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Mind State Management
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Developing Creativity
Price : USD $14.95


Accessing the Treasure House

of the Unconscious

Frank D. Young, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Learn the light and sound patterns of beta, alpha, and theta mind states, and how to recognize and access these states effectively. Incubate dilemmas and questions, allowing theta reverie states to generate creative images that can become metaphors for solution, resolution, synthesis, and expansion of consciousness. This digitally mastered tape and its custom sessions are designed to:

  • induce very deep relaxation
  • overcome or bypass restrictive sets or constraints
  • incubate a readiness to let imagery develop and flow
  • gain access to theta reverie, the near-sleep state that is ideal for creativity development
  • cultivate symbols and ideas from the unconscious mind
  • mark and code these images for later retrieval
  • develop these symbols into new and creative ideas and solutions

In-Psych for Sports
Price : USD $14.95

In-Psych for Sports

Imprinting The Ideal Performance State

by Frank D. Young, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Use this audiotaped program to learn how to:

  • utilize all your senses in imaging the Ideal Performance State * control anxiety and activation level
  • deal with competition anxiety
  • recover from setbacks
  • manage stress
  • park distractions
  • stabilize moods
  • refocus on your game plan
  • problem-solve key elements of your technical skill routines
  • increase mental focus and concentration
  • build a confident winning attitude
  • and use imagery effectively.

Lucid Dreaming
Price : USD $29.95


Become aware in the dreaming state. Explore a universe beyond limitation, in the ultimate virtual reality of lucid dreaming .

Use this digitally mastered CD to induce a state of deep relaxation, and while you relax you can learn how to recognize that you are in a dream state when you are dreaming. You can then use this lucid awareness for:

  • stress management
  • entertainment
  • learning
  • holistic healing
  • modeling new realities and future scenarios
  • talking with you 'Inner Guide'
  • exploring the frontiers of consciousness and creativity in the universe of your mind.

Mind State Management
Price : USD $14.95

An excellent introduction to mind states and how they affect and enhance human functioning. This demonstrates the key features of the 4 main .! mind states, and how ! to remember them to access them readily for stress management and focusing in high performance situations. Note: designed mainly for use with light and sound devices.

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