward the upper right/ lower left diagonal then the rate is too high and must be lowered. If the pendulum breaks into a counter-clockwise swing then there is a negative reading for that rate. If it swings clockwise then there is a positive reading and you have the correct rate. This is the same rate setting that will provide the "stick".

As experienced pendulum operators are a precise and exacting lot, it must be understood that your personal reading system for pendulum swings may be used instead of, or incorporated into the above technique.


GROUND: The ground connection is essential for true radionic usage. This cannot be underestimated!

The HVR-9 must be connected to a good earth ground. An electrical ground will work, and can be considered a viable though secondary connection. If you are using this instrument as a substance circuit, psychic generator, or pattern broadcaster it may be used without the ground connected, but it will operate stronger in all modes with it connected to the powerful telluric forces of Mother Earth.

FOOTPLATE: The footplate is of copper, the material that the complete circuit is made of. Copper has been found to be very useful in carrying vital energy along a single wire circuit. You should use your bare feet on the copper for strongest effect though with socks on the vital aura will still penetrate the metal and be carried along through the instrument to ground. The footplate may also be used for larger witnesses/samples.

CHEST PLATE: The Chest Plate is made of galvanized steel. It is used only in energy sending "treatment" mode, an is not connected during radionic detection mode. When placed on the solar plexus, with the feet on the copper footplate, a galvanic current will flow through the body and instrument, making them a single tuning apparatus.

You may also place one hand on the copper and one hand on the steel plates to allow the current to flow through the body. When a rate is dialled into the HVR-9 or a test substance is placed in the specimen well or on the broadcast/antenna plate the circuit will carry this energy through the body of the test subject. This "substance circuit" usage is a very important aspect and usage of the HVR-9.

NOTE: The foot and chest plates are generally not used when using radionic witnesses, unless the foot plate is needed to place a large witness/sample (such as a large crystal) upon it. Or one may put the witness between the two plates to operate in a radionic broadcast mode. The ground connection should always be used when available, even when working in pure psychotronic modes.


The HVR-9 is designed to be used as a radionic broadcast unit for broadcasting anything from radionic rates and homeopathy essences to a person's prayers and desires. Put the broadcast subject's witness into the specimen well or onto the antenna plate. Then dial in the rate desired, or in the case of a homeopathic essence put it into the specimen well or onto the antenna plate, whichever is not being used for the witness. You may also dial in a radionic location rate to direct the substance being broadcasted, or to be used in conjunction therewith. You may discover specialized and personalized rates which you want to broadcast. All these may be accomplished with the HVR-9. You are only limited by your skill and imagination, the HVR-9 is an unlimited tool.


The Vibra-Tune HVR-9 is an experimental radionic transceiver from Altered States. It is sold strictly as an experimental device and no claims are made for its usage or efficacy. As radionics is an experimental art Altered States welcomes your input on potential uses, helpful hints, problems and/or successes, etc. We will strive to answer all questions that may arise in the experimental use of this instrument. Altered States cannot comment or give instruction on the usage f this instrument for health purposes. All health matters should be referred to your regular health practitioner. To consider the usage of this instrument for health matters may create a false sense of security wherein one may neglect proper care.

However, many believe that a future science will include the radionic energies in its world view. You are working with the science of the future. Be cautious, careful, diligent and focused and you will discover many wondrous things about your universe.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 5


An Outline on a Thumbnail
by Trevor James Constable
Journal of Borderland Research, 1961

The key to understanding the work and instruments of Dr Ruth Drown lies in a firm grasp of the two fundamental energy manifestations connected with the human body. These are, first, the electrostatic energy of the physical-mineral tissues, and second, the vital energy which passes into and through those tissues enabling them to hold their form. Electrostatic energy remains with the physical body after death. It is the departure of vital energy from the physical body that constitutes death.

A century ago, doctors engaged with greater freedom in discussion writing concerning life force and/or vital energy than they do today. The rise of the materialistic era to its ultimate development resulted in the study of the physical body of man being deemed all-sufficient.

The most elementary manner in which we bring the effect of vital energy to the experience of the reader is by drawing the following simple comparison. Place a human corpse in a grave; such a corpse has no other innate property than inertia. When, however, we seek to bury a man alive, i.e., a corpse with its vital energy still passing th rough it, then we encounter the definite application of force, through the energetic resistance to burial that the living man will set up.

Using pinacyanole bromide screens or goggles and a method developed by the writer (see The Cosmic Pulses of Life), it may be seen by anyone that there is a definite emanation from any substance viewed by this method. Any physical object, made of any substance will be seen to be surrounded by a pale, fine, luminous radiance that is distinctly fluidic in appearance and behaviour. The method of bringing such things under observation cannot be fully explained within these space limitations; yet it must be stressed that the means of observing this strange, ghostly emanation is physical and repeatable and requires not the slightest metaphysical knowledge.

Just as there is a difference between the corpse and the living human, so is there a difference observable by these means between living things and mineral substances. Everything living has an etheric double, a duplicate of itself extending approximately 1/32 of an inch from the physical structure, and being pale grey in appearance. The "double" is not normally perceived by the unaided eye. Nor are bacteria. Bacteria have been brought into scientific ken by the microscope's ability to remove man's optical limitations. Pinacyanole bromide, like the microscope, also removes an optical limitation.

No credence whatever can be given to any statement from any scientists, physician or physicist who says he does not believe there is an etheric double. Such beliefs are simply out of date, and cannot in the scientific order of things be accorded equal standing with what may be observed, repeatably and at will, through the proper method.

In the past it has been argued endlessly as to whether or not living substances, or physical-mineral substances give off an emanation. Since the fact that they do is vital to a grasp of Drown therapy and how it works, the point has been dwelt upon in detail. Everything has an emanation, and the etheric double is a scientific fact.

The origin of the emanations is the next point to deal with, since this too impinges directly upon an understanding of the Drown instruments. There can be no doubt that these emanations derive from the molecular activity going on continuously in everything having physical form. The molecule is the unit of mass form. The different arrangements of molecules produce different substances. The molecular arrangement that produces steel is different to that producing lead, and the molecular arrangement producing lung tissue is different to that producing liver tissue.

Any physicist will tell you that the molecules are whirling particles of electricity. These whirlings never cease. It is this activity of these particles that produces the radiance we can see all around all substances in the manner described above. Except in terms of the amount of radiance observed, the eye does not perceive any essential difference between emanations. Yet, since they are in each case the result of a specific type of activity individual to each substance, these emanations must be characteristic in some way of their source.

It is these very emanations that are drawn into the Drown Instrument when any substance is being examined. In diagnosis and in "setting a rate" it is therefore the electrostatic energy that is involved. This operation of setting a rate concerns itself with expressing the emanations drawn into the instrument as a number.

The Drown Instrument is analogous to any other instrument used for the reception and detection of a broadcast. It must have an antenna. In fact, the whole Drown Instrument is nothing but a tunable antenna, so simple in layout that electronics experts have been deceived into thinking that it is nothing but a straight wire, electrically speaking.

The Drown Instrument consists of nine dials, each of which is made up of ten small brass studs. Each dial therefore has ten positions that may be selected by the operator, just like any other radio dial.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 6

Just as when you turn your TV set from channel to channel you alter the electrical characteristics of the set to fit the station you wish to receive so are the dials of the Drown instrument moved for tuning. Whereas in TV we deal with the known electromagnetic spectrum, with the Drown Instrument we are dealing with the very subtle, fluidic emanations from the molecules described earlier.

Since these "molecular broadcasts" are of a totally different order to the recognized and accepted spectrum, we must expect that the means by which these broadcasts are tuned and handled will be different. Through the years, more than one blundering fool with too much formal education in electronics and too little grasp of the laws of life, has said that it is impossible for Dr. Drown's instruments to do anything she claims. Only recently, the writer, who has held a professional radio operator's license for fifteen years, was discussing these instruments with an electronic expert. The expert delivered himself of his weighty opinions. Then he was shown the emanations from a pencil, his checkbook and his own hands. Asked about these radiations and how to tune them the man simply folded up like an undertaker's chair. It is very easy in this world to be down on things before you are up on them.

The arrangement of nine dials with then studs each permits combinations of these tiny impedances going into billions. The sensitivity of the instrument is absolutely remarkable, when we consider that with it we may pick up from the human body, with its jumble of molecular broadcasts, those of each individual organ and gland.

To establish a "rate" for a substance, i.e., to express it as a number, in terms of dial readings, that substance is placed on the foot plates of the instrument. The footplates are actually the end of the antenna. The operator then begins to stroke the detecting pad which is connected between the instrument and ground. The dials, beginning with the first of "disease" dial (impingement of function produces the base rate of vibration or disease vibration) are slowly rotated as the detector pad moves these minute molecular broadcasts through the instrument when the arrangement of the dials is such that resonance exits between the instrument and the sample being examined. This subtle energy flow manifests as a stickiness of the pad. With an expert operator such as Dr Drown, the fingers adhere strongly to the rubber pad, and a distinct and quite loud snapping sound is produced. The detection is therefore both tactile and audible, and very positive with the properly trained operator.

One at a time the various vibratory components from the sample are extracted. The dials are arranged like the octaves on a piano. When, say, 8 has been recorded on one dial, the operator then begins from zero on the next, and so on until no more vibratory components come in from the sample. For the physicist or student, it may be stated that this process of setting a rate is equivalent to a practical application of Fourier's Theorem. The periodic partial vibrations are extracted one at a time. Their sum, expressed as a number, is the total vibration.

No pains must be spared at this point to lay down with force and clarity that these reactions are gained without the psychic participation of the operator, efforts to use extrasensory perception, or the conscious effort to generate specific thought forms. This type of activity leads into a separate and bewildering realm that the physician especially at all costs must avoid if he is to get accurate diagnosis. Let there be no doubt in the mind of anyone that these instruments which are sensitive enough to pick up the molecular emanations of physical substances, will react to the operator's thought forms, or to those of others. The operator must set himself aside from the instrument. Having diagnosis dependent upon the doctor's state of mind, or ESP, or psychic powers, is at this stage of human evolution a cumbrous and unwelcome humbug. The Drown system, and physicians trained in its use, aim at avoiding this.

Pathological and histological specimens, mineral samples, photographs or any other articles may be placed on the input of the instrument and "rates" established. Systematic work, over the period of almost forty years with which Dr Drown has been involved in this work, including thirty years with her own instruments, has led to the recording of sufficient rates to permit the detection of virtually every major disease and most minor ones. These are all classified in an Atlas, to which new rates are constantly being added.

As far as pathological specimens are concerned, it is obvious that when tissue is diseased, it changes. Consequently, the molecular broadcast changes. If the correct broadcast is missing, the patient's symptoms and case history send the doctor looking for other likely broadcasts. Through the years and years f work that she has put in with the instruments, Dr Drown has become a diagnostician of formidable proficiency; she is accurate and phenomenally fast.

As far as any tests of these methods are concerned, it is to be expected that in more than thirty years in practice, Dr Drown's diagnosis would have been verified many times against the slower, orthodox method. This has been the case. There have been very minor differences between her results and those obtained by the longer processes of the hospital laboratory. By numerical methods she has painstakingly worked out, Dr Drown is able to make a blood chemistry, urinalysis and blood count while the patient sits there with his feet on the plates. All these analyses and checks are made in the body, not with the fluids removed from the body. Hence the minor differences between Dr Drown's results and those of the regular laboratory.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 7

The checking of all organic functions is also carried out in this method of diagnosis. The writer knew, for example, as the result of a regular examination, that his eyesight was 20/20. During the diagnosis Dr Drown asked the writer if he knew what his eyesight was. He replied in the affirmative without giving the figures. A moment later her assistant held up the diagnostic sheet, on which the version had been recorded by the Instrument as 20/20. This is but one of the flabbergasting proofs the writer has had concerning the accuracy and efficacy of Drown diagnosis.

The cornerstone of the diagnosis is the case history. This is made as complete as possible. Then the patient sits with his feet on the plates, a few feet to Dr Drown's right. Her assistant sits on her left with the diagnostic chart. Dr Drown can in this position read the dials, talk to the patient, or her assistant, as she chooses. This she does, all the while getting reactions from the instrument. In connection with the comments concerning psychic participation made earlier to see Dr Drown at work is to develop the conviction that it is the instrument that is telling the story, as read directly from the patient. There is no "holding a thought", merely the confident movements of a lady who knows what she is doing.

On the diagnosis chart are more than a hundred separate entries. As Dr Drown tunes the instrument through all the various parts of the body, the process is something like a frequency check run by the FCC, to ensure that a radio station is broadcasting on its assigned wavelength. The broadcast rates of all the organs and glands are known, function can be measured, diseased conditions detected and verified. After about forty minutes, a complete blueprint of the patient's body has been made.

There may be, say, several instances of very low function in different organs and glands, and the presence of certain infection established. One of the most fascinating aspects of the entire Drown diagnosis now takes place, something that in itself is a golden gift to medical science. This is establishing the first cause of the patient's difficulties.

Dr Drown herself described this as "checking the blueprint". Homeopathic organ and gland substances are used in connection with this phase of the diagnosis, being contained in small bottles appropriately labeled kidney, liver, heart, etc.

From these bottles come emanations distinctive to the substances inside. Thus the homeopathic extract of kidney gives off the vibrator rate of normal, healthy kidney. If these bottles are studied in the same way as other substances it will be seen that they have an emanation. These are now placed in turn in the specimen well of the instrument, so that they are between the patient and instrument. There are thirty of them. The purpose is to establish which organ is he underlying cause of the diseased conditions in the patient.

The placing of these substances in the specimen well is tantamount, electrically speaking, to connecting a perfectly functioning organ into the body of the patient. By a process of elimination, the substances which are capable of dissipating the disease reaction on the instrument's detector pad are separated from those which do not. The final step involves setting the dials to the organs and glands which are low in function. One substance and one substance only survives these finer tunings, and dissipates all disease reactions. This therefore represents the organ or gland that is the first cause of disease in the patient.

Having established the first cause of disease, and made a full blue print of the patient's body, the doctor using the Drown system is now in a position to choose and direct the correct and most efficacious treatment of the patient. It should be pointed out that no energy enters the Instrument except that of the patient. What is examined on the instrument is therefore as individual as the patient's fingerprints. There are no connections to the power socket, no transistors, no solar cells, no batteries. Just the subtle energies from the patient himself, by the means herein outlined, are examined in the diagnosis.

There is no doubt that these instruments can only be effectively used by well trained and knowledgeable physicians. A thorough knowledge of human body and all its workings is a prerequisite to efficient and effective diagnosis by the Drown methods. The Instrument is not now and never has been a substitute for skill, training and knowledge, although it is an agency through which these elements may be more effectively applied in the service of suffering humanity.

The first question that arises in connection with diagnosis and the whole system of therapy invented and developed by Dr Drown concerns its proof. This is a logical question. It is also far more easily and overpoweringly answered than most persons imagine. The proof is derived from Dr Ruth Drown's Radio-Vision Instrument, an extension of the diagnostic instrument. The writer considers the Radio-Vision Instrument to be the greatest single invention in the history of mankind, bar none.

This view may be deemed extravagant by some. Yet the evidence is incontrovertible that a Drown Radio-Vision Instrument, tuned in accordance with the principles herein outlined, will cast upon a photographic plate pathological and histological cross-sectioned pictures of both the soft and hard tissue of the human body. These pictures may be made from the blood crystal of the patient, no matter where he is on earth. Where in all history has there been a greater scientific achievement? And where in all history has there been anything more clearly destined to open up the whole philosophy of the fine forces?

Radio-Vision pictures of this type have been made since 1935,when Dr Drown invented the Radio-Vision Instrument. It is not a machine like a camera. It is used, and can be used only after a complete diagnosis of the patient concerned has been made.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 8

In effect it is a diagnostic instrument with a simple attachment that permits the minute body currents to be scanned on a photographic plate. The pictures are closely akin to X-ray pictures, but they are capable of recording things that elude X-ray.

The astounding cross-sectional nature of these pictures indicates that some definite tuning involving magnetic lines of force is employed for the tissue in, say, a gall bladder, is perfectly sectioned by the photographic process. It is as though a scalpel had cut the organ from top to bottom, and the wall of that incision photographed. What you get depends on what you tune in to. You photograph a gall stone because you tune in on gallstones. The principles of resonance ensure that you get nothing else, any more than you get Channel 2 on TV when you are tuned to Channel 7.

This evidence is stupendous in its power to convince. The writer has studied hundred of these Radio-Vision photographs in comparison with standard anatomical drawings and charts of the areas photographed. There is simply no doubt as to what the instrument is doing. Surgeons at times have asked Dr Drown to take Radio-Vision photographs, and have subsequently confirmed their truth by both surgery and postmortem surgery.

The writer felt that something describing this incredible contribution should be made available to the public. Accordingly, he helped Dr Drown prepare a booklet containing some 20 Radio-Vision photographs with a brief review of the theory entitled "Radio-Vision, Scientific Milestone. (reprinted in Radionics - New Age Science BSRF, Bayside, California).

In this rapid survey of Dr Drown's work and contributions to world science, which one day will be acknowledged as one of the great American contributions to mankind's emancipation, we must deal with a common generalization about her work. This is an effort to rationalize the subject, found in those quarters where men of feeble temper would rather not truthfully pursue the orderly revelation of natural law. "Dr Drown," goes the saying, "took over Albert Abrams' work and hers is another version of his."

Did Marconi invent television? He did not. He was one person who contributed discoveries to the basic technology that ultimately led to television. Dr Abrams, in similar fashion, first opened for modern humanity the field where Dr Drown, after many years of devoted, lonely and original labor, developed the system of diagnosis, therapy and soft-and-hard tissue photography that is her own distinct achievement. Radio-Vision, which has no predecessor, is the greatest of all devices to come to mankind; for by its very operation it verifies the truth of the technology upon which it is based.

Dr Albert Abrams was a genius. He tapped a phase of cosmic law that was too strong a medicine for his contemporaries. His investigations into the masses of electric forces that operate around, into and through the human body are a landmark. But to say that the Drown and Abrams work are the same as is untrue as attributing the transistor to Marconi.

Ruth Drown's first experience in radio therapy was as a nurse with Los Angeles doctors who were using Abrams' methods. In those days medical men were not the servile, frightened prisoners of their own totem that they have subsequently become in the United States. It was Ruth Drown's good fortune, and undoubtedly her destiny, to work with these able, imaginative men, who immediately saw in her a person of unusual ability.

Throughout this period and during her own studies, Dr Drown saw that a way might be found to offset some of the drawbacks of the Abrams' methods. To these original paths she directed her attention. When her own first instrument finally was introduced in 1929, it had surmounted the basic problems of the field and made notable advances. These advances may be briefly summarized as:

Dr Drown had exhausted herself financially making the first instrument. The interested doctors subsidized production and soon they were being manufactured, the present-day, 9 dial instrument replacing the original 7 dial device. When this was in hand, Dr Drown's mind turned logically enough to the use of the same instrument for treatment. After all, she reasoned, the subtle broadcasts from the human organs and tissues were being detected and expressed numerically by means of the instrument. Why could not access be gained to these same tissues and organs by an adaptation of the method?

A system of treatment was worked out, the cornerstone of it being the common electrical phenomenon of resonance, as applied to the subtle energies involved in the human body.

Again let it be stressed that while these energies are related to those dealt with in conventional electronics, they are not identical with them. The electronics specialist attempting to analyze this work on the basis of what is accepted in industry and taught in universities, simply does not have the mental tools to make a valid evaluation. These energies used in the Drown instruments may be brought under direct observation with new methods and devices, but there is nothing about them in any university text book.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 9

The critic who does not come with an open mind, is now likely to leave with a red face. In this article, as the drama of what lies behind the instruments unfolds, the student will see why he must go slowly and softly if he is going to go far.

In treatment the patient is placed in a complete circuit with himself as shown in the diagram:

A plate of block tin goes over the patient's solar plexus, his feet are set upton footplates of German silver. On the tiny current flowing between these dissimilar metals, through the instrument, are borne the patterns of his molecular "broadcasts," sent out from all the organs, glands and tissues. Suppose the kidney is to be treated for a diseased tissue, i.e., it is set on the "diseased" tuning. The energy is thus focused back into the tissue from whence it came. The purpose is to induce the production of new, healthily vibrating cells to replace the diseased cells. Unless the energy is directed into the diseased tissue, this will not occur.

The biology lab provides a simple analogy. When a beam of light is directed against a one-celled organism, the beam intensifies the activity in the cell until cleavage, or splitting of the cell and cell nucleus takes place. In Drown therapy, cell division is accentuated in the region under treatment. New cells come in at the correct vibratory rate, and the diseased cells fall away. Diseased cells cannot continue to exist in normally vibrating tissue. It is analogous to taking away the swamp to overcome the mosquito. No swamp, no stagnant water - no mosquito!

The diagnostic instrument provides a verification and constant monitoring of the progress of the treatment. As the function of the diseased organ is restored, the vibratory rate of the organ alters. Finally it returns to normal. The doctor directing the treatment must check on its progress in this way. Why? If the doctor did not know the extent of the alteration in the vibratory rate of the groups of organs and tissues being treated, he could not keep the treatment instrument in resonance with the tissues under treatment. Thus, cell division would not be accelerated in these tissues.

The same treatment may be given to a patient through a dime-sized spot of his blood held as a crystal in a blotting paper and connected to the instrument as shown in the diagram. The entire pattern of human body energy passes through such a blood crystal as long as the patient is alive, and no matter where on earth he goes. The blood crystal is the visible end of an invisible line permanently connected to its owner. The energy patterns may be tuned into and a diagnosis made regardless of geographical separation. Hemorrhage control in this manner is one firm proof that this is so. The irrefutable proof is to be found in Radio-Vision photographs, by means of which cross sectional pictures of internal human organs may be photographed across oceans and continents.

These Radio-Vision photographs have been made with consistent success and astonishing results ever since 1935. They are being made today. Their power to convince by their very nature, makes them evidential material of the highest order. When Dr Drown was charged by the Foot and Drug Administration in 1951 with mislabeling her diagnostic instruments, she was not permitted in her "trial" to place Radio-Vision photographs in evidence before the court. (This is the same Food and Drug Administration whose Antibiotics chief, Henry Welch, was "allowed to resign" without further punishment, after taking a quarter of a million dollars in drug company payola). Three can be no doubt of the result had she been permitted to do so. The photographs prove that this marvellous instrument does in fact tuen into the organs, tissues and bones of the human body. A layman, studying these photographs with histological sectional drawings will need no further proof. The skilled physician will grasp it easily. On top of this, pathologies and bacteria photographed in this way give off, from the photograph itself, their own distinctive vibratory rates. The degree of checking, rechecking and verification permitted by the Drown system is a pure delight to anyone honestly interested in science as the orderly revelation of natural law.

The healing process is a natural one, since no energy save that of the patient is involved. The doctor merely directs the healing process, but for this he needs solid professional skills and a firm background in the medical arts. We are not dealing with "health machines," from which health is dispensed like a candy from a vending device, nor with a cure-all. The doctor, in addition to making correct use of the instruments for diagnosis and treatment, has to enlist the patient's aid in the correction of bad living, dietary and emotional habits. The metaphysician has no difficulty in comprehending that we are the architects of all our own bodily troubles, except in the case of direct trauma.

Borderlanders will be interested in the fact that persons of some sensitivity, i.e., bodily sensitivity, can actually fell the focus of the energy when they are under Drown therapy.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 10

The writer himself has had this experience over a long period, and the worse any particular affliction is, the more you will be inclined to feel the treatment. It is a common part of the writer's life to feel his "rates" being changed and the focus of the energy altered in his body. This has been confirmed so many times that it no longer has any aspect of novelty.

Dozens and dozens of Dr Drown's patients have the same experience so it has long since seemed to be novel to her. Such evidence lies outside the boundaries of what Anthroposophists correctly term the "Onlooker Consciousness." That is to say, this sensitivity is not in the form of a pointer reading, and is therefore outside the range of present day scientific consideration. Associates however, will find it of interest. For the workaday scientists and physicians, there stands the inexorable, almost fantastic evidence of Radio-Vision.

One aspect of Dr Drown's therapeutic methods involves the control of Hemorrhage. When a patient's blood is placed on the treatment instrument and that instrument is set to the rate of the parathyroid glands, then that patient does not bleed, no matter where in the world he goes. Some drugs disturb this operation, but the means exist by which they may be overcome. The writer has had numerous personal experiences with hemorrhage control in his own case. One of these included being jammed against a wall by a trailerload of furniture. This resulted in a deep gash in the leg, almost to the bone; but the wound sealed off and not a drop of blood was lost. A large aluminum sliver, driven into the writer's finger also failed to produce bleeding. There are in Dr Drown's files, records of the efficacy of hemorrhage control in hospitals and in dental hospitals that are dry, factual and irrefutable evidence that hemorrhage control is a thoroughly proven device.

There is no need to name the opposing powers to do this, among other benefits to humanity. The horror of it all is manifested most intensely in Dr Drown's offer in 1941 to the American Red Cross to supply hemorrhage controls for American servicemen. Naturally, it was turned down, and thousands of Americans bled to death on battlefields and in airplane cockpits who may well have been saved by this simple yet marvellous device.

Borderlanders will not find much of this surprising as we proceed to reveal what lies behind the instruments and the whole system Dr Drown has brought to humanity. That which is manifest in th form of the instruments, is only a tiny aspect of that which they embody, express, manipulate and interpret and on the earth plane. The Drown instruments use and verify the Qabalah, or ancient wisdom teaching of the West.

In the early nineteen thirties, Dr Drown was given a copy of MacGregor Mathers' Kabbalah Unveiled. Like many another student before her, Dr Drown found the book heavy going. She pawed at it periodically without getting much out of it. All the while, her working life in this period was devoted to consolidation of her own work and inventions. "Rates" for the various diseases were being established, and the method of therapy outlined above was being systematically proven. This work required that almost all of Dr Drown's waking hours be spent dealing with numbers.

As is often the case with those who approach numbers in the right way, ideas began to flow to Dr Drown connecting the numbers she was dealing with to the Tree of Life of the Qabalists. Certain consistencies began to present themselves over and over again. The fundamental affinity for truth possessed by numbers came through to the earnest woman who had made these instruments her life's work. The pattern that began to emerge, has in all reality, started a new scientific epoch, one in which the serious metaphysical student will be at home.

The findings of the instrument in the human body showed that all the relationships and connections between Man and the Cosmos embodied in the Qabalah are correct and demonstrable.

A digression is necessary here to swiftly outline what the Tree of Life or fundamental glyph of Qabalism is. The Tree of Life represents symbolically the decent of power from the Great Unmanifest through the various densities of spiritual existence to the physical-material world of which our physical-mineral bodies are a part. This final condition is known to the Qabalists as Malkuth.

From the Great Unmanifest various levels or densities exist, each of which has certain properties and purposes. Each of these densities is known as a Sephirah, and to each number is assigned. Thus, the First Manifest is Kether, to which is assigned the number 1. Each Sephirah may be likened to a bowl in one of the waterfalls now commonly sold for American households. As each bowl fills, it spills over to supply the bowls below it. Thus, each Sephirah may be deemed to contain within itself all the Sephiroth which follow it. Malkuth, the material world as we know it to our unaided senses is Sephirah 10.

Each Sephirah is positive to the Sephirah following it. Thus, each Sephirah is negative to the Sephirah preceding it. A practical demonstration of this is that the human etheric double is positive to the physical-mineral body, and also it is positive to the light that illuminates the world of Malkuth. In Drown Radio-Vision, which is made possible by tuning in the vital energy, i.e,. the energy of the etheric double, the film processing to obtain images contains an extra step over the regular film processing. The purpose of this step is to obtain the polarity reversal required to record the effect of vital energy on film. Under normal processing it will not record. The writer's experience in the photographing of hundreds of "flying saucers" as ghostly but unreproducible forms in film emulsions, enabled him to immediately see the significance of this step in Dr Drown's work and to science as a whole.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 11

From the beginning, because of the harmony of the methods and therapy with Cosmic Law, the whole power of that law was behind the development of the Drown system. Little wonder is it, therefore, that on these mighty tides many were carried to health and healing. As the various relationships between the organs and their place on the Tree of Life were divined, verified and reverified, a complete new healing art was having its silent advent. Diagnosis, therapy, and soft and hard tissue photography, all of them freed from geographical limitations were linked in their turn via the Qabalah, to the mental and emotional factors causing disease and organic deterioration.

Some examples of the numerical consistencies and relationships will now be given:

Kether the Crown, Sephirah 1, corresponds to the Pineal Gland in the human body. It is point of entrance of the Life Force.

The Pineal Gland rate in Drown therapy is 98.

The optic nerve rate in Drown therapy is 647.

The base of the brain rate in Drown therapy is 44.

These three parts of the human body correspond with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sephiroth they represent the Supernal Triangle of Qabalism.

Using the process of reduction we find that each of these three rates reduces to 8. We also find that 3 x 8 equals 24, and this in turn reduces to 6. The numbers assigned to the Sephiroth involved, 1,2 and 3, also reduce to 6. Coincidence? Let us proceed down the Tree of Life.







Chesed (4)

Liver (4 lobes)



Geburah (5)


Solar Plexus



Tiphareth (6)




Netzach (7)

Kidneys: (Metanphrose)




(together reduce to 8)

Hod (8)

Sex Organs:




(Both reduce to 9)

Yesod (9)



Malkuth (10)

An extensive relationship has also been found by correlating all the rates of Pineal, Pituitary, Small Brain and the associated cranial nerves.

The consistency shown in this table between the Drown rates and the ages-old approach to they mysteries of the Cosmos cannot be denied. In the face of such massive correlation, and this is only a fraction of one percent of the correlation that has been found out, it is impossible to discard the rates as being arbitrary, meaningless and of no application outside the Drown system.

We can take a rapid look at the manner in which these relationships permit the mental and emotional causes of organic deterioration to be traced. An example would involve a man well known to the writer. On the same Sephirah as the kidneys are found certain qualities of the mental and emotional makeup. The left kidney for example, is related to veracity and truthfulness. The patient in question was diagnosed by Dr Drown and amid fairly widespread deterioration of his organs the left kidney was found to be the first cause of his troubles. The man was honest enough to admit that for many years he had pursued activities and habits that caused him to consciously and willfully be untrue to his own higher impulses. In other words, he was not being true to himself. His physical body was out picturing this situation with an accuracy that spoke for itself.

Physicians nowadays are coming to the view in increasing numbers that the mind and the emotions make people sick. They don't know how, but they say it and write it. The Qabalah, the Tree of Life and the Drown instruments give us the slide rules and tools we need to tackle such problems and present them to each other in coherent form.

As long ago as 1938 Dr Ruth Drown was casting pearls of scientific knowledge before official science. One of her contributions stands as a landmark in verifying that the foundations of the Universe are mathematical. The official scientists, like the swine of the bible, trampled these pearls underfoot, leaving them to a later, more enlightened and comprehending age.

In 1938 Dr Drown detected 101 elements passing over the cranial nerves of the human body. She found it necessary to name nine of these elements herself. At that time there were 92 elements only, according to orthodox science, and heaven help anyone who disturbed this comfortable arrangement. The incredible, almost fantastic part about Dr Drown's 1938 Cranial Nerve Chart, on which the vibratory rates of these element atoms were printed, was that the vibratory rates, when reduced, gave the number of the cranial nerve on which they had been found. Furthermore, the final digit(s) of these vibratory rates were identical with the actual Atom Number of the element concerned. That is, Dr Drown's rates correlated exactly with the findings of atomic science, since the Atomic Number is the experimentally determined number of electrons in the orbital system of the atom of each element.

In subsequent years and with further research, Dr Drown has found seven more elements passing over the cranial nerve system of the human being, bringing what seems to be the final of elements to 108. In the interim, atomic science has added a further ten elements to the 92 deemed to represent the totality of elements back in 1938.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 12

Only one point now remains to be made in this thumbnail sketch of a native American genius, and that concerns the opposition to her work. Our society is free enough that one may endlessly talk about metaphysics, write books about the higher nature of man, publish courses and give instruction.

When any person or group of persons sets about systematically proving things occult, and above all proving that Man is a spirit-being among spirit-beings and not 170 pounds of meat, other Cosmic forces, not regulated by the national laws, are set in motion.

Borderlands and other serious students of the exoteric sciences recognize this as the power of Ahriman, whose particular role is to keep man separated from the spiritual world that is his true home. When the full story of evolution is known to the student, and especially to those few with the higher perceptions to study them for themselves, it is realized that Ahriman exerts his power within us, simply because in the scheme of things he is a part of us until we set ourselves free of his influence. Were he not a part of us, he could not manifest through us.

In giving talks about Dr Drown's work, especially to men of scientific training and background, the writer has seen this power at work. Were one introducing merely a new idea, a new product, a new tool of some kind, the reaction would be mild skepticism and a "show men" attitude. When you discuss this work, you tap awake forces within people of almost volcanic potency. If such persons are to be led into these new methods of understanding the higher laws of the Cosmos, they will be kicking and screaming as they go.

The same power exerts itself over professorial groups and other organizations and individuals who have sought through the years to smear Dr Drown and to destroy her work, her ability to survive in the teeth of earthly powers thousands of times stronger on the face of it than she, indicates that her work has come into the world to stay.

As a commercial proposition, the Drown instruments promise such fantastic applications, some of which have already been examined, that their widespread, non medical use cannot long be thwarted. It is the opinion of the writer, after many years in the electronic field, that al conventional electronics is but the foundation of and the stairway to the infinitely more sophisticated uses and understanding of energy brought to mankind by Dr Drown.

The great beauty of her contributions is that the instruments are still incredible aids to man, without any of the metaphysical aspects being introduced. Yet who could long refrain from crossing the bridge from physics to metaphysics which Dr Drown's work has so nobly fashioned? The crossing of that bridge, which leads directly into the science of man as a spirit, takes the researcher clear across the man-made chasm between science and religion. That is a contribution to evolution which can hardly be put into words.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 13

By Roger Calverly

Radionics is sometimes defined as "a form of healing using an instrument and the sensitivity of the practitioner to detect and rectify any imbalance in the energy fields which are associated with all forms of life." During the analysis stage of radionic work, the sensitivity of the practitioner is amplified by the use of a pendulum or stick pad. A series of questions is posed about the patient, using a blood spot or hair sample as a 'witness' and the practitioner's own neuromuscular reactions when amplified by the pendulum will indicate the answers "yes" or "no". The radionic analysis is not a medical analysis in the strict sense as it is assessing the energy-body of the patient, not the physical organs. By identifying energy imbalances and disease patterns at the pre-physical level, radionics is able to recognize the underlying causes that later manifest as physical conditions.

A radionic instrument is used by the practitioner, and it often has a series of dials on which the vibrations characteristic of various parts of the body and various diseases are expressed as numerical values. In some instruments, a geometric symbol on a card is used rather than a numerical rate. In both cases, the instrument helps to fix and hold the thoughts which the practitioner is using during the analysis stage. When the time comes for treatment, the practitioner may set up other rates expressing the healing energies which he wishes to direct to the patient. The healing is done at a distance, and this aspect of radionics is one of the most difficult aspects to understand theoretically. To understand how healing at a distance can be effected, the concept of a "field" has been developed, and it is now an essential part of the theory of how radionics works.

It is a proven fact that an action at one place may trigger a happening at another location without any known intermediary. To the logical mind this seems impossible, and so the concept of a field is seen in the pattern formed by iron filings under the influence of a magnetic source of energy. This suggests that a field is not only an arrangement or configuration in space, but also an energy pattern. The fields which have been investigated by science are mostly associated with electro- magnetic phenomena such as wireless waves, X-rays and light rays, including infa-red and ultra-violet. These waves all vibrate in a medium other than air, and can be demonstrated to occur in its absence. The term "ether" has been used to designate a medium capable of carrying such vibrations, and pervading all of space.

As early as 1935, in his Electro-Dynamic Theory of Life, professor Harold Saxton Burr proposed that all living organisms have electric fields which govern their growth and decay. Since these fields control life, they are called life fields, or simply L-fields. Like the fields already known to physics, the L-fields obeyed the laws of nature and were influenced by various forces and energies. Dr Leonard J Ravits, the well-known research psychiatrist, discovered that strong emotions can cause a voltage rise of as much as from 15 to 50 millivolts in the L-field.

According to Burr, thoughts which induce emotion are more important as stimuli to the human nervous system than other types of stimuli, and L-field voltages reflect mental and emotional states which can actually be plotted in graph form. Burr argued and proved that one field cannot exist within another field without an interaction between them. Detailed research done on a number of trees over a 30 year period revealed that the L-fields of the trees changed without sunlight, darkness, sunspots, magnetic storms and cycles of the moon. They key point for radionics is that human L-fields also exist within the larger fields of the earth, and are affected by changes in these larger fields. It has been known for millennia that the mind affects the body, but Burr's work provides us with a convincing model of how the mind affects the body.

In his Report on Radionics, Edward Russell has argued that we see all around us evidence of organization in time or in space,and that all organization is "the product of some intelligence or mind." He cites the evidence of how thought at one point can produce an effect (usually another thought) at a distant point, and shows that thought behaves like a field. The term "T-field" was used in his work Design for Destiny (1971) to designate this behavioural aspect of thought, which he finds to be "as much a reality as an electromagnetic field, though quite different from it. For T-fields are non physical, non-spatial, and can traverse space." Russell describes Nature's archetypal patterns of creation as being her 'blueprints of thought' which maintain organization and pattern in matter. The human body has its O-field (organisation field) and within that O-field, it has sub-O-fields for the various organs and cells.

The theory of fields is basic to understanding radionic diagnosis, because the patient's 'witness' puts his various fields in touch with the practitioner's fields, so that the practitioner may use his radiesthetic ability to find out where energy imbalances exist within his patient.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 14

During radionic analysis, the practitioner asks a series of question, and when the answer is in the positive, his energy field registers a subtle neuromuscular response which is made evident to the conscious mind by an amplifying device like a pendulum or stick-pad. The analyst's field comes into resonance with the patient's field, and with accurate questioning, focused by the help of the rates set up on a radionic instrument, an unlimited amount of information may be transmitted. The healing process is also conditioned by the existence of fields linking the practitioner and the patient. The "action at a distance" is actually the introduction of a message or signal into the fields of the patient reminding the body of how to adjust its own energy imbalances. The practitioner, through the witness, is in resonance with the patient's field and can instruct it as needed, no matter how far away the patient may be. Again radionic instruments are used to set up a configuration of the healing instructions using numbers or "rates" on dials, or geometric patterns encoded on cards. These serve to fix and to hold the instructions. Some healers who have unusual powers of concentration or special ESP development are able to dispense with instruments altogether, which suggests that the instrument is a model of the thought and energy-makeup of man himself.

The signal sent out by the practitioner is an encoded reminder of what the patient's body should do to heal itself. All healing is really self-healing. the radionic means which the practitioner uses, including his numerical rates or geometric card patterns are simply triggers which put the self-healing process to work in the patient. A wide variety of healing energies are used by radionic practitioners, including the vibrations of homeopathic medicines, the twelve biochemic tissue salts, Dr Bach's flower remedies, the energies of gems, and colour - in a wide variety of shades. Sometimes the numerical rate or the card pattern which represents perfect health for an organ or system is used as the 'message' or 'healing instruction'. But the radionic practitioner may recommend other therapies such as diet adjustment, physical manipulation, fasting, or an exercise routine, and he may refer patients to specialists in these areas as the need arises. The key factor about radionic analysis and treatment which makes it a superior form of healing is that it sees the patient as a whole, not as a series of unrelated parts. It sees symptoms as being clues about the nature of underlying causes, and attempts to get at these underlying causes - a fact which conventional medicine usually does not recognize, and usually is unable to deal with. By working on the energy body, it is frequently possible to discover illness before it has made itself obvious in the physical body, and treatments given to the energy- body leave no harmful side effects such as we frequently find in allopathic medicine. Radionic treatment may be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment, and may be given to animals and even to crops, which adds up to a tremendous scope of application.

Modern medicine has for the most part kept pace with modern scientific thought and practice. But radionics goes one step beyond both and studies not merely the physical body, but the interface of physical reality with thought and energy. Science itself has of course, come to the point where it regards matter as solidified energy. We know that energy organizes itself in different ways, and behaves in different ways, and so does matter. Each of the physical organs within the human body has its own shape and function and its own energy-level. In fact, there is an energy-body which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, and this energy-body, sometimes called the etheric body, or the etheric-double has its own anatomy which is quite important to radionic theory and practice.

For information about the etheric body of man, and other subtle bodies which are composed of still more refined substance, such as the astral body (corresponding to the emotional life) and the mental body (corresponding to the thought capacities), we rely upon the evidence of clairvoyants who are able to perceive dimensions of reality not normally visible. Here radionics parts company with science and conventional medicine, where the evidence of clairvoyants who are able to perceive dimensions of reality not normally visible. Here radionics parts company with science and conventional medicine, where the evidence of the senses is considered the final validating factor. Radionics draws on a very ancient body of teaching associated with mystical experience in the east and in the west, as well as on the experience of those who can perceive at the etheric level, and finally on the practical validation of experience itself, when it accepts the existence and functioning of the subtle bodies of man. Many radionic phenomena must be accepted simply because they work.

There are three principal channels through which life energy flows in the etheric body: ida, pingala and sushumna. The sushumna is the most important of the three channels, carrying the life current in the middle of the spinal column. Other subtle nerves channel the prana or life energy throughout the entire etheric body, and thence to the physical systems and organs is sustained at an optimum level. Where energy is blocked, a condition of congestion may result behind the impediment. This may build up and create erratic energy patterns or overstimulation. Blockages may be caused by the physical pathology, or by chemical pollutants, or they may be a result of miasmas, or taints in the subtle body which predispose it to certain kinds of disease.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 15

Subjective conditions such as inhibition and repression may also create unhealthy energy patterns which can cause the endocrine glands to malfunction.

The way a person thinks is largely responsible for the harmony of his emotional life, and disharmony of the emotions is a prime cause of disruption of energy in the etheric body, or as Burr would term it, the L-field. Radionics must take such factors into consideration both at the time of analysis and at the time of treatment. Emotional and mental disturbances may be the prior causative factor in many energy imbalances and in many resulting physical ailments, and if these pre-existing conditions within the astral or mental bodies are not treated, they may continue to disrupt the energy flow and the energy-balance of a patient even after healing has been brought to bear at the physical-etheric level. In such cases, complete restoration of health at all levels is less likely than would be the case where the energy irregularities in the higher bodies had been cleared up with the right corrective vibrations in one form or another. The Bach Flower Remedies in particular are useful in treating emotions and states of mind.

Ida, pingala and sushumna meet together at six different places along the spinal axis. Each meeting place forms an energy centre, called in the traditional Sanskrit terminology, a chakra. The chakras are circular in shape, resembling whorls of energy. There are centres at the base of the spine, in the sacral region, at the solar plexus, at the heart, throat, forehead, and above the crown. When the chakras are functioning properly, they are taking in energy in the form of prana and colour and distributing it to the various organs and systems of the physical body. It is not only the etheric body which has chakras, but also the higher bodies, a point not often considered in conventional radionics, because most healing centres on the etheric body. Once the prana enters the chakra, it is transmitted from this point by a process of differentiation into secondary energies which travel along the nadis, and cause responses in the physical nervous system. From here, impulses are passed on to the endocrine glands, each of which is related to a particular chakra. The well-being of the chakras affects the functioning of the endocrines and they, by the regulation of hormonal activity, affect the physical and emotional state that a man will be in at any given point.

In radionics, it is possible to treat a disorder of the physical system through the chakra involved. If, for example, the lungs require a certain colour or gem-energy, this may be directed to the throat chakra which governs them, and thus the energy will be registered in the appropriate portions of the physical anatomy. Diagnosis of the chakras and the subtle anatomy helps the practitioner to understand why the physical body is working the way it is. Frequently one finds that the physical pathology present in a patient relates directly to those chakras which are not functioning properly, either because of blockage at the entry or exit points of energy, or because of overstimulation or underactivity.

Radionics has come a long way from the time when Dr Albert Abrams began to use the human body as an energy detector. Ruth Drown gave it a decisive shaping influence when she developed the use of the stick pad, originated the characteristic dials of radionic instruments, and began to treat at a distance through the medium of a witness. To the work of George de la Warr and his wife w owe the standard of excellence which as become normal in modern radionic instruments, the refinement and enlargement of the numerical rates, and a great deal of enlargement in the theoretical outlook of the field. David Tansley has produced the most widely read literature on the subject, and has popularized the modern approaches to treating the subtle anatomy and the chakras, while Malcolm Rae, with whom he worked at certain periods of time, has originated a whole new line of instruments which use geomagnetic patterns instead of rates. Rae and Tansley have given considerable refinement to the process of radionic analysis through their theoretical work.

Radionics will continue to grow and develop in the future. And this will be necessary to keep pace with the changes which man himself is going through. The pace of modern life brings numberless pressures to bear on the average citizen, particularly in the West where technology is changing and living patterns are being disrupted. The new technologies have put us into contact with substances and energies whose subtle effects on health are only now being glimpsed - the risks from low-level radiation, and the noxious rays of television and fluorescent lighting being only a few. But beyond this, it is the evolutionary nature of man which necessitates constant growth in the healing art, and constant widening of the philosophy underlying healing.

Human awareness is constantly growing and expanding, individually among those who seek to expand awareness through such disciplines as meditation and yoga, and collectively as a result of the scientific revolution which constantly widens the way men think. Radionics is at the frontier where science and ESP meet and intermingle, and its practitioners must be abreast of developments in both fields. Never has there been such a need for comprehensive, holistic remedial approaches to balance human energies at all levels from the physical to the emotional and mental. Radionics holds out the promise that man may be able to develop and apply the healing faculty within him with a scope which is proportional to the imbalancing energies which he has unwittingly unleashed through his new technologies. Radionics provides hope that the challenge of the future can be met, and that a better, healthier world can be created from the roots of our present health crises.

Vibra-Tune HVR-9 Instruction Manual, Page 16