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Cancer book
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No medical doctor (who uses chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery) has ever administered a synthetic drug or done a medical procedure that stopped the spread of cancer. That is not what they do. What they do is slow down the cancer, in some cases. You might ask: do they really want to stop the spread

of cancer and cure the patient? While individual doctors may want to cure their cancer patients, as far as an industry is concerned, the evidence is overwhelming that the answer to that question is ‘no’. Cancer - Step Outside the Box documents case after case of natural cancer treatments (i.e. alternative cancer treatments), and even some orthodox cancer treatments, that were shut down by the authorities (usually the AMA, FDA or FTC) because they were too effective at curing cancer! There are dozens of alternative cancer treatments that can stop the spread of cancer and even cure the cancer completely. In this excellent book, Ty Bollinger discusses the most proven of these treatments.
R. Webster Kehr

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